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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2018-Laundry Soap

The changing of the tides. Get it? Tide soap...the title. The new year. Ok Maybe it was a stretch of humor and puns.

The new year has been here for 9 days. It came in like any other. However, there is some strange momentum and cosmic energy out there. THE universe or planetary alignments or something are causing some serious molecular activity.


Except Oprah.

Her speech brought down the house at the Golden Globes. I didn't watch the show, but I viewed a video recording of her speech. She deserved the award. I think she excels in everything she does. I need some of that.

My friends were either cheering or jeering. There was no in between. Several of them thought that wasn't the platform. Several of them thought she eloquently blanketed all men into scoundrels. Many have asked where her voice has been for 20 years on these platforms? Others thought she was magnificent and are still talking about it. In fact, many are already campaigning for her for a presidential run 2020.

I think it was pretty profound. She had some big truths in there. And she also intended to rise up women, I believe. I think it is unfair to blanket men in this negative light, but we cannot ignore many men were and are naughty. Yes, women, too. BUT...we also cannot ignore that the sexual harassment and assault is predominately male offenders. We can't be all inclusive and we can't be all exclusive, but there is a huge majority. So how do we get to a better place?

Don't worry. We will leave it up to the yoots as we always do. We are the old philosophers. They are the change. That's my theory. Maybe I should write a paper about it.


The mainstream news is about the same. Some NY big wig... oh...just a former governor threatened to stab someone in the rooster (cawk). And they think Trump is vulgar. I have no idea why the guy was all anti-chickens. Thank God some majority voted him in as governor once. (sarcasm)

But what is super fantabulous is a hero whale saved a diver from a tiger shark. Bravo, Lumpy! That's what I named him. He's a humpback whale with lots of lumps and bumps. It actually brought tears to my eyes. You  need to go here to see the story. 

The Plagues of Egypt

California continues to feel the Plagues of Egypt. When we all thought they were going to burn down, now they have record rain. I bet that is a mess. I wonder though, if it could be bottled up as a beauty secret. Charcoal and clay are good for the skin.

Winter SPorts REPORT with Don Allen and Gladys Nightstone

The Olympics are coming up. We now have SoNoKorea. It's like SoCal only it's combing countries and not as catchy. Maybe the Rocket Man will convince South Korea to unite against America, or just take over like an acquisition.

You Are The Apple Of My Eye-Fuck You

The funny thing about Apple. I knew they were hosing everyone on slowing down the phones, but of course, I had no proof. When that came out, I think I pointed at everyone of my iPhone loving friends and said, "See! See!" It's all about money. Now they are warning that their devices are addictive to kids. Lawdy, help us. Do we not have any more fucking parenting skills to combat too much video, tv, and phone time? Fuck me in the ass. Yes, we should blame Apple because they need to pay back every iPhone user and buyer in America for their scam. BUT...not the addiction part. That is learned and allowed behavior. Do you hear yourselves? Redonkulous.

Sky Mole

I also love how we announce launches of spy satellites and the fact it is a failure. So...we announce our intentions of covert operations and then announce it failed and was destroyed? Is that really true. The first notion is stupid, but then follow up with it failed might be a ploy. Well, who really knows, right? Anyway. Can we just shut the fuck up and not announce every move someone makes. What happened to quiet and secretive America? Sometimes that word transparency is stupid and dangerous. I don't think it always means what you think it means.


I bet you didn't know I have a new article up at Law Enforcement Today...