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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Do Better

So today I come from you upon my high horse. What does that mean? Oh..perceptions, perspectives, and opinions from my jaded lens. Yep. You're welcome!

So why do I feel I need to post more than once a week now? I have no idea. It just seemed like the thing to do. 

Except today. Today my mouth will. 

Did you catch the State of the Union address? I sadly, in my schoolism mind channeling totally forgot. Not happy with myself because I have never missed one since I was 18. Grr. Not the historical marker I wanted, but I tried to catch up today. I see there is no earth shattering conflicts. The Dems still did not clap and the fact-checkers are going crazy today. 

To-ma-to, To-mat-o. 

Here's what I feel I need to express. Now, you might tell me to go fuck myself in which I would respond that it would be physically impossible. Or, you might have 2 cents or 3 to add. Yet, you might agree or see things from a different, but more interesting viewpoint. Share them. 

Dear Drama Llamas and Political Pouters,

When I watch a show, let's say a drama, a comedy, or a series. they are flooded with political quips. I'm pretty much sick of it. Can't we just have good, clean fun in television? Such is life. Most of them are anti-Trump. Is that why I am scoffing at them? No. I just can't stand that Hollyweird has now gone from entertainment to innerpainment. Everything is a stance, or a soapbox, or a cause. What happened to Audrey Hepburn and Clark Gable or a good old-fashioned western?  Ack!

It makes me want to poke my eyes out with pencils.

You will find a little bit of hypocrisy in here. I'm not perfect, bitches. 

So this leads me to the next segue. I am sick to death of the meltdowns (don't get mad-pouty pants). They are meltdowns. Exactly calling out what myself and everyone else sees. Why would there be a consensus if we were not all seeing the same thing? Because it is what it is and it is what you are doing. Your inner feelings are expressed outward. Duh. 

People are letting politics they cannot control live rent free in their minds and totally feeling apocalyptic about living. Like things have drastically changed or the sky is falling. Be serious, people. 

Chicken Little, what ever happened to picking up your britches and marching on? Fuck me in the ass. 

I do not care what your political stance is or what side of the pendulum you swing. You don't have to apologize for who you are or what you believe. Stop being shitty to those who are different and don't agree with you. 

Be yourself. Love your convictions, but for pitty sakes don't let the weight of the world control your emotions and fill you with dread. YOU are letting that happen to yourself. All you can control is your little bubble of local world happenings. Now can you contribute to national platforms? Yes.

So, look at it this way. Did you car stop working yesterday? Did you starve? Did the wall of your residence dissipate in thin air? Better yet, why don't you think about the hardships people face in third world countries or how would it be like to run for your life or flee your own country? 

Fuck me in the ass. We have it pretty good here. 

Stop pouting or mourning or sitting around sulking about things in like circles where you have a mope party. When you lose your sense of humor and lust for life, you have destroyed yourself. Yes, YOU did this to YOURSELF. Not Trump. Not your neighbor. Not your best friend. YOU. YOU. YOU. 

Why don't I think the world is coming to an end? I am not that dramatic, drama llamas. I can get dramatic in my stances, my values, my ways and means. But the world is not going to drag me down. If it does, it is because I let it. And I have lived through many very differing presidencies and Congresses. I still got to pursue my goals and chase the American dreams, you fuckers. 

There is a lot to the saying, "Suck it up, Buttercup." Change what you can if your heart desires, but know what you cannot change and accept which you cannot change and move on. Serenity. 

I have never avoided the super liberal or super conservative friends I have nor excluded myself from conversations and discussions with them. They are great people. I enjoy the differences. Sure, sometimes it is frustrating as hell. There are even times I want to throat chop someone. Then you have to stop yourself and think, "Why in the hell am I getting so worked up?" It's passion. Love your passion. Own it. 

But do I want to alienate them? No. If I need a break from the rhetoric, I change the subject, the scenery, or give them a nice time out they don't know they got one because I'm busy. Life is busy. People understand.

And forgive. Fucking forgive, you grudge holding panty wastes. Yes. I'm name calling. I'm mature like that. Sometimes you have to use colorful language so people comprehend, comprendo? Kapeesh?

You know what should concern you to the point of action? For 1), is the nucleus of your family structure and its ability to thrive, adapt, and function, 2) is the safety of your community, 3), how you can plant your nice and beautiful gardens in your yard to help with the environment (run your part of the world right), 4) clean your house and have good hygiene, and 5) you can volunteer locally to a good cause, for examples. Oh and the number 1 thing---#beagoodspirit? Be kind. Stop being a poop. 

I'm not saying you should lose your sarcasm and funny. You should lose your mean underlying digs and undertones. Stop being condescending and trivial. Fucking stop it. And stop acting like Chicken Little. 

Stop beating up on religion, skin color, lifestyle, and other issues. Don't like them? Can you change it? If yes, then, contribute in a positive way for positive change, then. If no, then accept it and accept others for who they are. Grow up. 

Can't people? Then do something from home like write your Congressmen and women. Write a blog to empower people and spread kindness. Do something online that is charitable. Write a nice post to your friend who is hurting. Charities? Causes? Send money. 

Gee. I sound like Little Johnny writing to his mother from summer camp. 

Just don't send money to terrorists or extremists. Then big brother comes to your door and you get to people in close spaces with the same clothes. If nothing else, remember prison is not fun for a fashionista. 

Why don't you take 30 minutes out of your day to go read to a Kindergarten class? Why don't you take a day and clean out your house and donate the goods to a church sale or Goodwill? Why don't you go volunteer at the homeless shelter? Why don't you donate some toiletries to a domestic violence shelter? Why don't you go down to the animal shelter and scoop some poop or donate some money for food or offer to walk the dogs? Why?


Because you are lazy and you like your comfortable life. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone to do good instead of bitching about things is easier. Path of least resistance. 

Pitiful. Even when I was unemployed and using the food bank, I volunteered at church camp, filled and delivered food baskets at church, donated my time at the veteran's home, and picked up trash for a day of highway cleanup. Yep. That's me...doing chain gang work minus the prison sentence. And you know what? It fulfilled a void in my heart. It also made a difference locally and was meaningful. Being at my all time low was a good experience. I will cherish it for life. 

Take that and put it in your sandwich. Don't get mad. Don't get even. Rise above. 

Well, I think I have harped long enough about the national moping crisis. 

I leave you with this: Do Better. Focus your energy on building positive change, growth, and improvements, don't tear things or people down. Unless it is in good humor. No, don't do that either. 

I've been told I am immature, sarcastic, and downright too opinionated. That might be true. Then I told them to get out of my fort. 

If you want to change the world, go home and love your family. 

Now I must go before I sound too much like a Hallmark card. 

With kind regards and Kleenex,


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Police Blots, Blips, And Birth Control Glasses

Here ye! Here ye!

I bet you are all excited that I am trying to post only once a week so that I don't totally bore you to tears. Well, maybe that was shooting for the moon. 

Anyhooz, isn't this FBI scandal entertaining? I'm watching with popcorn. 
I do like his birth control glasses.
He looks out of the 50s era only upclassed to today's standards.
Typical FBI fashionista

Nancy Pelosi about spun off her chair on several interviews trying to spout and shout that the memo should not be released to protect names and reputations. I think I watched her go full on crazy. Um. If they did bad, why are we protecting them? Asking for a friend.  Must be some really bad stuff. 

So where is FBI Director Wray in all this? Quiet. I think he operates that way. He didn't say it was reckless...out loud. But then the FBI The DOJ said it would be. In fact, to CBSNews..."Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd told House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes in a letter Wednesday that releasing a memo prepared by the committee's staff alleging abuses at the Department of Justice and FBI would be 'extraordinarily reckless.'"


Meanwhile, Sessions (lurvehim) made an announcement on crime and opioid crisis today stating murders have gone up 20% in 2015 and 2016. Not acceptable. Scary, actually. Many people might not look at that number as significant. However, it is. Another interesting fact, he said many professionals are being charged in the drug battles, pertaining to the opioid problem...an alarming amount of doctors. Turds. Gah. We will never win the drug war.

School continues to take up my life. I have to be very picky about time management and pretty much do not have a life, but spend most of it at the university. I keep telling myself I am almost done. 


It's going to be worth it, right? 

In the news of that are of police and law enforcement, here are my recent articles at Law Enforcement Today. First a serious...then a funny...

Monday, January 22, 2018

Blues News

Good morning! It's 55 degrees today. Once again winter and spring are dueling it out for residency. If you think they are confused, try talking about it to the hibernators or the great people of this are. Oy.

Go Flu Away!

The flu and other bugs are bad this year. So far, 79 flu deaths in Indiana. The Independent reports At least 759 people died in the US between 7 October and 23 December 2017. That's scary. The latest news is at least 100 are dying in the US each week because of the flu virus. Egads, Batman! Most people are poo-pooing it and I think it is something to pay attention to. I got a flu vaccine before Christmas. Not sure if it will help, but worth a try. I do not want the nasty stuff. When I get sick, I am usually down and out. 

But back to the weather. I wonder if it contributes to the flu epidemic.It might mess with people's immune system, making them more susceptible to getting something catchy. And unfortunately, the flu is catchy. 

See, winter kills bugs...bugs outside, bugs inside, bugs in cracks, bugs in the ground, bugs on the outside of a house, bugs in a cold barn. I'm OK with that. But I do not think that pertains to viruses of the human kind, but maybe it does. Scientists say it would need to be very, very, very cold. What does that mean? Antarctica? Nothing survives there except ice. Maybe we should station cryogenics there. Wait. What am I even saying?

Terrorist Activity Alert

Kabul saw a recent attack in a hotel over the weekend where guests were sprayed with bullets. Several dead. Then, France charged a man for planning an attack. Yet, another high alert terrorist warning in Thailand with the growing insurgency. Geez. I think no where is safe. Well, in actuality you could be targeted anytime or in the right or wrong place at the right or wrong time. 2017 rough statistics:  1,134 attacks, 7,656 fatalities

You want to go where there are no pretty colors. Go quietly into that good night or something.

Here is another map, this one from WaPo: 

Again, go travel where it has not been "urinated" on

The POPO Gazette

Police news everywhere is usually doom and gloom which you can locate on your own. So in this case, I am going to share a viral Tweet from the Sioux Falls PD. It's quite hilarious.

Yes, let's end it with that funny note. Have a great week!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2018-Laundry Soap

The changing of the tides. Get it? Tide soap...the title. The new year. Ok Maybe it was a stretch of humor and puns.

The new year has been here for 9 days. It came in like any other. However, there is some strange momentum and cosmic energy out there. THE universe or planetary alignments or something are causing some serious molecular activity.


Except Oprah.

Her speech brought down the house at the Golden Globes. I didn't watch the show, but I viewed a video recording of her speech. She deserved the award. I think she excels in everything she does. I need some of that.

My friends were either cheering or jeering. There was no in between. Several of them thought that wasn't the platform. Several of them thought she eloquently blanketed all men into scoundrels. Many have asked where her voice has been for 20 years on these platforms? Others thought she was magnificent and are still talking about it. In fact, many are already campaigning for her for a presidential run 2020.

I think it was pretty profound. She had some big truths in there. And she also intended to rise up women, I believe. I think it is unfair to blanket men in this negative light, but we cannot ignore many men were and are naughty. Yes, women, too. BUT...we also cannot ignore that the sexual harassment and assault is predominately male offenders. We can't be all inclusive and we can't be all exclusive, but there is a huge majority. So how do we get to a better place?

Don't worry. We will leave it up to the yoots as we always do. We are the old philosophers. They are the change. That's my theory. Maybe I should write a paper about it.


The mainstream news is about the same. Some NY big wig... oh...just a former governor threatened to stab someone in the rooster (cawk). And they think Trump is vulgar. I have no idea why the guy was all anti-chickens. Thank God some majority voted him in as governor once. (sarcasm)

But what is super fantabulous is a hero whale saved a diver from a tiger shark. Bravo, Lumpy! That's what I named him. He's a humpback whale with lots of lumps and bumps. It actually brought tears to my eyes. You  need to go here to see the story. 

The Plagues of Egypt

California continues to feel the Plagues of Egypt. When we all thought they were going to burn down, now they have record rain. I bet that is a mess. I wonder though, if it could be bottled up as a beauty secret. Charcoal and clay are good for the skin.

Winter SPorts REPORT with Don Allen and Gladys Nightstone

The Olympics are coming up. We now have SoNoKorea. It's like SoCal only it's combing countries and not as catchy. Maybe the Rocket Man will convince South Korea to unite against America, or just take over like an acquisition.

You Are The Apple Of My Eye-Fuck You

The funny thing about Apple. I knew they were hosing everyone on slowing down the phones, but of course, I had no proof. When that came out, I think I pointed at everyone of my iPhone loving friends and said, "See! See!" It's all about money. Now they are warning that their devices are addictive to kids. Lawdy, help us. Do we not have any more fucking parenting skills to combat too much video, tv, and phone time? Fuck me in the ass. Yes, we should blame Apple because they need to pay back every iPhone user and buyer in America for their scam. BUT...not the addiction part. That is learned and allowed behavior. Do you hear yourselves? Redonkulous.

Sky Mole

I also love how we announce launches of spy satellites and the fact it is a failure. So...we announce our intentions of covert operations and then announce it failed and was destroyed? Is that really true. The first notion is stupid, but then follow up with it failed might be a ploy. Well, who really knows, right? Anyway. Can we just shut the fuck up and not announce every move someone makes. What happened to quiet and secretive America? Sometimes that word transparency is stupid and dangerous. I don't think it always means what you think it means.


I bet you didn't know I have a new article up at Law Enforcement Today...