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Monday, February 26, 2018

This, This, and That.

Well, OldNFO called for the old me to come back. Here I am...and here is a chance for all those who disagree or wish for a more profound stance...to burn me down. I'm ready.

My homeland was faced with a dangerous situation. In Gotham city, our brothers and sisters in blue had to deal with this yesterday.

On social media, gun control advocates are out in full force. For quite some time I chose to ignore them. Then I proceeded to engage because the stupidity of some was just too much. I had some good civil discourse, some great conversation, and in some cases I am sure I was on an alien invasion thread. Sigh.

The stupid is strong in many.

Sadly it is easily fixed with education. However, most cannot enroll in that notion because it might open their eyes and change their position. Wow. What a concept.

Over the years, my position has changed on many platforms with time and knowledge. People are driven by their own fears and skewed intakes rather than intelligent, all encompassing data.


I cannot help it if I have had a dose of the real world to help me form my decisions.

Academia is not reality. However, it is necessary. But still, not at all reality.

Come back in 20 years after you have entered the real world. Then talk to me.


But then again, the world keeps disclosing these really evil people and things and conspiracies. Maybe the wingnuts are right. Or left. I guess it depends on which side you come from. That was a punny.

>>>THAT. >>>>>>>

Friday, February 23, 2018

Shake Your Penguins

I've decided I am not being real fair on this blog. It's too one way. We need flow charts and many skinned cats and circles.


Because blogs are often the opinions of the author and therefore, super biased.

For that reason, I have made today FARgo Out Friday. 

So, in form of some kind of tradition, I think we should do something unique every Friday to make sure we are balanced individuals. Showcase our society's stand outs.

Now, while I partake and somewhat am fascinated with ancient healing (massages)and natural products (not pot), but still pay a doctor for necessary doctor things, I don't go over the top with any of that. Moderation. I like smell goods, natural products, and massages. Sometimes I think it is just an oxytocin thing. That's not oxycotin, people. Similar, but very much different. Get my feels?

I think there are some great ideas made by geniuses out there and some whackadoodle poodles.  And it floors me when some majority of somebodies thinks an idea is good and when it goes public, I am like...WTF.

For instance, Teletubbies. They have to be the creepiest thing invented and for some reason people thought it was a great show for kids.

Fuck that.

No amount of debate is going to convince me  that Teletubbies were not created by someone other than a man who lives in mommy's basement.

Recently, I discovered this " The Learning Station". Not real sure about it. I will have to ask a new mother. However, they do some weird ass shit. It's just one of many of the newfangled waves.

And here is another thing. Have you noticed how for lack of better term "fucked up" and "creepy" kids shows are?

I mean the creepiest thing we had was Mr. Rogers.

Then Captain Kangaroo was borderline. But besides that, we had Bugs Bunny, Andy Griffith Show, The Land of the Lost (sleestacks were fucked up scary), Underdog, Scooby Doo, Sesame Street, Tom and Jerry, Captain Chaos. etc.

Good shit. It molded me. Shut up.

Maybe that is what is going on in America. We have too many scary kid shows. We are starting them way too young with rainbows and happiness and Disney. Disney even has taken a turn. They have written all the realism out like ...well, you know. Those shows are real, right? We all live happily ever after with roses and riches?

Back to the content of today. We either have way over here soft and silly to way over here violent and Silence of the Lambs scary. We need to bring back more porn or something. When they took all that sex out of Game of Thrones, it really got too violent and bloody. Nothing to even it up. Balance.

But with kids, Saturday shows are just scary. And when I mean scary, I don't mean horror types with too much violence. What I mean is, "What is this shit?" Like Teletubbies.

Sometimes I wonder if these shows are really science experiments on humans.

Maybe it's really the government sending out crazy shit to brainwash us like playing a record backwards. Remember that craze?

No kidding. I mean, who acts like this in real life? It's borderline silly.

Or my other theory is that Hollywood is using it's crazy magic to turn the new world order. Except it just imploded with more sex scandals. Like we didn't know that was going on. Come on! They made movies about it. Hitchcock and Tippi Hendren? Duh.

Well, this was too much for me. Back to our regularly scheduled program of frown lines, sarcasm, and world chaos tomorrow.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

HR DIE 2. It isn't about Star Wars.I Got Nuttin', Honey

I got nuttin' today. People nuttin' off here and people nuttin' off there. I bet you can't understand the code in my title. It's all about this post. HR DIE 2. Think about it. A bill that kills the 2nd Amendment.

Words cannot really describe my reaction when we had a discussion about gun control in every class, when I walk down the hall, and when I sit at my desk. My mistake is that my emotions over the entire issue are shot and so I don't nut off, but I get irritated (Just keeping with the theme here). I wonder how many irritations it takes to make a person nut off. Perhaps I should conduct a scientific test of this inquiry.

So how many people do you think are scared or fearful when they see someone carrying a gun in public. Oh, about a bazillion more than you would think. See, I expect every one is armed. I also expect if it is in plain sight, you are a cop in uniform, stupid, and/or allowed to lawfully carry that weapon. So, it does not make me scared or fearful. OTHER than, I want the element of surprise should I have to use my gun and therefore I choose to carry concealed, unless I am hunting.  I think no one would think about an old fat lady carrying a pistola.

Me being innocent while armed
But then again, I cannot believe how many people are afraid of the sight of guns, mind you. I understand each human is different and fears are different, I do.

Now picture this...the argument was that if I fear guns and fear those carrying them in public, then you, as a law abiding citizen, should not be allowed to do so because it scared me and affects my quality of life. I shit you not. That is the liberal argument I am hearing. My first reaction (inappropriate) was , "Are you fucking kidding me?" Then I was reminded that some people didn't grow up in a gun culture. I'm like, "well you smoking in public affects my air and every time we go to a bar I look around thinking about which one of you dumb mother fuckers is going to kill me when you drink and drive." Not really. I didn't have that argument going on in my brain. Come on, now. Do you think I've gone full on whackadoodle? My real reaction is just to stare. Why? Because it is all I can do. But I guess you could sit in a bar and try to guess which one would end up killing people because everyone in a bar can't drink responsibly, right? Ok. I know. I'm going philosophical rogue.

And then I think it makes about as much sense as anything else. But what doesn't go through their mind is that the person carrying that firearm is a responsible law-abiding citizen because the criminals are going to hide their gat in their pants. And the likelihood that someone carrying open or concealed is an evil mofo is very small in comparison to the likelihood that the person is A-Ok and nothing will happen. I shit you not. Criminals hide shit where you wouldn't see it.  That's not a banana in their pants and they aren't happy to see you, btw. No, that part doesn't go through their mind. Only fear of the device, and the if it is in plain sight adds to the fear of the device,  and the thought that everyone is unstable. Because why? Guns are scary. You would think they were a one-eyed monster. No, I'm not talking about a penis. I'm talking about a firearm.

Try to explain to someone that an AR-15 shoots the same as a semi-automatic handgun. One trigger press at a time. Nope. They think I lie. It is a .223 rifle...just looks scary or cool depending on your perspective. I mean, if the manufacturers would make it out of wood, we wouldn't be here discussing this silliness.

Then the argument came out that the frontal lobe is not properly forming and we have a lot of delayed adolescence, therefore immature and irresponsible people who can't cope. I somewhat agree with that but how immature do you have to be to disqualify you for a firearm? And just because your frontal lobe is small, should you have to wait until you are 21 to own a gun? Now the argument came up that everything else is 21, why not wait another 3 years before you can own a gun. I said, "because it is a right, not a privilege. Voting is a right. Owning a firearm is a 2nd Amendment right."

Well, that fell on deaf ears because I am being unreasonable.

Additional to my concerns- when you keep regulating and regulating because raising age limits is regulating, then you start squeezing the likelihood of more and more rights being poofed away right before your eyes. Now that doesn't mean I don't think age is important. This is one factor which we need to think about. Giving up little things is OK if it doesn't hose you later.

But people don't see that down the road and I am being "ridiculous". Furthermore, I tell people laws need to make sense and be enforceable not created just to make people feel good. Am I willing to find solutions and compromises to fix our society? Yes, but it depends on the ideals and resolutions to which way I would agree or disagree. Then I like to think about the total outcome. Now raising the age to 21 is probably the least restrictive and easiest to enforce, but will it stop there? That's my concern. What if those folks join the military? Then what? Yeah, mofos, you just hosed over a soldier. Oh make an exception. Yep, that's right, but he or she would still get hassled on the mainland by the Popo who wouldn't know. And then they can still possess but just not buy, right? I mean think about it, dummy pants.

Then, what's the point? It's like a 21 year old going to buy juveniles alcohol. Same. Same.

What? You can legally give guns to someone or gift them. Yes. Because possession is OK, just not purchase in this case. Oh, I didn't know. Right. I know that.

If you regulate maturity and you regulate responsibility and you regulate mental illness, what the fuck do you have? A very fucking scary situation is what you have. Are you kidding me? No. They are not. They truly believe these are solutions. No amount of counter argument or other solution is going to convince anyone for gun control that these are dangerous ideas. THAT is another scary thing...that no one thinks these are scary and dangerous ideas...slippery slope.

And here is the thing. Do you have a test for evil where we can just demolish that population all together? Well, if you do, pass it on to me and I sure could have used it as a cop. Evil has many forms and faces.

And regulating a bazillion good people is going to stop one evil person from harming one or many? Not so sure that is going to work in today's age. Maybe solutions to fix our broken kids, families, and drug addictions would be a better focus and use of money. The only thing these ideas are going to do is make someone feel better. But NOT FIX ANYTHING. Hello!

You have to forecast enforcement, project problems or work arounds, and then think about whether implementing is feasible in all ways...money, people, resources, etc. 

Well, I can't write any more today. I'm seriously resemble someone with Parkinson's  right this minute with all the SMH going on.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Dead Poets Society Revisited


My head hurts.

All I see everywhere are protests and gun control memes. And rants. And soapboxes. I tried to scroll past them and let people have their ways without joining in on the conversation. Instead, I spent the weekend focusing on dead people. Yeah, really not an uplifting topic, but I have two research projects focusing on infant mortality differences in 50 states and defining successes or failures with CDC protocols on reducing SIDS. Beat me now.

And I just am not real happy with my group right now. Our literature review is due next week and I have contributed 3.5 pages and a reference list. iOn top of that, I wrote 4 pages of the paper on top of the lit review. They have not contributed anything---not slicing and dicing on my work, no comments, no additions with their own work...NADA.

Yep. We can see how this project is going to fly. And discussing with another group member on a different project, he told me "Your literature review should be only one page." I'm like, whaaat? It's supposed to be 2-3,000 words according to Purdue APA standards. Not to brag, but yes I am going to brag. I have always gotten 99-100% on my research projects. I may not be a good test taker, but I can write academic fluff quite well because I have mastered the art of bullshit and word razzle dazzle.

In fact, one professor told me I was performing at doctorate level and encouraged me to continue my education. Not so fast, Doc. I am burnt the heck out. Still have another master's program to go. It should be much shorter, but now they tell me no bueno...have to do the entire thing. Stats all over again. I'm like...I already did that shit and paid my penance. Bastards and their rules. In the meantime, I will relish the compliment because that is a big deal when I feel like a dummy in a pool of smarty pants.

I am continuing to read some books in my very little spare time. I long for the days of diving into a book for pleasure and finding it is not Political Analysis or Statistics or anything academic. Oy. Der troubles we haf.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Put the lime back in the coconut...

The armchair quarterbacks are coming out in full force over the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School shooting yesterday. It happens all the time. Then you have stupid memes without facts toting gun control and condemning conservatives. Why? Because somehow all the mass shootings are our fault. 

I have watched countless numbers of school shootings unfold, but this one rang too close to Columbine. I actually shed tears last night watching news feed of students tell their tales of fear and horror inside, watching parents, and imagining the families' pain of the 17 dead. The last time I did that was Columbine. Why? Because I depersonalize these incidents and go into cop mode. Even though I was in cop mode while watching the news last night, it overwhelmed me. 

Yet, throughout the years, all we have done is taught those inside to have better options on how to save themselves.Why?

Because of money.  Our law enforcement numbers are too low in every state. Additionally, the country doesn't want to spend the money to put armed police officers at every school and surely there are those who do not want to arm their teachers who may or may not be able to handle that kind of responsibility. No one wants a fence around a school like a prison. Why? Because that is awful. And we aren't supposed to have to defend our children like that. It is unfathomable. 

We don't want to put money into mental health. It's too much of a burden and needs too much funding. So a little here and there is window dressing and we feel better that we are somehow contributing. We don't want to spend money on restoring the nuclear family. Why? Because it's Ok that you are dysfunctional. It's your life. Privacy. Rights. But maybe we need to look at restoring our society from within...one person at a time reaching out to others. Oh. That's a concept. Won't work. Why? We're too lazy and busy and it works for a couple weeks, then we slide back into comfortable. 

So what simple measures can we take right now because legislation and other measures are slower than the wheels of justice? Be vigilant. Be kind. Be active in your community. Advocate for common sense approaches. Logic. 

Report strange or suspicious behavior. Then do something to help or intervene. Be a tattle tale. Then when people tell, listen. Wrap love and kindness around every little kid you see without being a perve or inappropriate or scary. I mean, when is the last time a kid made you smile in the store and you acknowledged to their parents they were adorable or told a parent you were impressed with their kids' behavior? Why not? Oh, probably because you were too busy focusing on getting the hell out of that crazy chaos and brushed quickly by. 

When was the last time you contributed to a youth project and reached out to community groups or members or church or some type of function? Why not? Don't like people? Then do something online. You can advocate, volunteer, help, contribute from anywhere. 

Now the Florida shooting was sinister. The suspect started on the outside and drew attention, then pulled a fire alarm. It is horrible just thinking of his strategy. All the protocols were breached. 

But we still don't do well enough on a daily basis. 

Observations of some situations? Sometimes the school doors aren't locked. We are slow to react because we don't want to "over-panic", so then we have delays in responses. Lax protocols at the front office where sometimes the person buzzing in the outside people doesn't even look. Why doesn't someone walk around school grounds or pop outside to the parking lot once in a while just to stand near the entrance and look? Keep vigilant without looking like a prison guard. Why do we have to have these extreme measures? Because we have a disconnected society. Another social problem we don't want to fix. 

Look. We can't go back to a time this wasn't even a thought. Why? Technology. Technology has ruined our innocence of life. It's a fact. Our kids are exposed to all things which desensitizes them and creates little disconnected souls. Parents really have to work hard to fight for their children to grow up protected from a lot of that outside noise.

Mental illness is out of control. We ignore it. People over medicate. People under medicate. People self-medicate. No coping skills are taught. Until our country takes a hold of this mess, we are only going to continue on this same track. 

And we have evil people. They exist. In all forms. 

What else? People don't parent. The nucleus of the family is broken. Broken people. Get it. It's really simple. 

We loosely enforce the gun laws we have now. What makes anyone think we would be capable of enforcing more? And it only makes the law-abiding type comply anyway. Cruz legally purchased his own weapon. But he was a cannon waiting to go off. No one intervened. His parents had passed. There was no way to intercept this young man unless it had been done in prior years when people noticed and were around him. It is a very sad exception. 

And what are we doing now? Second guessing what we could do at the schools. We aren't making talking points about how to fix our disconnected society. 

Gun control. 

In pure unfiltered panic, people are all up in arms about confiscating all the guns and doing another ban. Ok. Do it. But first, I can envision many problems with that. 

Gun control is a knee jerk reaction to solve nothing. Gun control is based on the fallacious assumption  that ordinary American citizens are too clumsy, dumb or angry to be trusted with weapons. Really? Who are your suspects in these cases? Focus on your suspect profile, people.

Slippery slope. Remember those words. Coincidentally, President James Madison has his name on my house deed. Cool, eh? That's my Canadian coming out. I'm not Canadian, btw. 

Anyhoozle, James Madison’s “Memorial and Remonstrance”where the founding father WARNED that “it is proper to take alarm at the first experiment with our liberties,” was and is important to grind into our minds. Republicans have over the years and often referred with disdain that tyranny and our demise might first begin with  a “gun-grabbing agenda.” The idea of universal background checks for gun buyers may sound mild and reasonable, but then you want to ban the mentally ill. But what defines mentally ill to the point you are incapable of having firearms? I think we can all agree on the far end of that spectrum, but what about the gray areas? Then liberty is squashed.  It’s the first step on a slippery slope that ends in the government raiding your home and taking away all your guns. Oh, Lawdt, Fargo, you are out of your mind! That is extreme. Well, you have to go there. You have to go to the extreme. I don't have a problem with the current background checks, actually. It's painless. Right now.

But we have to go down the slipper slope to see what would come down the pike. 

A constitutional law professor might be fully equipped to explain why my hysteria around gun regulations should be dismissed as the ranting of a crazy gun freak rather than as the position of reasonable person.First, people are going to argue the Constitution and say that constitutional rights are not absolute. Egads, Batman, then why were they intended? To be absolute, buffoons. Yes, that is what the founding fathers meant by their words and signatures to the document. 

When we concede that we must give up our rights so the few innocents can feel better, then what are we doing? People will start in with privacy has conceded by the internet and metal detectors at various places and giving up certain things for certain privileges. Well, don't fly, don't go there, and don't drive, right? Think about your argument before you go rogue.

So, what would a simple background check have prevented in the last incidents? Nothing. It would have changed nothing. I'm not saying a good guy with a firearm would have helped anything either. 

One thing is certain. Gun free zones are soft targets. Look where people are attacking. You really have to start thinking of this as war. It's how my mindset operated as a cop. I was vigilant almost 24/7 in everything I did. Most citizens are remiss. 

Why have laws if criminals don't abide by them anyway? Do I really have to answer that one. We all walk fine lines. Admit it. If you could kill a child molester, would you? If you could speed without repercussions, would you? There is clear evidence that laws do influence some behavior. But you need to evaluate all regulations and law before you lump them in and say gun control is going to work! Because the proposals I have seen, ain't gonna cut it. 

Another area no one wants to tread is the absolving of religious ideals. Religion is another area where rules and morals guide people. But now we burn religion down. It must be eliminated from everything it grew from. And we cannot accept others for their religious differences. Shh...don't mention you are a Christian. See how we have evolved? We have become lawless. I'm not saying everyone has to have religion. It's just a social observation that we are declining and becoming morally bankrupt. 

It's suddenly acceptable to have little morals or beliefs of any kind. Everything goes. You can be kind to others in public, but beat your kids and all is fine. You can drink and drive, but work hard and be productive at your job and all is fine. You can speed as the only law you break and all is fine. Ok. So I'm going a little cuckoo trying to explain this, but maybe or maybe not you get my drift. That's a speeding term, btw, not snowbank. Pun intended. 

Let's go back to banning AR-15s! Ok. Then when the next choice of weapon is a homemade bomb or a different semi-automatic weapon, then what? 

When will one of the solutions be to blame the bad guy. If you take mass shooters profiles, they all have similarities. So go treat that profile and help those people. Intervene. Treat. Nope. Those persons are too difficult to deal with and often have no support, so we just leave them out there to get more angry and more evil. 

So if firearms are more lethal than any other weapon, you think we need to take it away? So only the bad guys then can be armed? I guarantee they aren't going to give up any guns nor is the government going to confiscate them from their homes. Why? They flop. They run. They hide. They conceal. 

We have a gun culture. Started back in oh, 1776 or so. Hundreds of years of a mindset. 

Feelings of depression and helplessness are probably on the minds of many today. But don't start advocating for something that makes you feel better. Advocate for something that makes sense. 

Why don't you look at state comparisons of those with a gun culture like Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, compared to Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, and others. You also need to take into consideration geography and population. I could be snarky and say strong valued people live in the more rugged, isolated states and crazies flock together in the big cities, but that would be somewhat inaccurate. 

Don't even take into consideration an argument of gun control for suicide prevention because type of instrument really doesn't mean anything. You have weather, personal strife, and mental illness to factor into that. That's a whole 'nother ball of wax.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

a Day of Beheading

Of course I have to post on Valentine's Day. Duh. It's the day of beheading Saint Valentine, a Roman priest supposedly accused of practicing pagan rituals or going against the Catholic church. I just think the narrative fits someone's fancy as the stories are all different. Oh. Just like they had "fake news" back then. Snork. Had to put a plug in somewhere, right? Even holidays are not free space.

I hope your day is filled with extraordinary kindness and love from those around you...even stranger danger! But be safe! Just keep that personal space of 3 feet and all will be fine.

Be well!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love from Fargo

Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday In Emojis

Happy almost Valentine's Day Day! 💓💙💚💛💜 In case you are wondering...it is not my favorite holiday. My dad made it special as does my mom. My memories of great holidays started as a kid and if they weren't great then, I can't seem to make them great now. 

So I just think of it as candy day. The good Russell Stover fluffy pink strawberry cream filled with chocolate outside. We used to make candy grams in high school with those attached. Every year, I eat on to remember the good old days when I delivered to the entire school and never got one in return. Such a sad life, wasn't it? LMAO👄👄💣💥

Hope all is well on the home front for everyone. I am still here, prodding along...missing my homeland and living in the country. Some days I long for the country more than others. Other days I can tolerate things because I know it is temporary. I sound like a crazy person. Maybe it is a sign. Not really. I'm certifiable. I just don't get it official because you know, it restricts me. 😎😎

Meanwhile, the news bores me. I have been watching the Olympics when I can and I have no enthusiasm. I remember I used to live for the events and cherish the moments. This year they are striking me as kind of MEH. 👈

ISIS is kicking my ass. Literally. My professor is making us conduct a discussion in a week and the questions are quite extensive. So, I have been doing a lot of research on ISIS and I feel that one day the men in black suits are going to approach me at work or come to my house and you know that does not go well for people. 💩💩💩💩

Monday, February 5, 2018

Rocking The Casbah

Crazy weekend.

Be on the look out for some great books to come out. Doing reviews here. One is the superfabulous John Cronin series by JL Curtis. The other is the famous Ben Blackshaw series by Robert Blake Whitehill. They will be on separate posts for review. Hint: they are both great reads.

Crazy weekend.

Be on the look out for some great books to come out. Doing reviews here. One is the superfabulous John Cronin series by JL Curtis. The other is the famous Ben Blackshaw series by Robert Blake Whitehill. They will be on separate posts for review. Hint: they are both great reads. Yep, I said it twice, why? Because they are awesome books! Just wait!

I did not watch the Superbowl. I am sure many of you did. I have never embraced football and I tried to when I was married to the Malevolent Eagle, because I was a good wife. I did appreciate his history and triumphs, but when he went down, he went down in flames and so did his career. All because of how he had no coping skills, a vile temper,  and some mean streaks. It left a bad taste in my mouth. No funny comebacks, Coffeypot.

So instead, my weekend was filled with school, housework, and family stuff. I also concentrated on a new business venture I started in October which was a crapshoot, but I gave it a whirl. Before you naysayers hate on me for jumping into the frying pan, I have made back my initial MLM investment and paid for my very expensive books this semester which was over $650. I about died.

I think that is a pretty good start since I had no expectations. So, hopefully it continues. If not, I rocked it for a purpose.

What is it? Secret snake oil? No. I found Perfectly Posh.
Behind the scenes...

Here is my linky dink in case you are interested in the products. http://magpie96spaologist.po.sh.

So the two pics have the same makeup. But you can see the changes. Of course, the lighting makes my nose look more huger than it already is, but you get the gist.

Before Posh
After Posh

If you want to join my Faceplant group, you can ask to join The Magpie Spa-ologist. I will let you in. Even if you are afraid. Or a man. I let men in there too. I even have an exclusive man group if you want me to add you to that.

The products are freaking amazing, natural, have magic crack in them,  and changed my skin health. Go me!
No that ain't no tobaccy in there. It's me posing as a smart ass. 

If you want me to help your ladies and men with Valentine's Day, contact me.

I promise I am good at this. Who knew Fargo can rock the spa shit?

Hear me roar! I am a girl!