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Monday, April 9, 2018


A good book is like an old friend. It gets really hard when it comes to the final pages because you have conflicting emotions of sadness and satisfaction. Curtis succeeded in making me a bigger fan of his Grey Man series. Actually, now it is an addiction sneaking up on me like the Longmire problem. 

The Cronin chronicles get better with age just like fine wine. You would know that if you knew John Cronin. Twilight is the 5th book in the series and the story lines and depth gets better with each one. I am ready for 6. 

To my surprise, I got an autographed copy of Twilight in the mail this weekend. It was so thick and rich with book worm goodness! I might have squealed!

You can't go wrong with this series, especially if you like westerns with some action and good old fashioned cop stuff. Set in Texas close to border issues, you will find yourself right alongside John Cronin as he fights the bad guys. Cronin is a shit magnet for danger. He keeps trying to gracefully stretch into the veteran years of law enforcement, but he loves high crime. And high crime loves him because he has many enemies. 

While retirement is in sight for the ol' sheriff, trouble brews as he continues to be a knee deep in danger. There are times he is unsuspecting of the lingering trouble. But his keen sense kicks up or his mad skills to make it out by the skin of his teeth. 

He has a different approach now. 

He is passing on the torch. The family business of law enforcement grows and flourishes while John Cronin mentors the "replacements". 

One would note the stubborn streak was passed down to his daughter who seems to have his rough edges with a little of her own showing through. She is spunky. I think Curtis's characters might take on some real life similarities to himself and his family. I do not know them personally, but I am supposing. Cronin might be a "Mary Sue" or "Marty Stu", rather to Jim. Why do I think that? Because I have been around the interwebs long enough to detect characteristics and personality. It's a compliment, really. 

Action packed and full of thrills abound in this story of good versus evil. Will Cronin be able to hang up his hat? Can't tell you that, but you are sure to find fun and good old fashioned police work and bad guy problems in this one. 

Bravo, Mr. Curtis, for another great adventure in The Grey Man series. Keep them coming...even if you succeed in retiring the sheriff...or not. Twilight is definitely a thumbs up! Get it on Amazon!


Well Seasoned Fool said...


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---LOL. I love the way you describe characters (a shit magnet for danger).
That alone makes checking this book (and series) out worth it.

Stay safe (and well-read) down there, Kiddo.

Coffeypot said...

I agree. Reading my Kindle version now.

VEG said...

Interesting! I've been reading crime novels myself lately I don't know if you're read any by Tana French? She's an Irish author and they're mostly set in the homicide department (Murder Squad!) in Dublin. I've only read a couple, but definitely need to read the rest. Now I have to check out this too! Yay.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Very good book, according to the author, he was planning a trilogy but it kinda morphed into 5 book and I swear, there is an opening for a 6th book. I enjoyed the books, good stories and the protagonists are "good people". I hope to see a 6th book :)

gaty-dtt said...
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Old NFO said...

Momma, all the characters are 'composites' of folks I know... :-) John Cronin is a composite of two old farts, one a retired Deputy Sheriff, one a retired DPS trooper.