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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Go With The Current

First off, I must clarify this post with that fact that people I know can stop dying now. Please and thank you. Gah. What a rough few weeks.

Sometimes we paddle upstream or against the wind. Today, I am going with the current. Flowing. Keeping up on current events. Not pushing. Letting the stream take me where it goes.

Why? Sometimes God pushes you in these directions.

I have an exciting book review coming up this week and another one next week. Yay for summer reading! I think you will be impressed and excited to add them both to reading list.

As for me, I am still pushing full steam ahead. Doing what, you might say? A lot of stuff. I feel like Cinderella construction worker. Weeding, mowing, fixing, painting, blah blah blah. My summer has been zero fun and all work. So, I hope to be able to go swimming this hot weekend perhaps. Or fishing.

I wrote a new diddy here: Squeezing the Free Speech out of Cops. Enjoy. There are those who disagree and those who agree. Start a conversation. If you want to talk it up, find the posts related to this article on Law Enforcement Today's Facebook page.

Because today's society only absorbs 6 second blips, the news in short form. To keep you current:

Kate Spade, fashion icon committed suicide by hanging herself.

No more purses for you!

You never know what goes on inside a person.

Money does not make your world perfect.

It could make mine perfect, however.

There are some blunders in the news; ie. Fox with Philly Eagles, CNN with a WH event.

Wait, when are there NOT blunders in the news?

Seriously, I am beginning to think mainstream media are all satire sites and mimic the early days of the National Enquirer.

Guatemala volcano has been a factor in deaths and missing person.


The EU had a big move with same-sex marriages and rights.

A Senate report is criticizing the Iran deal Obama made and stating he "misled the American people".

It does not matter what the report says, many will buy in the report because they drank the Kool-Aid.

When will Americans realize no matter your party affiliation, presidents make some little and some huge mistakes.

All of them are imperfect.

Facebook is in trouble again.

It sounds like Mark Z should be in the NFL.

I think you get several passes and still get to play.

Passes, get it?

I'm punny.

NBC news reported the Republican candidate for CA governor asked for civility in the election race while the Democrat announced Trump was the issue.

Trump is not running for governor of CA.

If he was, can he legally run two countries?


It's just a question.

By the way, who would want that job?

For reals.

Happy hump day, peeps!


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Slight slackening in focus, are we?

Momma Fargo said...

Ey? Me? Maybe I am mastering it. Just call me focus slacker.

Old NFO said...

Can we get the dog to stop now??? :-)

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---You NEVER cease to amuse AND inform...!
---Agreed...sometimes, you just GOTTA go with the flow.
---Got the weeding/mowing gig working up here, too (not going to paint, fix OR blah anything.
---Read your diddy already...excellent (as usual).
---I like YOUR news blips much better, BTW.
---And that MEME...ROFL! Oh, yeah!!!
---Blunders in the news? Hell, I LOOK for them (when I'm not pairing my socks)...LOL.
---All this volcano shit...you watch...with the huge amounts of crap being tossed in the air, we just might wind up with...(wait for it)...
---Obama "mislead" the people?
Nah...he outright LIED HIS ASS OFF (to us)!

Good post.
Enjoy your humpday (have some wine)

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

I like the way that you block your pictures from being "Borrowed", LOL.
As far as the crazies going on, we just live in interesting times.