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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Obvious in Observations

Have you ever noticed that book authors are beautiful people? I have no idea about the inside, other than what is reflected through their writing, but the author page and images portray attractive and professional looking people. They are never shown in their writing garb which might be pj's or birthday suits or Walmart attire. Their hair is not out of place nor is there a blemish. I realize photo shop can take care of imperfections, but why not show us the true selves? Perhaps no one would buy a book depicting a disheveled author.

It is just a question. Many of them circle my mind and on occasion, they get out. Sorry not sorry.

Have you been in tune with the Dems imploding?
Wow- is an understatement. First time I agree with Pelosi in that these internal jabs are not productive.

Sorry, Woody and Buzz, I just couldn't help it. I realize it is a blow to your reputation to have these talking heads photo-shopped on your bodies. But....so appropriate.

 I think the Republicans went through a disruption or two, but I don't recall such viciousness reminiscence of high school tactics.

Did you notice they are all women? Egads, you say! Of course the chatter is running rampant in house, that the schoolgirls are destroying all the equality, respect, and professionalism prior women legislators had earned and established.

Mean girls!

I am not sure how this is going to end, other than voting them out. Is it the future of politics?

FMITA. Another distraction while some government agency works behind the scenes to pass things by us without our knowledge until it is too late. I wonder what it will be this time.

I gauge political sense and sanity on the wise words of Trey Gowdy. I sure wish he would run for president.

Bam. He has balls and brains. Twofer.

"Facts are neither Republican or Democrat".

"The notion that the First Amendment has no limitations whatsoever is balderdash."

"You may be less likely to pick on someone if you don't know what's in their briefcase or purse."

Besides that, he is steadfast in the rule of law and believes investigations should be factual and not politically driven. 


I think he is holding out for 2024. 


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Saw this on Facebook

Democrats have turned Congress into the Jerry Springer Show.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
LOL. Love the woody-buzz Photoshop. Nice touch.
I agree with you completely on this implosion.
(Will the dems wind up as a singularity?)
As for you liking Trey Gowdy...well truth be told, he and I share the SAME birthday, so now you have an idea where I come from...heh.
Hated to see him leave Congress, because he makes SO damn much sense (which is so rare in D.C> these days, it should be called super power).

Good post.

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.

Old NFO said...

Yep, mean girls... And you obviously didn't see MY author picture... LOL