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Friday, February 23, 2018

Shake Your Penguins

I've decided I am not being real fair on this blog. It's too one way. We need flow charts and many skinned cats and circles.


Because blogs are often the opinions of the author and therefore, super biased.

For that reason, I have made today FARgo Out Friday. 

So, in form of some kind of tradition, I think we should do something unique every Friday to make sure we are balanced individuals. Showcase our society's stand outs.

Now, while I partake and somewhat am fascinated with ancient healing (massages)and natural products (not pot), but still pay a doctor for necessary doctor things, I don't go over the top with any of that. Moderation. I like smell goods, natural products, and massages. Sometimes I think it is just an oxytocin thing. That's not oxycotin, people. Similar, but very much different. Get my feels?

I think there are some great ideas made by geniuses out there and some whackadoodle poodles.  And it floors me when some majority of somebodies thinks an idea is good and when it goes public, I am like...WTF.

For instance, Teletubbies. They have to be the creepiest thing invented and for some reason people thought it was a great show for kids.

Fuck that.

No amount of debate is going to convince me  that Teletubbies were not created by someone other than a man who lives in mommy's basement.

Recently, I discovered this " The Learning Station". Not real sure about it. I will have to ask a new mother. However, they do some weird ass shit. It's just one of many of the newfangled waves.

And here is another thing. Have you noticed how for lack of better term "fucked up" and "creepy" kids shows are?

I mean the creepiest thing we had was Mr. Rogers.

Then Captain Kangaroo was borderline. But besides that, we had Bugs Bunny, Andy Griffith Show, The Land of the Lost (sleestacks were fucked up scary), Underdog, Scooby Doo, Sesame Street, Tom and Jerry, Captain Chaos. etc.

Good shit. It molded me. Shut up.

Maybe that is what is going on in America. We have too many scary kid shows. We are starting them way too young with rainbows and happiness and Disney. Disney even has taken a turn. They have written all the realism out like ...well, you know. Those shows are real, right? We all live happily ever after with roses and riches?

Back to the content of today. We either have way over here soft and silly to way over here violent and Silence of the Lambs scary. We need to bring back more porn or something. When they took all that sex out of Game of Thrones, it really got too violent and bloody. Nothing to even it up. Balance.

But with kids, Saturday shows are just scary. And when I mean scary, I don't mean horror types with too much violence. What I mean is, "What is this shit?" Like Teletubbies.

Sometimes I wonder if these shows are really science experiments on humans.

Maybe it's really the government sending out crazy shit to brainwash us like playing a record backwards. Remember that craze?

No kidding. I mean, who acts like this in real life? It's borderline silly.

Or my other theory is that Hollywood is using it's crazy magic to turn the new world order. Except it just imploded with more sex scandals. Like we didn't know that was going on. Come on! They made movies about it. Hitchcock and Tippi Hendren? Duh.

Well, this was too much for me. Back to our regularly scheduled program of frown lines, sarcasm, and world chaos tomorrow.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

HR DIE 2. It isn't about Star Wars.I Got Nuttin', Honey

I got nuttin' today. People nuttin' off here and people nuttin' off there. I bet you can't understand the code in my title. It's all about this post. HR DIE 2. Think about it. A bill that kills the 2nd Amendment.

Words cannot really describe my reaction when we had a discussion about gun control in every class, when I walk down the hall, and when I sit at my desk. My mistake is that my emotions over the entire issue are shot and so I don't nut off, but I get irritated (Just keeping with the theme here). I wonder how many irritations it takes to make a person nut off. Perhaps I should conduct a scientific test of this inquiry.

So how many people do you think are scared or fearful when they see someone carrying a gun in public. Oh, about a bazillion more than you would think. See, I expect every one is armed. I also expect if it is in plain sight, you are a cop in uniform, stupid, and/or allowed to lawfully carry that weapon. So, it does not make me scared or fearful. OTHER than, I want the element of surprise should I have to use my gun and therefore I choose to carry concealed, unless I am hunting.  I think no one would think about an old fat lady carrying a pistola.

Me being innocent while armed
But then again, I cannot believe how many people are afraid of the sight of guns, mind you. I understand each human is different and fears are different, I do.

Now picture this...the argument was that if I fear guns and fear those carrying them in public, then you, as a law abiding citizen, should not be allowed to do so because it scared me and affects my quality of life. I shit you not. That is the liberal argument I am hearing. My first reaction (inappropriate) was , "Are you fucking kidding me?" Then I was reminded that some people didn't grow up in a gun culture. I'm like, "well you smoking in public affects my air and every time we go to a bar I look around thinking about which one of you dumb mother fuckers is going to kill me when you drink and drive." Not really. I didn't have that argument going on in my brain. Come on, now. Do you think I've gone full on whackadoodle? My real reaction is just to stare. Why? Because it is all I can do. But I guess you could sit in a bar and try to guess which one would end up killing people because everyone in a bar can't drink responsibly, right? Ok. I know. I'm going philosophical rogue.

And then I think it makes about as much sense as anything else. But what doesn't go through their mind is that the person carrying that firearm is a responsible law-abiding citizen because the criminals are going to hide their gat in their pants. And the likelihood that someone carrying open or concealed is an evil mofo is very small in comparison to the likelihood that the person is A-Ok and nothing will happen. I shit you not. Criminals hide shit where you wouldn't see it.  That's not a banana in their pants and they aren't happy to see you, btw. No, that part doesn't go through their mind. Only fear of the device, and the if it is in plain sight adds to the fear of the device,  and the thought that everyone is unstable. Because why? Guns are scary. You would think they were a one-eyed monster. No, I'm not talking about a penis. I'm talking about a firearm.

Try to explain to someone that an AR-15 shoots the same as a semi-automatic handgun. One trigger press at a time. Nope. They think I lie. It is a .223 rifle...just looks scary or cool depending on your perspective. I mean, if the manufacturers would make it out of wood, we wouldn't be here discussing this silliness.

Then the argument came out that the frontal lobe is not properly forming and we have a lot of delayed adolescence, therefore immature and irresponsible people who can't cope. I somewhat agree with that but how immature do you have to be to disqualify you for a firearm? And just because your frontal lobe is small, should you have to wait until you are 21 to own a gun? Now the argument came up that everything else is 21, why not wait another 3 years before you can own a gun. I said, "because it is a right, not a privilege. Voting is a right. Owning a firearm is a 2nd Amendment right."

Well, that fell on deaf ears because I am being unreasonable.

Additional to my concerns- when you keep regulating and regulating because raising age limits is regulating, then you start squeezing the likelihood of more and more rights being poofed away right before your eyes. Now that doesn't mean I don't think age is important. This is one factor which we need to think about. Giving up little things is OK if it doesn't hose you later.

But people don't see that down the road and I am being "ridiculous". Furthermore, I tell people laws need to make sense and be enforceable not created just to make people feel good. Am I willing to find solutions and compromises to fix our society? Yes, but it depends on the ideals and resolutions to which way I would agree or disagree. Then I like to think about the total outcome. Now raising the age to 21 is probably the least restrictive and easiest to enforce, but will it stop there? That's my concern. What if those folks join the military? Then what? Yeah, mofos, you just hosed over a soldier. Oh make an exception. Yep, that's right, but he or she would still get hassled on the mainland by the Popo who wouldn't know. And then they can still possess but just not buy, right? I mean think about it, dummy pants.

Then, what's the point? It's like a 21 year old going to buy juveniles alcohol. Same. Same.

What? You can legally give guns to someone or gift them. Yes. Because possession is OK, just not purchase in this case. Oh, I didn't know. Right. I know that.

If you regulate maturity and you regulate responsibility and you regulate mental illness, what the fuck do you have? A very fucking scary situation is what you have. Are you kidding me? No. They are not. They truly believe these are solutions. No amount of counter argument or other solution is going to convince anyone for gun control that these are dangerous ideas. THAT is another scary thing...that no one thinks these are scary and dangerous ideas...slippery slope.

And here is the thing. Do you have a test for evil where we can just demolish that population all together? Well, if you do, pass it on to me and I sure could have used it as a cop. Evil has many forms and faces.

And regulating a bazillion good people is going to stop one evil person from harming one or many? Not so sure that is going to work in today's age. Maybe solutions to fix our broken kids, families, and drug addictions would be a better focus and use of money. The only thing these ideas are going to do is make someone feel better. But NOT FIX ANYTHING. Hello!

You have to forecast enforcement, project problems or work arounds, and then think about whether implementing is feasible in all ways...money, people, resources, etc. 

Well, I can't write any more today. I'm seriously resemble someone with Parkinson's  right this minute with all the SMH going on.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Dead Poets Society Revisited


My head hurts.

All I see everywhere are protests and gun control memes. And rants. And soapboxes. I tried to scroll past them and let people have their ways without joining in on the conversation. Instead, I spent the weekend focusing on dead people. Yeah, really not an uplifting topic, but I have two research projects focusing on infant mortality differences in 50 states and defining successes or failures with CDC protocols on reducing SIDS. Beat me now.

And I just am not real happy with my group right now. Our literature review is due next week and I have contributed 3.5 pages and a reference list. iOn top of that, I wrote 4 pages of the paper on top of the lit review. They have not contributed anything---not slicing and dicing on my work, no comments, no additions with their own work...NADA.

Yep. We can see how this project is going to fly. And discussing with another group member on a different project, he told me "Your literature review should be only one page." I'm like, whaaat? It's supposed to be 2-3,000 words according to Purdue APA standards. Not to brag, but yes I am going to brag. I have always gotten 99-100% on my research projects. I may not be a good test taker, but I can write academic fluff quite well because I have mastered the art of bullshit and word razzle dazzle.

In fact, one professor told me I was performing at doctorate level and encouraged me to continue my education. Not so fast, Doc. I am burnt the heck out. Still have another master's program to go. It should be much shorter, but now they tell me no bueno...have to do the entire thing. Stats all over again. I'm like...I already did that shit and paid my penance. Bastards and their rules. In the meantime, I will relish the compliment because that is a big deal when I feel like a dummy in a pool of smarty pants.

I am continuing to read some books in my very little spare time. I long for the days of diving into a book for pleasure and finding it is not Political Analysis or Statistics or anything academic. Oy. Der troubles we haf.