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Sunday, August 4, 2019

We have moved.

We have moved. By this, I mean-me, myself, and I. So, if you feel inclined, please join me over there.The connecting link is at the bottom.

Yes, I am leaving this site just as it is so if you are really bored, you can continue to read the goodies but oldies. Also, I am keeping my content in an archive of sorts, so I have it for future needs.

It was time for me to grow and change with my life outside of law enforcement. Oh yes, the new site is still all about the old me, but with a fresh twist. Don't worry, if you don't like it, you don't have to follow along. But I hope you do.

I am going to try to keep regular just like a good bowel movement in the morning.

Bring coffee. Or something stronger. I won't disappoint. Well, except maybe the first 2 posts.

I now own the domain: https://theboogiemanismyfriend.com/blog

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Must Love Dogs


Wow. It sure has been quite in here. Thank you to my faithful followers for sticking around. Maybe I should write better and have something more important to say. It is funny how cop stories and the daily reality I used to write was so popular, but  my ordinary life it not. Sigh.


For the next 3 weeks I am free and clear of school and work. I have to finish reading 2 books and do reviews. I am also reading a 3rd one my friend recommended. Whew. It is so weird to sit and read. I feel I have so much to do that I am feeling lazy not getting it done.

Fatness-the college 50

Hopefully, I can get back on the fitness bandwagon. Have lots of troubles with my asthma and defective heart valve. Oy.

Writer's Block

Still plugging away at the articles. This last one really sucks. Somehow I need to find my knack again. Maybe I have been swamped by too many academic papers. Go read it anyway. The last 3 of you, fans and friends, make a difference. I appreciate the traffic. If I do not get traffic, I do not get paid. Is that desperation or begging? LOL.

I would welcome your input. The suggestion about police advice to rookies did very well. What's on the top of your mind with cops? Anything humorous? Or tellworthy?

Newsworthy stuff

I have applied for my doctorate. Now I wait and see. Bug goes off to the Navy soon. I have taken all my books from available to unpublished. They will be no longer.

The political climate continues to run on chaos. I prefer to scroll on by anymore. But, interestingly enough, many people I know are getting deployed, including reservists. This means something is up. I suspect the Iran issue is heating up.

My garden got destroyed by farmer overspray. I only have pumpkins left. That really sucks.

We have trespassers. I do not people. The nephew caught the prints on camera after he was fishing and it did not bode well with me. Of course, he had to interrogate the neighbors and I felt back because I wold have shut him down if I knew what he was up to. I don't think 80 year old cripples would dare. Lately, two bum looking fellers have been walking down the road. Not sure where they came from. Never seen em before. I must investigate. They don't know me very well.

Here are some cute dogs in a construction site.
My heart is happy. Love, love~

Well, that's all, folks. Onward and upward. Don't worry, I will have some follies to share. It is just too soon. 👊👊

Sunday, July 21, 2019

What's new, Pussycat?

Needed some Tom Jones, eh? No, I'm not from Canada. Probably can't use that term, it's cultural appropriation. Suck it!

Watch your mouth, Fargo. So rude!

Moving on to Tom.

Now I know you can't get that song out of your head? Never heard of it? Pshaw. I know all my readers are old like me. So, in case you skipped the 60s, I have included it for you.
How can you go wrong with a classic? Nowadays, you might not be able to say pussycat in reference to a woman. Wait for it. Will Tom Jones be censored? Hmm. I might be about as thrilled as Baby, It's Cold Outside nonsense.

Here is where we veer off course... 

This post is brought to you by the confines of my office. Why? Because I can see the grand sunset up here, that's why. And because I am the boss of myself...at least today.

Right here we have a doings of a barnburner storm where the ship is out to sea...

Haven't enjoyed much of the heat. Not. at. all. You can have it. I was going to move to Alaska until I saw they were having 90s. Gah.

And here we definitely took a detour...

Speaking of censorship and PC...the universities are going bat shit crazy. I am not sure how much longer I can work in academia before I am killed. Killed by liberal redonkulousness. I really got nothing. Who decided these small groups were going to rule the world and ban words. I understand we can all speak and choose our words carefully and keep in mind offensiveness.

I'm sorry. I cannot control where my mind goes. It goes awry and often. Back to our sponsored story...

But if we ban manpower and manmade and la la la, we have only belittled ourselves. If our skins are so thin, then we are doomed. Additionally, why would you let a word offend you to the point you stomp on it like it never existed? I don't think of the word manmade or manpower as exclusive of women or those in between. My dad is surely rolling over in his grave over all this political chatter spatter. He was a huge fan of political discourse, but not a fan of overreach of any kind. Academia and a few small groups of same thinkers are ruling the world of words! What power they have! Don't let them have it!

Maybe I have voices in my head. My professor said I have problems because I discussed me being a teacher and finding my new purpose. He said I was the addiction type who needed adrenaline because I told him I loved learning. Am I missing something here? Anyway, I digress....again.

How are we to talk about anything if we can't utter words? Are people still free to sign them? I mean really, does it reach into braille and sign language, other languages? Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Not only is our written language changing, but how do you say r*pe, *m*npower, w*men, m*n? It's just a question. What are we going to call ourselves if we can't define us by pronouns? That's another question. Don't you think books will sound weird? Is THEY the only choice?  Asking for a friend.

We have lost our shit. Seriously. I can't even wrap my head around it.

Well, let me take a try.

Sheriff Wheezy took Ben Patty to jail, they was custodialized for assault and battery, r*pe of a minor, and general mayhem. Sheriff Wheezy had to call for more human efforts because Ben Patty was on the former substance known as PCP with a touch of Sudafed made concoctions formerly known as m*th, those doctor given circles of life altering materials, and some other dr*gs. They was a handful for Sheriff Wheezy. They were not considered a criminal dr*ggie, but a poor, lost addict who needed some therapy. They was a mama's boy. The feels almost got to Sheriff Wheezy. However, Sheriff Wheezy could not erase the bad deeds they did. So, they was booked in on all charges, but surely they were only going to face probation in the short coming days. Sheriff Wheezy got theyself in hot water for calling them a cr*ckhead which was incorrect and not appropriate like ten fast and in a hurry. Sheriff Wheezy had to make a public apology to the people of Smalltown and resign from theys position.  That's what Sheriff Wheezy gets for being a cow people. Damn cow people think they can do anything they want just like they cops who work for them. 

Say, do you think we cried blue tears as people called us pigs, fuzz, cops, popo, hogs, etc.? No. We turned that frown upside down and owned them and then used the words against them. See what I did there?

I can't deal.

May your week be full of joy! Now, go get along and be productive citizens full of human efforts!

I wonder if I can say girl power anymore? It's just a thought.

American thems, stop being a bunch of pansies!


It's just a flower.