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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Learn Exactly How and When I Met Betty White!

Plastic or metal ore?

Which do you prefer? How do you stand on the plastic gun blueprint issue? One judge blocked the release of the software which gives the user a step by step how-to on making a plastic weapon. Eight states plus DC filed a suit to stop the newly allowed settlement to publish. The judge ruled that the availability of 3-D printers would cause irreparable harm. It's too easy.

It's also too late.

Already over 1,000 users have downloaded the plans which were uploaded to the maker's site a few days ago. So what is the big deal? Are there not other geniuses who could figure this out and make some device undetectable? Sure. Arguments against the release say this is giving away the farm and making it easy for terrorists on tried and true models which function properly.

The gun designs were first made by an anarchist. Then the plans were made public, but quickly banned. This seems to be a new beginning to long days of arguments before finally reaching an end. I imagine it will go to the US Supreme Court. What are your thoughts on this?

In other news, the BBC, Fox, and PBS were viewed as the most trusted news networks. I bet that sent most of the other networks into an overdrive of dismay. Next thing you know, they might shout from the highest tree tops that the pollsters only inquired with crazy people to get those perceptions. 😊😜I find it amusing.

Manafort trial is ongoing. Pay attention. Judge Ellis is the one to watch here.

If you do not take to current events, try reading about Wheels in my latest article on Law Enforcement Today showing a little perspective into community.

Words of advice for today:

Don't be a social media troll. 

Be safe.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Read When You Can

Good day, ordinary people!

Not much but rain going on in the Mid-West region of the near South today. I dare not go outside out of fear I might melt.

I am a fan of reading, sponging in that knowledge or mindless information, and escaping into the pages of a good book. I also write articles. You really cannot escape into or from them. Why? Because I beg you to read my fodder for support.

Wherever you are, go read these little ditties on Law Enforcement Today. Hope you find them interesting in the least. If so or if not, feel free to comment online, on Facebook, or on here.

Both are July features:

9 Unconventional Things About Police Leaders You Can't Learn From Books

and one from today:

Meeting Betty White

What do you want to hear about on law enforcement websites? Give me some pointers.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

TOot TOoT!

It is the second day I have used bar soap to wash my hair. I know. You are squinting at this notion and asking why in the H E double hockey sticks is Fargo using bar soap to wash her hair?

Well, we ran out of shampoo because Bug uses a lot on her mane and I am waiting for her to buy the next round to teach her not to use gallons in one shampoo job. She told me last night she is holding out until I buy the stuff. It's a showdown. Meanwhile, I adjust, adapt, and overcome. I have no shame. I supply a roof and food. Excessive shampoo purchasing was not in the parenting manual.

Meanwhile, I bun. Why? Because no one can see my dull, lifeless hair. I feel really dirty using bar soap on my head. I mean, you use bar soap everywhere else. So, does that mean my bewb sweat and toe jam are on my head now? Haha. Gross. I really use a washcloth, so the soap never touches me. Wait. That's kind not true because I have to use my hands. For the hair thing, I lathered up my hands and scrubbed away. I suppose if I were homeless, it would be a spa treatment. I should just shut up and at least enjoy it is clean.

Changes are coming down the pike. I suppose I should announce them, but I will wait a week.

You need some suspense in your life. Think of it as a faux Perry Mason mystery.

Meanwhile, Bug and I did the school registration thingy today. Successfully, I embarrassed her just by being her mother. Score one for Momsterhood. She is a senior. 😭😭😭My little baby is not a baby any more. This is going to be an emotional year for me. How do you depersonalize your personal life so you don't cry like a baby and have hurt feelers? It was so easy as a cop. I was cynical, jaded, and detached. Those are the good qualities.

Funny enough so, I was just thinking how tightly wound I was as a copper. I mean to tell you that you could physically see a force field. You could physically see the tension and the jaw twitching. The brain still never shuts off. That I cannot cure. But wow. When I see my friends and family and friends and family in law enforcement who just cannot settle down, I feel sorry for them. I'm also irritated. Like dude, take a chill. I sound like a stoner when I say it.

I was like that too (not the stoner part) and I remember being so wound up and regimented. I would be pissy at times or get so irritated at little things people did. I did not people good after work. So I hid. Wow. Gah. Yuck. Actually, the hiding part sounds kind of nice.

This sparked another thought in your brain. Fargo is a mess. Fargo is goes 50 directions. Yes, you can be wound up and still fly by the seat of your pants. Case in point. Oh, and look at Taz. He kept Looney Tunes in disorder for decades. That might be my mission...putting a little DIS in the order.