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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flood Watch 2011 May Update

The river is going to be raised to 8200 cubic feet per second. Tomorrow through Friday. Flood warning in effect. YIKES!

Last year at flood stage it only rose to 7200 cfs where it is currently. Which means the moat around the castle is going to become a lake and I am going to flood. I have been taking periodic pictures of the increase and structural damage to the river. Today's pics are showing the moat getting larger and the castle getting smaller. Hopefully...I won't be in Nebraska by Friday...nor in a houseboat. Rains and underground water table from the river "seepage" have brought nice surprises...except the snakes....so enjoy the pictorama....

The castle...
Alien mushrooms in the driveway....EGADS! I thought it was underground horse turds at first.Then I realized....how silly.
More alien mushrooms...in the prairie...they're everywhere, they're everywhere!
Lilacs...yummy these are Cheyenne Littleleaf...very deep purple and a Wyoming native.
Loves my fat chicken....he should keep dry.
Alpine flowers....

My green roof bird feeder...makes me smile.
Losing green...water seepage will soon take care of that so I don't have to water. Oh...and more rain.
This guy isn't going to get lost in the flood no matter what happens. In 2026 when the world is washed away...he will still be there....weighing in at 130 pounds and that doesn't include his fat fish. My back...oy.

This is where I will be attending the Flood Watch Convention....my front patio...might have to move the party to the east log deck.

Just got the love seats down and cushions out of the shed...pots potted...tiki torches ready...hot tub ready...grill ready....The Green Egg ready....Mango Marguaritas ready...wine ready...chocolate dipped strawberries ready...crab stuffed mushrooms ready....steaks...baked potatoes...corn on the cob...check check. Nah...that's tonight's feast. You know me...if it floods I have MREs ready to go.

Please, God...save me from the MREs...

If all else fails...one of those cushions will make a superb raft. I'll meet you in Nebraska.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The George Jones

Some things are right before our eyes, yet we dismiss them.

After five days of straight rain....the sun came out today at a brilliant almost 80 degrees. I took my opportunity to mow my lawn. My George Jones started right up and soon I found myself in tranquil thought mowing like crazy. Thoughts of my financial squeezes and pressure consumed me. Yet...I smelled the wonderful Rocky Mountain air...sagebrush...cottonwoods...flowers. My mind wandered to whether I would have to sell my place and if so...would I move to another location here...or pursue my dream of owning a flower shop/gift shop in the Smoky Mountains. After a few passes...George died. I checked the gas. I checked the oil. All fine. Thought I might have flooded it...left it sit for a few minutes. I even put more gas in just to make sure. I tried numerous times to restart it. Nothing.
I mosied over to the shed and brought out the push mower I had just taken in for a tune up. Nothing. Not only nothing... but I exhausted myself trying to get it going. Feeling defeat...I put it away and went back to over to George and tried again. Nothing.

In true tough cop fashion....I put my head down on my lawn mower steering wheel and sobbed. Not a little. A lot. And for how long I don't know. But everything came out....my financial stress...my loneliness...my longing to be a "regular mommy"....my lack of mechanical skills and used to having someone around who could fix anything...my frustration with not being tougher...the river flooding on my mind...my drive to make things work not working out...things breaking down....and...not having a companion I could turn to and share a funny thought, story, or sunset or sunrise...and my place...walk along the river hand in hand...grow old together with. Such a sappy romantic.  I couldn't stop the tears and although I tried...the tears didn't dry up.

And reality hit that I may have to sell my place so life and finances aren't such a struggle. And where would I want to live? Here? Another state? Start over? Let my dream slide of building on the gardens and growing unusual plants...and not only that...but leaving a legacy here and preserving the river?

When I just get things in the black...and feel it will just be 6 more months and I'll be OK...I get hit with a small disaster, or crisis, vehicle break down...or the ex doesn't pay me on time for bills we have to pay together. I played "catch up" on things he left behind for so long..it ate my lunch...all my money....and all my willpower...and determination...let alone broke the bank.  Lottery winner here...NOT...I wish....thinking if I could only get a big landscaping job this summer.

So... I sat there...all pitiful and slumped over...sobbing...and praying. Please, God, help me. Help me make it and be strong. Help everything be alright.

Then... when I could no longer breathe....see through the tears....or even have a clear thought...I sat up and tried the George Jones one more time. Vrooom! A small smile showed on my face...and as I mowed the property for about an hour...I felt maybe God just hit me in the head with a frying pan and that's what I needed.

Perhaps we are in denial or choose to ignore the obvious. Maybe we are too blind or wrapped up in emotions to see. Today went just like that.

Not only God slap me upside the biscuit...but so did Mother Nature...with a special moment.

 If you look close in the picture you will see two eggs from a Killdeer. When I was a kid...we had a field that attracted hundreds of them  and especially during nesting time were they abundant.

They still fascinate me.

This nest was in my yard near the garden shop and I watched the famous broken wing dance of the mother bird. Then..I knew I had to be careful because she was protecting her nest which must have been close by. Sure enough...I just missed destroying it. It would have crushed me to have mowed over the nest. And the mother was brilliant. It blended in so well with the area where I had spilled potting soil. She chose carefully and wisely.

And so must I in my decisions...

And quit the DAMN crying already...ugh.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The PoPo Lens...Looking At Life

Round Two....just a note...the North Carolina trip was two years ago. These pics are a mixture of a Midwest trip of late and some I have taken over the years. The PoPo No Go Go anywhere...too broke and no vacation for the wicked. Just sharing a piece of me...with all of you...

Three blind geese....three blind geese....we can't even scratch our asses in private. Guys...if we tuck our beaks...she won't notice. Look away from the camera...it might steal our souls...isn't that the way of the Amish and Indians? Look away. No posing. And if she caught us on camera scratching our asses...they won't recognize us.

Nothing is more captivating to me than old cemeteries...and old statuary. I often wonder if I will be immortalized or remembered like some of the greats...Will I leave a long lasting mark on the Earth...or be forgotten like common folk. And who had to move that big ass heavy woman...anyway?

Admiring architecture from centuries past...I focused on the cross. At the time I took the photo...it just captured the magnificence of the church...the day...and the moments I had with a very special person I was with...and I also thought...God has surely touched this building and it has been preserved to its original spectacular structure. Something I hope our children get to see if we take care of things.

Yet...another state where Magnolias grow...Not Wyoming...(where I have even babied Butterflies Magnolia for 3 years...yet to watch great winter freezes kill out my progress to beat Mother Nature)...and not even North Carolina....No.. this is in a Midwestern state. Bastards.

Many of you may look at this and think...gee...look...Momma's spare tire...growing up in the Stone Age and all...but I thought differently...How did that big ass heavy stone wheel get in the middle of the garden? A great addition to garden art.
Oh...look...you never know where the brick road leads you...perhaps to Dorothy? The Wizard?

Another fascinating statue in a cemetery...The PoPo is always in awe with death...and in this place...there was a lot of dead people...everywhere. As I stepped lightly amongst the graves to get to the perfect spot to capture the lovely woman...I whispered aloud..." 'scuse me. 'Scuse me. Pardon me. So sorry. Very sorry. "

Yeah...I'm special...got it going on...The kid loves me...the photographer loves me...nothing better than two girls at once.

Eggs laid by a dumb Robin...only cuz...it was about 3 feet off the ground on my mom's back side of her house...silly bird.

Sthoo...here I sit in a garden atop a rock with a cane an big toofs...can't talk...cuz my toofs are tho big...they just overwhelm me. I can't even sthee. Me eyes.

NEXT....Flood Watch 2011. May 22nd...the second dam above me is scheduled to spill over...Sandbag stations are set up in town...I have a friend coming to help me sandbag tomorrow before work...not going to be pretty...wish me luck...that I am not floating to Nebraska by next week.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Grandma's Birthday Present

I remember the day I watched live on television when the Twin Towers were hit on September 11.

As I watched the news unfold that Bin Laden had been killed last week...I will surely remember the announcement of it as well.

See...it's my Grandma's birthday. May 1. She would have been 95. She passed on Easter. Just like Grandma to be busy and organizing in heaven. And don't think I don't already know she led the troops to him.

She was a staunch Republican.

It's my story and I'm sticking to it.