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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flood Watch 2011 June 20 Update Pictorama

It rained all night and all day. Finally at 2:00 pm, it stopped, drizzled, then stopped. The sun came out for the evening. I was on the road picking up Bug from her Grandma in a town 139 miles away where she had just spent two weeks with my family in Minnesota. When I arrived home, I noticed the Game and Fish had closed the road after my house.

A dry flash flood channel that is over 20 feet deep right now and is abotu 20 feet away from the river itself. It filled from the river running over the banks.

Upper pasture. Tall, tall grass.

Diving platform for strange labs.

My prized White Swamp Oak is truly in the swamp.

Favorite birdbath with penstemon blooming in front and Six Hills Giant cat mint in back Woot woot!

We will resume normal blogging this week. I apologize for not getting around to blogs as of late, but manning the moat. Now that the storm has subsided, I can drink again. And blog. Peace out, peeps!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Flood Watch 2011 June 19 Update...Father's Day Floats

We are in the middle of a downpour. I resemble a drowned rat and my hair acts like laundry being rung out in the 1800s. Soaked to the bone. But I worked in the weather anyway. Some sandbags fell from the heavy rains. The river is really rising. We had flash flood warnings broadcast over our police computers all day and the radio was blaring the warnings as I came home.

The trees are flooded. The prairie is flooded. The pasture is flooded. The horses corral is a lake. The roads are flooded.

I was shaking so bad on a couple pics that they are blurry and gross. Good thing they aren't crime scene photos...my ass would be grass.

My house is dry. It.is .beautiful. I don't know why I am not worried today. I guess I just figure God will take care of me and this land I love. I have that much faith.

And hell to the yeah...this picture is blurry, too. Momma Fargo fail. But you had to see the happy fat chicken.

It's so green. Except my lawn. In fact, the lawn is getting so much water from the rains, it is turning yellow.My grass is over my head in the back woods.

My flowers are soaking it up. I can't keep up with the weeds. The woods are getting more and more flooded. Picnic table? Well let's just say it's a diving platform.  But...it is absolutely beautiful. And the air smells wonderful.
Front door..iris are over 3 feet high and just bloomed two days ago. River pics tomorrow in the daylight...hopefully while I sleep...my home isn't converted to a house boat. Lake de Fargo...held back so far. And yes...again...the bastard can't have my house.

It's still cozy here...I'll leave the light on...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Flood Watch June 12 Update

The water is seeping more toward the house. The flooded area has actually reached the woods by the house and is about 20 feet from the east side. I checked the crawl space and so far it is mostly dry. There are a few damp places. LOTS of frickin' spiders. I didn't kill them. I want them to die a slow painful death...either by drowning or by loss of oxygen when I throw a bug bomb down there.

Lake de Fargo...is open for jet skiing, water sports, and fishing...

My road around the bend...flooding over to the other side...

Levy de Fargo.
The lower drive for trailers is under water. The middle area is about 2 feet deep when I measured tonight.

Had to move some benches to higher ground. The old tree with the swing is under water.
Small areas where underground seeping water is surfacing. This is happening all throughout the woods and prairie. Water around the picnic table. Yeah. Not moving that heavy thing. Nor the dog. Moose was muddy and running through the water. LOL

Some things just aren't affected by the impending doom. And my..they (Otis and Moose) are fat. I better quit feeding them so much so they don't sink when we have to swim for our lives!

And this is going to be my anchor..should I need it...my favorite bird bath.

A River Runs Through It

It's named THE RIVER WAR HAUS. I gave it the fitting title many months ago.

I suppose it's silly to name your abode, the land you work, and the place you call home. I did it anyway.

It fits.

We fought the government to protect property rights, to stop the declining natural environment, and to preserve the riparian areas near the river as well as the MIGHTY RIVER itself. Add to that a fight to keep the original paperwork in force as written in 1964 when it was drafted and signed by original parties...and have the Game and Fish enforce it's paragraphs as they are required. This war went on for 6 years. We lost.

My marriage fell apart over time, slowly. Not slow enough that I couldn't have seen it coming. Perhaps the red flags went up and I tried to ignore it. In time it became a battle of things I can't even explain now. The battle wounds still show and are beginning to scar over. I can't look back. I'm not sure if one ever wins a battle involving marriage. Somehow, it just doesn't seem proper to tag it with victory or loss. Failed marriages are always a loss of some sort. Is a battle ever a victory? We call it that. When our side wins. But is it really so?

They say we often have to go to battle to get ahead, to forge forward, to make things right. We have to sacrifice for the greater good. Fight for our cause, our lives, our beliefs...

Another such war has begun.

This time..it's me versus the river. Tonight I placed my mark. The river pushes forward. I build walls and hold it back. Divert. Clean up. Pray. I think I'm going to win this war this time because I have God on my side. 

Ahoy Mateys!
The river might want to invoke it's right to parley...

No...Momma Fargo hasn't lost it.
She's just not going to let the bastard (river) get the house... just like the first time.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Changing of the Guard

Today is my first night on my new shift with Sgt. Gruffy. He already told me he is putting the hammer down on me and has taken away my seniority, my Charger, my area. Says I was running amuck under the Sarg's direction. Sarg was so angry when he heard that...I think he almost wanted to punch Sgt. Gruffy. See....Sgt. Gruffy...hated our team. We received several awards and commendations...were always involved in taking the big guys down...were the first choice when the feds wanted to go hunting for fugitives...jealousy.

I'm the second senior cop and veteran on the shift. I just smiled and said, "OK, SARG. Whatever you say, I will obey. I'm just happy to be here." I think it made him mad that I didn't get upset and throw a fit. It's all good. I don't really care about things like that right now. I have other things to worry about.

Last night...THE ROOK stopped me in the briefing room.

THE ROOK: I guess this is our last night together.

ME: Yep. We will be two ships passing in the night. I will probably see you at the beginning and ending of each shift.

THE ROOK: [big cheesy smile] I am hoping you will be one of my FTOs, mam.

ME: [big smile] I bet not. They probably don't want me to corrupt you.


ME: You would have to listen to rap music and roll dirty in the g-ride...learn how to talk to the locals. Check out licenses on lemonade stands, arrest bad guys, walk stealthy in the neighborhoods, drive blacked out...shit like that.

THE ROOK: I have been listening to rap music.

ME: Ha. Officer Shiny Keys told me you never listened to music until last week.

THE ROOK: True. I read books. My whole life. I am a bookworm and a jock. A true nerd. [smile]

ME: I can appreciate me a good nerd. [big smile]

THE ROOK: [red and blushing] I really hope I get you as an FTO.

ME: I would like that. You'll do great. Good luck. And erase all our previous conversations Officer Shiny Keys and I had with you from the other night. You still need to wear a shirt when you are working out, tho. I can't concentrate. And I don't need to get fired.

THE ROOK: [laughing] Will do. I think you are cool, mam.

ME: Thanks! Back at ya. I am really glad to have you aboard. Have a great time with Officer Shiny Keys. You are very smart and I am hearing good things. You do well when I am on calls with you. Keep it up.

And so we departed. He is a great kid. And super sweet. And hot. The police department is putting him on a recruiting billboard. Ugh. Why can't we hire the ugly ones?

Flood Watch June 6 Update

The river is still rising. Not flooding too bad at my house...will get pics of town to post later. The police department is beginning to flood from high water tables rising and goo is coming up into the basement. YUCKO!

The River Pathway we run and ride bikes on....20 some miles of it...is under water in several places. Restaurants under water...flood water within inches of houses. Retaining walls on river homes...collapsing. Most of the damage thus far is in basements. Behold...the castle...it is still  OK at this point.

The dam (damn sandbags) are holding so far. Island almost underwater. Trees over there aren't even budding out. Too much water. Yikes.

Water seeping under road now has gone 40 more feet toward the house....but still not a big problem.

Lake de Fargo

Arnold's Red Honeysuckle to color coordinate with Old Glory.

The flag is still sailing...so high tide or not...I am still flying it. If water gets to her..then it's time to evacuate.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flood Watch 2011 June Update

With the morning rising of the river...I was up early to tackle some gardening and see what had changed from midnight of the first release of water. Homeland Security and the National Guard are up early as well. The big hit is supposed to reach me by Friday. 

This little darling was trying to toot the horn ornament below him. Perhaps to announce the beginning of the flood. LMAO. Wished I had snapped fast enough to show you. It was a crack up. He got his head stuck in there at one time.