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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blog Visitor

I recently had the wonderful privilege of having a visit from a blog buddy. She and her daughter were absolutely delightful and I enjoyed their company immensely.

In case you were wondering...it still proves I can determine good people spot on...even without having a personal encounter prior to having them stay in my home. Cop Jedi mind skills are good for personal reasons, not just to catch bad guys. Just kidding, Deb.

Anyfriends,  I wasn't afraid they would stab me in the night or steal mother's precious pearls. They weren't pirates...just fabulous ladies on a journey that you must read about as she posts along her 3,000 trip.

It was the first I had heard of couch surfing and spending most of your time on the road in adventure with your daughter as a last hoorah before school. She is one brave mother and I admire her even more so now. Jeff Dunham is a favorite comedian of mine and she and I so happen to share that adoration along with good wine. Here's her clip to our discussion about bicycle cops. Go visit her. You won't be disappointed. She is a great lady!

Thanks Deb and Em for the wonderful time and I look forward to our trip to our talked about midwestern metropolis soon. I also plan on visiting them in Michigan for a tour of their great upper state.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Being A Narc

I've been a narc. Not a snitch, mind you, but narcoleptic. I can't stay awake. Broken sleep and long hours are taking their toll. No matter how hard I try, the last two days have killed me on duty...or should have. I was just lucky I had Officer Squirrel to keep me in line. And we haven't lacked action. Fires. Burglaries. Assaults. Officer Squirrel and I even witnessed a drive by shooting. At least at that moment I had been wide awake.

We were writing reports in a parking lot when two GOOBS and by GOOBS, I mean the dumbest criminals ever, decided to do a drive by shooting in front of the PoPo. They were so dumb, it isn't even worth writing about, but I'll share just a little.

Not only did they shoot at people in front of the PoPo,  but they threw the gun out the window in front of the PoPo...on film.  Oh,..and they had  drugs. Needless to say...they went to jail. We also discovered they were burglars and had a fencing business (not structural).

However, the detectives didn't want to come out and work the case because "Fargo is certainly capable"...so I got stuck with it.

During the interview...the "Mastermind" had a few choice words that struck me as funny. Not only funny, but I downright smiled big during his confession of the crimes and his "bookkeeping" explanations.

MASTERMIND: I keep everything written down for the IRS.

ME: Oh do ya? Do tell.

MASTERMIND: Well, I don't really have to report my business and income to the IRS because I keep everything on the books under $4,000 so I don't have to pay taxes.

ME: You don't say?

MASTERMIND: Yep. All the stuff is in my backpack on paper so if I ever get audited, I have my books.

ME: You are very brilliant. So...running a business like that, you must know where to get the best inventory.

MASTERMIND: Yep. Mostly electronics. They sell the best.

ME: I see. Locked or unlocked?


ME: Do you retrieve your inventory from locked or unlocked warehouses?

MASTERMIND: Oh. Unlocked. I don't break into anything.

ME: Good plan. Since the doors are unlocked, do you feel they are allowing you to get into their vehicles or giving you permission?

MASTERMIND: Yes. It's like an open sign on a business, you can walk right in.

ME: I see. Perhaps we should see if the State agrees with you. [pulling out a statute book]Oh, lookey here. It says in this state statute book that conducting business like that is a "No No." In fact, a felony. But then again, you knew that, didn't you, being a smart business man and all?

MASTERMIND: Uh. I guess this means I am going to jail?

ME: Well, I think so. Oh and don't worry about the IRS. I won't tell them a thing. I'm not a fed.

MASTERMIND: Oh. Thanks. You are doing me a big favor.

ME: *blink*blink*

Monday, August 1, 2011

Nighty Nighty

Motoring down the road during the hours of 5:00 am to 7:00 am after working a full shift from 7:00 pm, becomes fantasy land. At least in my world. Sometimes I don't know how I got from point A to point B without killing myself or others. However, I jerk awake to realize I have just driven 5 miles without remembering it.

Mirages, snow monkeys, and bouts of roadway on auto pilot plague police officers who suffer from working nights and those who lack good sleep patterns...or life gets in the way, making good rest difficult. Life's interruptions often interfere with good sleep. Our kids, spouses, pets, or persons calling or knocking on our doors often break up the day. It's worse when the daytime is your nighttime and you are sleeping.

Have you ever run errands in your mind while sleeping? Have you ever dreamt about what you needed to do the next day? How about stress? Does that effect your sleep? Imagine if this is every day. And then you go to work and get behind the wheel...protect your community...make split second decisions. The internal time clock gets all out of wack, making it difficult to function during work hours. This may have struck anyone a time or two...even if they aren't working shift work. However, a pattern of regular "irregular sleep" becomes a problem. I've been there. It happens all the time to police officers.

It effects emotions, behavior, sex, health, safety...need I go on? Not only is it a real problem, but Cephalon has found preventive measures one can take to make the best health decision for your body. Some things might be obvious like good choices in our lifestyle such as eating right and exercising. Other things might not be so obvious to us. Check them out.

Prior posts have highlighted the study Cephalon has conducted on Shift Work Disorder. Check out the results on http://www.thewakeupsquad.com/. The following is quoted and taken directly  from their results. It's all great information. I encourage you to check it out even if you don't think it pertains to you or anyone you know. You may learn something new.

"About Shift Work Disorder
One potential health impact of working non-traditional shifts is shift work disorder, which affects up to 25% of night or rotating shift workers. Shift work disorder is a recognized and treatable medical condition that occurs when an individual‟s internal sleep-wake clock is not in sync with their work schedule.30,31 Because of this disruption to the body‟s natural rhythm, people with shift work disorder may struggle to stay awake during their working hours, known as excessive sleepiness, or have trouble sleeping during their sleeping hours, known as insomnia.32 It is important that people experiencing excessive sleepiness and/or insomnia take the time to see a doctor and mention that they work nontraditional shifts, as shift work disorder can often go undiagnosed."

And below details only the PHYSICAL impact. Much more was discovered on social impact, emotional impact, workplace impact, and so forth.  Again, this is quoted from Cephalon's results.

"Physical Impact o Survey respondents report daily concern for their energy level (47%), weight (43%), ability to get enough sleep (39%), their mood (32%) their health (32%) and their sex lives (30%).o The average shift worker has not exercised in 24 days, read a newspaper the day it came out in 30 days or had sex in 54 days.Nearly two–thirds of those surveyed (62%) would sacrifice something to feel well-rested all the time, such as half their wardrobe (33%) or their next three vacations (15%)."

I can totally relate to all of this except the sex. I have had sex everyday with myself...even 54 days in a row...so that really doesn't effect me. Beat me. I need a man....or some sleep. I've been working on a homicide, landscaping, taking care of a business and a home and a child and animals. Who needs sleep?