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Sunday, November 20, 2011

On The Sidelines

So...we like to trip up NFL MAN's friends. Especially, Detective Action. He gets all squirrelly. Detective Action and I were working on a search warrant. He and the other cops made me climb a rickety old ladder with a broken rung to take a fantastic picture. I am deathly afraid of heights. As I was descending the ladder... Detective Action's phone rang. I only knew what happened on the other end because NFL MAN later told me...

NFL MAN: What's up?

ACTION: Nothin', man. Just working with Fargo on this homicide.

NFL MAN: Oh, yeah. Tell my wife I love her.

ACTION: Ah..sick. You two are going to make me puke.

ME: What?

ACTION: Nothing. I am not repeating that crap. Ick.

ME: *blink*blink*

ACTION: You two need to calm down.

ME: What? What did  he say? [knowing full well NFL MAN  said something juicy and was messing with him]

ACTION: I'm going to go take some Rolaids.


After a long day of work, we took a break for lunch...

ACTION: You know when he's on the field, you will have to be in the stands. They don't let women on the sidelines.

ME: So what? I can see all those tight buns better from the stands. And all of them.

ACTION: *blink*blink*

ME: Bam! Got you on that one.


ACTION: You know, he's my friend. He's like family.

ME: Oh yeah.

ACTION: Yeah. You can't be messing up our man stuff.

ME: Oh yeah.


ME: Oh yeah.  [sticking my corn dog all the way in my mouth] Can you do that?

ACTION: [laughing]You are a sick freak.

ME: I win!


NFL MAN and I had a little alone time...

ME: I think Action is a little jealous.

NFL MAN: Oh yeah.. [giggling]

ME: I think he's afraid you will stop spending time with him.

NFL MAN: Oh, poor guy. I will have to pay extra attention so the little fella doesn't get all pouty pants.

ME: [giggling] I'll send some corn dogs.

NFL MAN: Corn dogs?

ME: Yep. Seems he loves them.

NFL MAN: Strange.

Monday, November 7, 2011


The drive to Denver was wretched. Somewhere in Wyoming...the roads cleared up...
Super! Once I reached the Heartland...the weather was amazing....a view from my future barn looking out to the paddock...notice the green..like everywhere...

And at the dining room table with my realtor...it was serene...

To answer the mystery...yes, I will move someday. No, I will not bring my House of Popo with me. First I have to sell my River War House. 

NFL Man called me often throughout the days I was in the Heartland and we talked for hours long into the night...throughout the early morning hours. Yeah. Sleep? None. I was used to that anyway.  We really enjoyed each other's company. He is also a big history and wine person as am I, so we giggled and talked about our travels. The most fun was talking reminiscing about college and him telling me about his NFL career and current works. Busy man. He found time to text me in between his engagements...little thoughtful things. He was a sweet and kind as I remembered him. He didn't forget who he was despite the fame and fortune. It was nice. Perhaps it was the dead body class that intrigued him...

The last night after class I spent traveling around and exploring...visiting places I had been and finding new. Sadly...I had to depart and return home. I couldn't wait to see Bug...but part of me wanted to be there. She was excited to share the pics with me and wanted to go next time. Her eyes lit up when I told her about NFL Man...

BUG: Mommy! You got a date?

ME: [giggling] You make it sound like a miracle happened.

BUG: I don't know but I know I worried about you getting old and not finding a man.

ME: Why?

BUG: Who is going to take care of you?

ME: You. I will make you fetch me beers...and rub my feet...push my wheel chair near the river so I can fish...and cook for me every day. One day you will have to change my diapers.

BUG: MOMMY! I'm not doing it! You can't make me.

Oy. Perhaps we can skip the diaper part, anyway.