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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bronx Requiem

Just as I was moving, I received a package. It was a book I had agreed to review. It has been begging me to open it up ever since I settled into the Harry Potter House. So...in English fashion, I donned my fuzzy blanket and some tea. I switched to coffee and then ended it with wine as I read on.

The first paragraph intrigued me. It was colorful, descriptive, and placed the reader right on the streets...with a prostitute...my kind of peeps!

As I read on, I felt what it was like to be a prostitute in that moment...her thoughts, feelings..all there. I felt the makeup was also caked on my face as I read, so much that I had to get up and wash my face.

Her demise comes a little later.

Well, duh.

It is a murder mystery, a Detective Jack Kenny Mystery, to be exact. And no, it's not just another prostitute killing story.

John Roe, the author, served as a peace officer for over 40 years. He joined New York PD in 1968 and just retired in 2012. I have to give him the highest marks for that long of a career...especially in big city New York. Kudos to you, John! Thank you for your dedication.  He served in many capacities.

This is his first book and Reed Farrel Coleman joins him. Look Reed up. He has received several awards, an amazing writer!

I was pleasantly surprised as I read this story. I was there, the whole time. The authors never lost me. Maybe that's the girl in me, but I like details. I've been a cop. I know what happens and how things occur, so tell me. Show me. The worst thing you could do is bore a cop. And I never was!

Of course, it's got a New York flavor.

Secrets about the killer come out slowly. The story draws you in. You will be snuggled up in a fuzzy blanket reading and sipping wine or coffee and enjoying Bronx Requiem. I guarantee.

During an interview with Carmen and Maricel, they give it to Romero, make it difficult on him. Let me just quote an example of a sentence describing along with the dialogue which captures you....

"Maricel laughed a laugh as disconnected from joy as poetry was from murder."

I don't know why, but I connected with that and the sentence is brilliant!

That particular sentence described a lot of what happens during an interview when the police are not only listening, but analyzing what you say, how you say it, body language, posture, eye contact,etc. Your mind is a whirlwind and you have to think and act fast during interviews and interrogations.

Bronx Requiem is well worth the read and I was caught up in the story until the end. Believe me, as the PoPo, if I read a cop book, a mystery, a murder plot...it had better be good, otherwise, I put it down. Get it on Amazon, I provided the link, just click it!

Please, John and Reed...write again!

I wish John Roe and Reed Farrel Coleman many more books of success and can't wait for more! Bravo!


Coffeypot said...

Is there a series of Jack Kenney books, or is this the only one?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Are you kidding, serving from the 60s until NOW? wow...

Dazee Dreamer said...

I want to read this book. But then, that is about the kind of stuff I've been addicted to reading the last 6 months.

presious said...

Well Mama Fargo,

I can't say that I can snuggle up with a warm and fuzzy blanket on this one. I'm the kind of person that has dreams about what I read and watch lol! I even had to lay off Criminal Intent, SVU, Cold Case Files, etc. Girl, the dreams I was having!...and I live alone!

I have to pass on this one lol! But thanks for sharing, cuz I truly appreciate what you do. It's because of you that our streets are safer! :-)