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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Harry Potter House

Bug and I fondly refer to our home as The Harry Potter House. As much as we talk about it, I'm sure it will be immortalized as such. It fits.

The first time she saw it and entered the foyer, she squealed with delight, "Mom, we have a Harry Potter closet!"

It was a relief to me because I thought something traumatic had happened and had had heart failure at her high pitch.

Girl drama.

I don't think boys squeal or scream.

Bug loves Hogwarts and has been fitting right in. She and I made plastic for her science fair project in the butler kitchen in true wizard fashion. I refer to it as "butler" because I'm Jeeves (demanding princess child)and it's small. But it's cozy and very metropolitan for a 1900s eatery. Someday Wizard Crashers is going to come and give me a gourmet 1900s Amish kitchen. However, I have been standing around Lowe's waiting for the cameras almost every day until the clerks kick me out. I'll keep trying. The greatest thing about customer service is they just have to smile and wave...and shoo me out nicely.

The Big O and Moose are finally settling in and making this their home. Moose, however, gets distracted from the "tree rats" I refer to as his "Boggarts." They take the form of a tree rat (squirrel) and torment him from limb to limb, sparking his greatest curiosity.  He psychotically chases them from window to window in the house. If it were summer, he would jump out a window to his impending doom in the yard below just to try to snatch one. Back and forth, up and down. He moves the blinds, the curtains, and stares...like relentlessly. I think he is either the greatest hunter or the dumbest dog. The jury is still out, but I do love him. I'm sure the Boggarts are oblivious to his lust, but none the less, it provides me with entertainment.

Big O...just watches him with disgust and sleeps. I am truly jealous of his life...eat, sleep, and poop. Sigh.


Coffeypot said...

Is the Bug gonna set up a bedroom in the HP Closet? That would be a good punishment place for her.

Ms. A said...

Look at that wood! I love it! Hope you plan to post more photos.

VandyJ said...

Love old house like that--they have a charm that new ones just don't.

le Chef said...

I am absolutely in LOVE with that staircase! I am so happy for you :)
Sometimes a fresh start is exactly what is needed; and the whole moving bit draining your every penny; I think that's just how it goes.
Some fresh starts here as well. Writing books, new blog (out with the old!) ... and quite possibly ..well, likely, taking back the maiden name.
I really admire your strength. You deserve the best!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

holy cats YOU LIVE THERE? whatta HALLWAY and stair!

Slamdunk said...

That wooden staircase is classy.

Betty Manousos said...

the wooden staircase is so beautiful!

this looks like a house i'd like to live in.

big hugs~

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Looks like you';ve got yourselves a nice find in that house...soon to become a HOME, I'll wager.

Now, you need to get Bug some round glasses, and a short, gnarled tree branch...and she can cast some happy spells!

Stay safe.

zoe sugg in harry potter said...

I LOVE Harry Potter, and also have the Lego set!! :D I recently made a review on Harry Potter as well! :)