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Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Idle Time!

Dim The Lights!

We are doing something here that has never been done before on Idle.

I fooled you.

There is not ONE winner.

I loved all your stories and thanks so much for sharing them with me. Not one of them resembled mine, which is in the book, but they were all fun and familiar to me as a cop. I even smiled and chuckled.

We drew 5 winners.

And Pax gets one anyway because she was my editor... so I threw her name out of the bucket to better your chances. We drew old fashioned like. Your names in a bucket. Don't judge me. Internet randomness was not done here this time. It was still random. We didn't peek.


Vandy J

Officer Tex

constant listener

Krysta R

Hydrant girl

If I can't contact you through email, please email me at mommafargo@gmail.com so I can send off your prize. Which gets here Monday. Dang publishers were slow. I guess I can't complain since these were giveaway books and I didn't pay for them. LMAO.

If you want it signed or unsigned, please tell me in the email and I will autograph it for you.

And yes, I still found two misspelled words and my little quirky things even with the new published copy. BEAT me. I just need to dictate things to a smart typist. Even after Pax told me to fix it, I missed it. How dumb can I be. Blondes. I swear.

Thanks everyone for participating and congrats to the winners!

If you hate it, don't send it back or burn it. Book burning burns my ass. :) At least give it to the dog to chew up or something unique and cool.

Hope you enjoy!

American Idle

I feel like Ryan Seachrest.

Dim the lights.

Results of the book winner...

(drum roll, creepy music)

(more suspense)

(awkward silence)


(big spaces in the page)

(more drama)

 ...going to be announced...

... TONIGHT! After I get home from working the shop. It's random.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Baller Edition

Well, the new revised book is on it's way to the shelves. It is the final edit that was supposed to make it the first time. For those of you that want the "Baller Edition" which will be worth millions some day, it is still available on Kindle until the final dealio gets there. Probably have one day, then BAM! A copy that has no baller version. You will only know what I mean if you've read it.

On Friday, I will pick a winner for the book giveaway. The winner can choose a "baller version" or the new copy.

All other content is the same. Pax will be so happy that I got her corrected version to the printer. Oy.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Good Books R Hard To FIND

Yes. I am picky about which books I read , let alone buy. The Boogie Man Is My Friend has no page numbers.Does that drive you crazy ? Why? It isn't a reference book . Just read it. It goes from angry cop to reguvenation or me decompressing or something . No...it isn't  warm fuzzy!

It has some errors because the final edit email didnt make it in time. Beat me. I will have to get it corrected. Bumps in the road. It is true I don't  expect big sales. I published it. It was an accomplishment all by itself.

Oh...and some parts are funny. Your honest review on Amazon would be greatly apppreciated.THANK YOU to Jennifer for your review . If you liked it or didn't ...it's OK. Any review would be an honor .

So..I am having a contest here . To enter you have to leave a comment telling me and the world about your first law enforcement experience . THE WINNER gets a free book.Yes...mine. Not Dr. Suess. You get   a virtually unknown author. So fire away. I have a bulletproof vest on!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm Falling....

The Kindle version will be available in less than 12 hours on Amazon.com. Longer on other sites.

I went from #49 in True Crime best sellers to #67.

Help me people...I'm falling. I need to get up.

We will resume normal programming tomorrow.

KINDLE the Fire

For all you non-traditional,  non-book, or anti-paper protesters, the Kindle version of my book is soon to hit Amazon and then later other outlets such as Barnes and Noble. Watch for it. Please don't kill your eyeballs from the screen radon gas that emits off those machines. Or something.

The Kindle version will be the big bon fire roasting a squirrel in a superhero outfit. Oh wait, that's the wrong kind of Kindle.

They sent me the format. I don't like it because it isn't neat and organized like the paperback. It's to fit your screen size. So it's not like a book...but a screen. And things run together. The titles are not like they are supposed to be. But I guess it matters what's in it. The content.

The nice thing is...my pics are in color. Fancy that. A perk. I still like paper. It's better. It's traditional.

I hope it makes you electronic wizards and green people...happy, happy, happy.

I suppose I had better get moved up with the times.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Boogie Man Is My Friend

Can you believe my book hit the Amazon shelves on the same day as the Boston Marathon Bombing? I guess it's historical in two senses and I shall never forget.

 My book was to be launched on Patriot Day for a good reason, a proud day.

 I am very saddened by the events on the East Coast. Violent nonsense.

And I titled my book launch post as "Da Bomb".


The FBI is going to be after me. Or something.

This is my life.

Anyboogie, the book is available NOW...like early.

Thanks for all of you and the support!

I loves you all!

Prayers to all those involved in the Boston Marathon bombings. God Bless.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Da Bomb

7 Days or longer. For sale. Soon.

Buy it so I don't go into the whore poor house. Please. There are starving children in Africa. And here. Like me. Only I don't look starved. Yet.

Now you know who I am. Most of you with inquisitive minds knew me anyway.

There I am. Exposed. Like naked before you. Only different. It has pictures for you non-reader types.

Thank you to my editor, Pax! She rocks! Forever.

I'm exhausted. It's been a long 6 months finishing and editing this book. I pray it does well and most of all that you like it. And that it doesn't suck.

Please, God, don't let it suck.

Update. I guess Amazon.com is already on the move with this being available on their site now!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

On The Soapbox of Delirium

Last night my old department tangled with a domestic violence suspect who fought police and later died in custody, despite CPR efforts from the officers.  Of course, you can imagine half the town wants to hang the officers in the town square. Let's not forget, an ever tough cop is plagued with this type of instance mentally. No matter how strong he/she is.

This is not uncommon across the United States to have an incident like this happen in a department or detention facility. I remember a few years ago, a man died on my team. I happened to be across town involved in my own mess of a call. When the man passed away in the hospital the next day, the officers were put on Administrative Leave, pending an investigation by state police. This is standard procedure.

I remember watching those officers with a heavy heart. They did their job properly without excessive force. The case still haunts them to this day. They endured an investigation where they were labeled homicide suspects. They were sued by the family. They were exonerated of all criminal charges, given no reprimand or discipline from the department because they did everything according to policy and the law. They also were cleared of a wrongful death lawsuit.

It took months before they stopped flinching at fight calls or anything that would remotely escalate. It really messed with their psyche. They did recover, but not without consequences.  The case still haunts them at the strangest times.

Excited delirium is a medical emergency caused by a drug induced state escalated into a dangerous situation when adrenaline and physical activity increases. Often, the suspect is irrational and physically dangerous, and fights the police or others. When captured, a suspect often stops breathing and/or they go into cardiac arrest. These emergencies can also be elevated if the person has a previous medical condition or heart problems.

I was in a situation where a large man was on PCP and cocaine. He was running around naked and beating people up at random. He could not be reasoned with and we caught him the library. He was tased over and over as he came after officers and firemen.  We could not engage in a physical confrontation, because he threw all of us around. It finally got to the point we had to do a tackle with several officers. We knew what we had before we got to the call. Sometimes it isn't so obvious.  Especially if loved ones or the suspect is hiding their drug problems or they have a heart condition they don't know about.

In this case, I felt his skin burn like fire and he went limp. Luckily there were about 12 men to help because the suspect was 6-5 and over 350 lbs. I immediately called for the ambulance to come inside and we got him to the hospital in time. It doesn't always end up that fortunate.

It saddens me the town is so ignorant to condemn the officers on Facebook and other social media before an investigation is even complete. It also burns my ass that some people do not care to educate themselves about in-custody deaths. It isn't always the police officers' fault. Most often it has nothing to do with them, except the situation, restraint, and the physical fighting combination with drugs and/or a serious medical condition. And mind you, those people are dangerous. Very.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ranch Kid Without A Cause


Times were tough. It was 1976-ish. I wore red to express myself. I was just an ordinary kid with big drama. It was just what God ordered for me to be a cop. Then, I could live drama. The other choice was a theater major which just doesn't pay the bills unless you look like Angelina Jolie. So there I was...in the 70s...a ranch kid without a cause...

Monday, April 8, 2013

That 70s Show


                                   Love you, Dad!    Missing you today, especially.

                                            (click picture to enlarge)