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Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Idle Time!

Dim The Lights!

We are doing something here that has never been done before on Idle.

I fooled you.

There is not ONE winner.

I loved all your stories and thanks so much for sharing them with me. Not one of them resembled mine, which is in the book, but they were all fun and familiar to me as a cop. I even smiled and chuckled.

We drew 5 winners.

And Pax gets one anyway because she was my editor... so I threw her name out of the bucket to better your chances. We drew old fashioned like. Your names in a bucket. Don't judge me. Internet randomness was not done here this time. It was still random. We didn't peek.


Vandy J

Officer Tex

constant listener

Krysta R

Hydrant girl

If I can't contact you through email, please email me at mommafargo@gmail.com so I can send off your prize. Which gets here Monday. Dang publishers were slow. I guess I can't complain since these were giveaway books and I didn't pay for them. LMAO.

If you want it signed or unsigned, please tell me in the email and I will autograph it for you.

And yes, I still found two misspelled words and my little quirky things even with the new published copy. BEAT me. I just need to dictate things to a smart typist. Even after Pax told me to fix it, I missed it. How dumb can I be. Blondes. I swear.

Thanks everyone for participating and congrats to the winners!

If you hate it, don't send it back or burn it. Book burning burns my ass. :) At least give it to the dog to chew up or something unique and cool.

Hope you enjoy!


Allenspark Lodge said...

I enjoyed reading the comments you collected. Maybe, if you get a bunch more...


Paxford said...

Congratulations to the winners!

And don't worry too much about the errors - it is all a learning curve.By the time you finish writing book 2 "Fargo and the Plants of Doom" you'll have it just right :)


Commchick said...

Ordered my own copy, and according to Amazon I should receive it in the mail tomorrow. I am so excited, looking forward to reading it. I always enjoy your blog, so I know I will enjoy the book.