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Friday, May 31, 2013

Police Blotter

Get over to The GunDivas and enter for a free book. It's easy. Just comment on her blog, Faceplant, or whatever other media wins she put up there for you. You have less than 6 days to boogie down.

The second book is going to be published soon. I like it better than the first. It's longer, it's different. It has a twist or two. It's about cops. I know, I know...you're surprised, right? It has new stories from my journal and the Big Case, but it's different. I'm excited. I think. I guess we will see what Pax has to say in the end. The Great Pax is working on the partial copy I sent to her. God Bless her. She wants to beat me, this I know! Note to self, do not drink coffee at midnight and send Pax multiple neurotic emails with book ideas and brain storms.

In other news, my neurotic dog, (much like myself) Moose, still stalks squirrels from his perch and howls at the train from The Harry Potter house. I have three neighbors that wave and the rest duck from sight. I like a good mystery.

The Big O snores now and is a sausage. I fear he is on his way out of this world, but I love him so and he hangs on in pretty good health for a fat, old dog. In that order.

Bug and I are running every night. We have to wait for it to cool down some. Love the humidity...makes me feel like I've worked out just by putting out the garbage on Thursdays. She is quite the drill sergeant...not like Shiny Keys...but a reminder. The kid can run pretty fast and Mom cannot. She does not like my dance to "Sexy and I Know It" while going up hill in the neighborhood. She says..."Wait until we are in the dark country road, Mom. You embarrass me."

My neighborhood continues to be crime free...at least out in the open. Behind closed doors...who knows, but if I can't see it, it didn't happen.

Thanks for all your support! I know I have been boring with no tales. Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Check out GunDiva's post on her blog! Check out her support! I appreciate it so much! Go enter her contest!
My open challenge to Phil Robertson-which I am pretty sure has gone unnoticed by him and more than three-quarters the world-is showing The Boogie Man Is My  Friend is slipping in the ratings. Man. There are days I wish I could grow a beard. Or something.

Thank you, Gun Diva, for being a huge push in the challenge!


On a side note, I did read his book and I liked his honesty. It was entertaining. I liked Willie's book better. Booyah!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wheels Up

It was July 22, 2010, and nowhere near Memorial Day. However, this day forever reminded me of the service and sacrifice our armed forces give to our country. We should all remember what they served for.

Lest We Forget...

I decided to give Wheels a break from 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, and Bone Thugs. Now, it was time to see how he operated in a different realm. Jason Castro. His album is good for the soul. On another note, Hallelujah has to be one of the best songs ever written by Leonard Cohen. And Castro's version is amazing. I put in the disk and found the song and hit play.

Wheels was so excited when he heard the music, you would have thought I goosed him in the britches.

Pretty soon...he was singing Hallelujah as we patrolled the still of the late night driving around slowly...blacked out, looking for burglars. Still  and quiet. It was 75 degrees. It was like God let us have one glory just before all hell broke out in the big city.

But at that moment...it was surreal.

I just listened and watched Wheels. He was somewhere far away.

There was nothing like watching and listening to a soldier sing to The Lord. Even if he was off key.

God Bless those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. May they rest in peace and never be forgotten.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Angelic Ways

Check out Angel's post today. It is heartfelt.

I find all over the world everyone is plagued with their own personal obstacles, hardships, and suffering. Some of it is inside and some is shown on the outside. Angel is a survivor. Read her story.

And thank you, Angel, for your support of my book. I'm sorry it opened old wounds for you. I am sending you the bandages, loves, and hugs.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Exploding Question-Bullet Proof Vest OFF

Imagine my surprise when Daddy Hawk left a comment on my blog today asking where his questions went. I had no idea. After searching my blog and emails, I was glad I had not inadvertently deleted them. Until he emailed me. Then I wished I was...a butterfly! Or something. He had not had his questions answered, so here they are...in their glory...and all..,

What happened to NFL Man? Did you hide his body or what?

Well...NFL Man and I started out with a bang of funny. In fact, the posts were as great as the dates. Or vice versa. I thought I was a princess who found her prince. I was on top of the world.

We did not always agree. We laughed, we enjoyed a lot of the same things. We both had different interests as well. I tried to fit into his and he did not try to fit into mine. He refused to go on a ride along to see what I do. That should have been my first warning, but I fooled myself by thinking I would respect that separation. He introduced me to charity events, hob nobbing, and being retired famous. I tried to introduce him to normal life. We later got married.

Long story short...the marriage was not good. I was alone for most of it. He was not, if that makes it clear as mud.  I don't really want to go into details, but it is book worthy and a Lifetime movie event. He didn't respect me or anything I did. I wasn't pretty enough. I wasn't skinny enough. I wasn't funny. I wanted to be home, he wanted to party. I really don't think he loved me.

In fact, the whole story is unbelievable, really. However, it is embarrassing for me, as well. The only thing I can say is I was vulnerable after The Great Depression (22 years ended with 1st husband) and I should have waited. I never should have dated anyone until about two years of being alone and getting over the first marriage. That is hind sight. Duh.

I had just found myself again when I met NFL Man. It was a time I was just beginning to find the real me, the old me, and discard the one that was hidden, lost, beaten down, and disregarded by my first husband. The ex really did a number on my psyche...and I let him.

There were red flags I ignored or brushed over. I really don't know why. I guess a tough cop can be a weak person as well. And for sure, a lot of us suck at our personal lives because we are fixers.

I kept praying. A LOT. I kept trying to work on it. I continued to beat myself up. God kept giving me red flags. I ignored them, or took them under advisement and started again trying mend it into the perfect marriage I wanted. I really only wanted to grow old with someone.

The worst thing is I started to believe all those things he said were wrong with me. I was wrong about this and that. I didn't dress right, I said the wrong things, I wasn't funny, I didn't wait on him hand and foot. I started to believe I wasn't worthy. Then...the times he was there, I was running around in circles trying to be the perfect wife. I think I can count on fingers and toes the amount of days we spent together...maybe a little more than 20. Otherwise, he left. Every time. He got mad. He left. I repaired. It started over again. It was a sick cycle...I felt lower as a person for not calling it THE END. I kept trying. Duh.

The miscarriage should have ended it all. Again, a time I was too weak mentally to save myself, I am ashamed to say.

And through all of that...I still loved him.

The best way to describe me is that I was a puppy kicked around (not literally), but kept coming back for approval, love, and attention. I never got it.

So...I moved here to start a life with a family before all this came to a head. But it was just Bug and I for the most part. He only was here at the new house about 10 days total...on and off. The marriage was in trouble during the move and it was not turning out to be the fairytale I had envisioned. Yet, I was so hopeful things would be better on the other side of The Land. And I loved the history, culture, opportunities, and slowed down life. I continued to write my book when Bug was asleep and when he was gone, which was most of the time.

He acted excited about the book, but I don't think he has even read it.

I decided it was time to end it after several attempts of trying to work it out and the infidelities were the last straw. It cuts pretty deep. That and pride. Pride sucks monkey balls. That was just after the book was published. I think when I saw the book online...and it was real...I took a hard look at my own life.

I didn't hide his body.

I did the "or what" and opted for divorce. I had stopped blogging about him because he wanted to remain private. He didn't like me posting stories about us. I later found out why.

It's hard to hide a wife on the Internet.

Now...I am broke, selling things to pay for bills and the lawyer. There won't be an ugly divorce. We will both sign and go our separate ways peacefully. Me broke. Him happy.

But I will be OK. I am strong. I am doing Crossfit again and getting strong mentally again...not just physically.  I think when I am stronger physically, I am stronger mentally. In December, I entered a mud warrior race which now I am glad I prepaid and entered. It's a good goal to shoot for and occurs in October.  I hope it is the first of many.

Bug is doing AWESOME! She rocks.

I also have been applying for jobs (NO-not one of them cop jobs), selling the items in my shop at big sale prices, and trying to make it. It is REALLY tight, but we are not starving yet and I work hard. I plan to work somewhere within 20 miles or so and have the shop open part time. And my friends and neighbors here...they don't ask, but I think they know. They have been very nice and help me out with little things and kindness. The town doesn't know and many ask of him when I am working. I just tell them he is working out of town. Some day I will have to tell them the truth...that I really don't know. We haven't talked to each other.

Nuts and bolts of it, right there. Yep. Pretty sad. I can only blame myself. Now time to pick myself up.

Remember those sounds when you were a kid playing cops and robbers and GI Joe? Pkew...pkew...pkeww.Yep. That's the noise this post made with all of you. AND...exploding grenades and cap guns right there. LOL. See! I can still laugh. A lot, actually.

I am funny.

And I have come to the realization that for some reason...I am not going to get my fairytale. I am not going to grow old with anyone. I am going to love my dogs and outlive them. Basically. Maybe I can plant a tree. I can't outlive that...and I can hug it...and often.


An "anonymous" ( I will use a stage name) friend of mine, GI DOE,...who has been a great help to many by his writings...(I did feature him and his family in my book...get it)...sent me this information to get out to the presses. I loved it and felt compelled to share it here with his permission. This is wonderful. Remember it. Do it.

 Read these passages. Here is something I felt I needed to share from someone who lived through a Tornado and the terrible ordeals with rebuilding and reshaping his community...

Pick Your Poison
Lessons learned

Tornado season is in full swing. As soon as this ends, it will be hurricane season along the gulf coast and eastern seaboard. If you live in the west, wildfires are ever present many months of the year. Those on the extreme left coast have the potential for their town to fall off into the ocean one day due to earthquakes. Midwesterners and those in the river regions have to be prepared for floods and tornadoes. All of us risk house fire.  SO, no matter where you live there is a risk you may one day experience a catastrophic event. Pick your poison.
People in my community learned these lessons the hard way, by experience. My community was impacted by one of the worst tornadoes in history. Several perished. No one expects the worst, but it can and does happen. Imagine teenagers recently orphaned trying to piece together their parent’s financial lives with the help of distant relatives when everything is a smoking ruin or has been blown into the next county.  I write this in the hope I can save one person from the heartbreak and issues that come along if they experience such disaster.

Should one of the unfortunate events occur, there are several simple steps you can take to make recovery less painful

  1. Inventory and document your personal property. Update regularly.  In our community, several lost all family members and distant relatives were the only survivors. They had no clue what the family owned.
  2. Have a plan. Including escape routes and a meeting place should you get separated.
  3. Make sure family members know the plan. Practice it.
  4. Store your emergency relief supplies flashlights candles etc.,  in more than one place. Replace batteries every 6 months.
  5. Put $100.00 and a few blank checks in your billfold, purse. Forget it is there. We were without power for 14 days. Cash is the ONLY negotiable instrument.
  6. Make  copies of your important papers
    1. Keep the Originals offsite in a secure place.
    2. One copy in a lockbox in your home.
    3. One NOT in the community you reside. See #1 above some towns lost their bank. I personally have no medical records the Doctor’s office and all the records no longer exist.
    4. Make sure a trusted friend or relative with whom you do not travel, visit frequently or live near you has a copy or knows how to access these documents.
  7. Have a WORKING battery operated radio and weather radio. Or two.
  8. If there is a warning of a severe weather event, emergency situation. Be fully clothed including a light jacket/ raincoat, long pants, sleeved shirt and socks. No open toed shoes. You can always take something off after the event. Many had only the clothes in their back while waiting for relief. If it is not on your body during the event, the article may no longer exist or be usable.
  9. It takes time to set up relief and authorities may not allow them to set up for several days until rescue and recovery is complete.
  10. Have your car keys and billfold or purse on your person.  If it is in the next room it may be 100 miles away or destroyed beyond recognition. God spared you not your possessions
  11. BE PATIENT, it will get better. 
What they Don’t Need
My heart goes out to those in Oklahoma. Residents and family of the affected communities have a journey; one none of them planned for or want to embark on. Nevertheless, those families and communities affected will complete the journey. In time.
I know what they are going through and I can tell you a few things about what is going on in Oklahoma right now. On April 27th 2011 northwest Alabama was impacted by an EF-5 tornado. When the Northwest Alabama monster was over there was a 132 mile scar on the earth and more than 200 people had perished. I lived in one of those communities in Northwest Alabama. I did not lose any family members and my home was one of 12 spared in our community of 1000 people. We all lost loved ones, neighbors and friends.
And I can tell you what they need and don’t need in Oklahoma right now.
My observations are not based on the news reports or pictures from the media. The pictures you see do not do the devastation justice. There is no way to portray this accurately. Few manmade structures, nor the human body are made to survive the forces of an EF-5. The damage in most cases is complete and irreparable.
  1. First of all the people of Oklahoma need our prayers. Nuff said.
  2. They need to bury their loved ones and grieve, while starting to piece together what used to be their lives.
  3. They need donations to faith based groups. All denominations of churches, the  Red Cross and  Salvation Army,  These groups are already set up and will be serving meals to first responders and those affected by noon today if not already. By tomorrow their efforts will be coordinated and they will be working together. The faith based groups will be there for months. In most cases you can designate your contribution to that area or disaster.
  4. They need you to STAY AWAY. This is a rescue and recovery operation for several days. Local volunteers and first responders can more than handle these efforts. Too many people get in the way.
  5. They don’t care what is being said by the media. Essential services are non-existent, can’t hear it anyway. In the weeks to come they don’t want to hear what if. Meteorologists save lives, PERIOD. The government works slowly but they do work to provide assistance and aid. And no it won’t be perfect. Nothing ever is. They also appreciate the military protecting the rubble that used to be their homes and lives and yes the guns are comforting.
  6. By next week they will need volunteers with gloves a hard hat and willing hands. There will be a central place to direct you to the area most in need and task you are most suited for. The hard hat may be a requirement to participate in the clean-up.
  7. If you are too distant, someone or organizations near you are sending assistance. Help them collect, sort, catalog the items, load the truck, etc.
  8. Many faith based groups have disaster rebuilding teams. Skilled craftsmen assist in rebuilding the destroyed homes at no charge. Two of these groups were in our community for 16 months and helped rebuild more than 40 homes. While the craftsmen work free but these groups still need money to complete their mission.
  9. There will be stories of survival and grief. A child will be found safe and unharmed. Rejoice with them. A parent will struggle to survive and succumb to their injuries. Grieve with Them.

Every donation and goodwill gesture will be appreciated. Anything you do will help these communities to recover.


ME: Get upstairs and clean your room, please.

BUG: Why?

ME: It wasn't a debate. It's an order. From the General.

BUG: Who's the General?

ME: *blink*blink*

BUG: I have to wait until this is over.

ME: Uh, no. Now.

BUG: But I'm watching this. It's education.

ME: It's Castle. GET!

BUG: [scooting up the stairs and calling down to The Mother] I'm sure the makers of Castle will not appreciate you.

ME: I'm sure I don't care. And I don't want you molded into some cop brain.

BUG: So. You're one.

ME: So.

BUG: So there.

ME: Last word. GIT!

BUG: Why do you always get the last word?

ME: Because I can't get you to be quiet without beating you into submission. And because I'm The Mother.

BUG: So?

ME: So there.

BUG: Real mature, Mom.

ME: [whispering] Last word!

BUG: I heard you!

ME: Get to cleaning!

BUG: Ugh!


We are so mature. And Motherhood is ineffective against sassy teenagers, but I got the last word, dammit. I create my own monster.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


No. It's not a new German word. Separate it out. With a southern drawl.

Monday. I'm posting the questions and the answers. You still have until tomorrow to send an email or post a comment. Then...well...then, the end of that. The drum will not roll. The fat lady will not sing.

In the meantime, I have twittered and FACEplanted the following challenge:

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Is if possible? Well, hell anything is possible. Is it crazy? Hell to the yeah, because I'm like that!

Is it fun? I don't know yet. Nothing's happened.


Update Nineish PM May 19, 2013

HELLLOOO, Boogie Lovahs! Look, we are making a comeback! Woot woot!

Update Noonish...May 19, 2013

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Update May 19, 2013

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