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Sunday, May 19, 2013


No. It's not a new German word. Separate it out. With a southern drawl.

Monday. I'm posting the questions and the answers. You still have until tomorrow to send an email or post a comment. Then...well...then, the end of that. The drum will not roll. The fat lady will not sing.

In the meantime, I have twittered and FACEplanted the following challenge:

So SUPERSIZE it like McDonald's to read it. And help me, puuhhhlease.

Like me on Facebook.

Follow me on Twitter.

Write a review on Amazon. Good or bad. Make shit up.

I'm all TWITTERpated to rile up Phil Robertson in this Amazon challenge!

Is if possible? Well, hell anything is possible. Is it crazy? Hell to the yeah, because I'm like that!

Is it fun? I don't know yet. Nothing's happened.


Update Nineish PM May 19, 2013

HELLLOOO, Boogie Lovahs! Look, we are making a comeback! Woot woot!

Update Noonish...May 19, 2013

The surge was only slight, and now The Boogie Man is really trailing now! All is not lost! I can still catch Phil with your help!

Update May 19, 2013

It's working, Boogie Lovahs! At one time The Boogie Man was number 1. You will have to SUPERSIZE it to see the reults! Let's pluck some Ducks!


Coffeypot said...

I dropped Twitter years ago. But I did post a comment on Amazon. What else do I need to do... take this guy out?

Ms. A said...

I don't Twitter, or Facebook. Sorry.

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

You are awesome. I am on it. Love ya!

GunDiva said...

I also threw down the challenge to Phil on The GunDivas. Not that he's one of my followers, but still...

Anything I can do to help you out. :)