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Friday, May 31, 2013

Police Blotter

Get over to The GunDivas and enter for a free book. It's easy. Just comment on her blog, Faceplant, or whatever other media wins she put up there for you. You have less than 6 days to boogie down.

The second book is going to be published soon. I like it better than the first. It's longer, it's different. It has a twist or two. It's about cops. I know, I know...you're surprised, right? It has new stories from my journal and the Big Case, but it's different. I'm excited. I think. I guess we will see what Pax has to say in the end. The Great Pax is working on the partial copy I sent to her. God Bless her. She wants to beat me, this I know! Note to self, do not drink coffee at midnight and send Pax multiple neurotic emails with book ideas and brain storms.

In other news, my neurotic dog, (much like myself) Moose, still stalks squirrels from his perch and howls at the train from The Harry Potter house. I have three neighbors that wave and the rest duck from sight. I like a good mystery.

The Big O snores now and is a sausage. I fear he is on his way out of this world, but I love him so and he hangs on in pretty good health for a fat, old dog. In that order.

Bug and I are running every night. We have to wait for it to cool down some. Love the humidity...makes me feel like I've worked out just by putting out the garbage on Thursdays. She is quite the drill sergeant...not like Shiny Keys...but a reminder. The kid can run pretty fast and Mom cannot. She does not like my dance to "Sexy and I Know It" while going up hill in the neighborhood. She says..."Wait until we are in the dark country road, Mom. You embarrass me."

My neighborhood continues to be crime free...at least out in the open. Behind closed doors...who knows, but if I can't see it, it didn't happen.

Thanks for all your support! I know I have been boring with no tales. Stay tuned!


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Glad to hear that your area is crimeless...that makes ONE area I know of...LOL.
(not counting Mt. Everest or Antarctica)

Nice to see you getting out and about, even if it's for a jog with the Bug. She's got you towing the line, eh?
(good girl)

Nice job w/ the 2nd book, too.

You have a great weekend and run safe out there.

GunDiva said...

Wow! Second book already? :)

Maybe Bug needs to come kick my ass into running, too.

gowestferalwoman said...

seriously, i had two teenage daughters once, it was fun - you gotta do this sometime when you two are out running ~


then bug will know what really embarrassment is lol!