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Friday, June 14, 2013

Bam! Shazam!

Book Two. The Rookies. Available tonight on Amazon.com. It's different. It's about a superhero in the making. With a twist.  Or something.

Featuring book cover by Bill Martin of Allenspark, Colorado. The Great Editor, Pax. Bow, curtsy, cheers, confetti, trumpets!

 Look for Juanita and Bill...and Shawntel...and Jay...my friends. And especially look out for Wheels. A lot of the untold is inside. It's real. It's a Marine story. With a twist of Fargo. Get it. Or not. You decide. Duh. But if you do decide to get it, I am eternally grateful for the support and I hope it inspires you. It's more than just about cops. It's about all of us.

And you would guess it! I had a crazed blogger fan go off the deep end and she has been on a mission to help promote this book. Not only promote it...but now she is in search of Wheels...check this out...The President of the Wheels Fan Club...

I can't stop her. She is on a mission to find American greatness, the good we all seek, and that rookie everyone will come to love known as WHEELS!

I talked to Sarg yesterday. He loved the first book. His wife cried. He has his walking papers all ready for the federal job that he should be sought for...and most of all...I sent him my gangster rap CD that he and I would listen to and roll dirty down the ghetto. You can't get it on iTunes or anywhere else. Why? Because it's from a gang in Detroit, Michigan,  that were all shot in gang wars. And it's my favorites...I added my mix to the mix.

 So...in two weeks...I will be doing a giveaway! A free Rookies book and a CD. If you opt out of the CD, we will give it to runner up. Let me tell you...it features the Notorious B.I.G. and you can think of me. Just don't share it with your kids. It's adult music. Patrol music. Enter here. All you have to do is tell me the story of your Aha! Moment in the comments of this post. Now get to it! And good luck!

Oh and on a side note...the book is a dollar more (inflation) but you get 110 extra pages. It's long.  Happy reading!


Suzanne McCarley said...

Haven't had time to finish the first (personal shit) but I'll order it today or tomorrow. Luvs me some Wheels!

VandyJ said...

After reading about Wheels here, I must check that out.
As for an Aha! moment, the one that still works the best for me was that smiling gets you farther than not smiling. Even if it's a nervous smile, smile dammit!

Ms. A said...

Congratulations once again!

Rory Bore said...

I've just discovered your blog, so I am not familiar with the first book - but my hubby is a cop so I think they would be very interesting reads.

GunDiva said...

Rory - go get the first book.

Do it now!

And then spend some time trolling through Momma's blog for any/all references to Wheels :)

We love him very much.

Momma Fargo said...

Rory, thanks so much for stopping in!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Oh, this has GOT to become part of the Bobby G. LEO Library!

Thnaks for the updates.

Stay safe out there.

The Queen said...

hey.. I want to enter.. but someone stole my damn drink.. now when you mouse over me.. I say something about wheels.. WTF????

Angela Varner said...

OK, it might be too late.... but my aha moment was when I realized that I should have worked harder in school and made better grades.