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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Emergency Message

*Pause Effect*

We have technical difficulties. It appears that the computer gurus got confused with the two titles of my book. If you notice the reviews are split and all crazy. In fact, the day the Kindle version of The Rookies went up, they already had 4 reviews. However, they were reviews about the first Boogie Man. Beat me.

How many times have I tried to get this fixed? Let me count the ways.

Too many.

How many times have I been on the phone?

Too many.

Most of the time they connect me with a nice techie who tells me there is nothing wrong. They have nothing wrong. IT's me.

I am about to unleash the FMITA verbage on Amazon. However, I am thinking it will not be in good taste nor be classy. So it is all in my head. Over and over. I am just not saying it out loud to the techies. Why?

They don't understand street lingo. I have to talk in binary code. Yes, it's true, I am learning a new language. So...Amazon techies...this is what I think of you not getting your poop in a group...


If this isn't fixed by Monday, I am bringing out the Phil Robertson Conspiracy theory. Why? Because he is still mostly number 1 in every category. He's slipping a little. He paid Amazon to sabotage me so no one can find the book, the reviews are not with the book, and they have things upside down which are upside right in my digital copy. Yeah.


Ok. I feel better now.


Coffeypot said...

Are you trying to cuss them in binary?

Anonymous said...

Well no damn wonder I'm lost and got the Queen thrown into the wrong damn jail. I did not think that was Wheels that was cuffing her and frisking her.

Thank god she was so high she did not know the difference.

I've been following the map from kindle. We may be in Mexico. Please hope we make it back across the border!


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
You DO have a way with BINARY...LOL.

Hang in there, Kiddo.

Stay safe out there.