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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fargo's Back In Da House

I am back. Recharged and a few pounds lighter. Slow process. Short Fargocation. I don't know if I will ever get back into my fighting weight for this mud race, but I am trying very hard. I am feeling good and 29 again. Or at least in my head.

Bug's room is under destruction. Even worse then when she left it in that state. I hope she likes it when she comes home. Moose is still neurotic and naughty. Otis is still old, slow, and a snausage. My neighbor, you may know as Sheriff Mike, has been touring me around Indiana. I think he feels sorry for me.

Things are going to change around this place. It's going to get exciting. On Mondays, a new story line is going to appear once a week. It is not for the faint of hearts. It is not vulgar. It does not talk about heinous crimes against children. It may shock most of you. Sometimes it's just good to be real. Real scary.

If you can't hack it, I won't be offended if you don't stick around on this Monday of Madness. The other stuff will still be here. Mondays are a different type of cop work. From the inside.

I also need Daddy Hawk, Vandy J, and Angela Varner to email me their addresses for their prizes. If you do not want the CDs that accompany your prizes, you can opt out and I will pick another winner. You will still get The Rookies in paperback. Am I missing anyone? Please email me if I was a doofus.

On a joyous note, I was very flattered to be amongst some of the greats on Parental Society. Follow Elizabeth Fallwell and her posts. She writes some very interesting articles. I was impressed by many of the topics and read back several things on the site. Many of you may enjoy it and it is very informative.

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Ms. A said...

That was a VERY teeny tiny vacation. What was it... a couple of hours?