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Friday, June 21, 2013

Police Jargon

Many people have sent me messages or called me about my "police talk" and that I did not explain terms in either book well enough for the readers to understand. So...this is a quiz.

Can you define the terms below? And...what terms do you need me to define for you? Answer and question. Why? Because I'm different like that.

1. Slickback
2. Window licker
3. Rolling dirty
4. Residential slide
6. Doored up
7. Backup queen
8. House of Popo
9. Perp
10. Christmas tree lights

Ok. Those were the most common problems. Fire away!

Update! Daddy Hawk wins a book. He was the only one that mentioned there was no 5.

1. Slickback...police car with no lights on top, black tinted windows
2. Window licker...well, everyone knows what that is. Police are not so harsh as to put them in the handicap section. We like to put our criminal losers in that category.
3. Rolling dirty...blacked out, rap music, driving in the ghetto, guns in tow
4. Residential slide...cops blacked out, driving under 15, trying to catch the burglars.
6. Doored up...cops parking about 4 inches apart, driver to driver in order to chat
7. Backup queen...duh. The person that never writes the report, gets there late
8. House of Popo...The Hall of Justice...police station
9. Perp...short for perpetrator
10. Christmas tree lights...not the pretty ones on a tree around December 25...police lights in the "on" position.

Daddy Hawk and Vandy J, if you would like to email me your address at mommafargo@gmail.com, I will mail your prizes out to you!


Bob G. said...

Some of the lingo has changed over the decades.
Some hardly changes at all.
A few of the ones I remember aren't for repitition in a lot of the "public"...lol.

I'm gonna just coop for a spell and watch the "fun" with the guesses.

Roll safe.

Jewells said...

Ok...I'm no popo, but really? Is there anyone who doesn't know what 2 8, 9, and 10 are? Even before finding you on the interwebs I knew what these were. =) You have to be pulling my leg! While you are at it...pull the other one, maybe you can help pop my back into place. =)

Momma Fargo said...

Not even joking, Jewells. Perhaps that is why I am not a successful, rich author. LOL. [big sigh] I have no self confidence after the bashing from critics and Amazon problems this week. I am defeated. It will be temporary, but at this point...I am the PooPoo.

Daddy Hawk said...

I've read you long enough that I know what 2, 3, 6, and 8-10 are. You are missing a five by the way. I'll throw out a guess that 1 is a cruiser without Christmas Tree lights on top. The other two elude me.

Paxford said...

Okay you *can* just blame your editor on these. I know I asked for clarification on a few terms I didn't know but ignored the ones that I did

So next time you get a complaint forward it to ME and I'll go Australian-editor on them


middle child said...

Well I got #2. I know all about the short bus.

Angelwithatwist said...

I knew pretty much all of them. Of course I have always been surrounded by police, fire, emt.. you know the usual..

Momma Fargo said...

Pax, I could never blame you for anything. You are too kind and too generous. My hat will always be off to you for your unselfish giving to others. Troops, especially.