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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

That's For The Dogs

Bug is spending the summer with her father, which means I am lost and lonely and stuck with these two dingdong mutts all by myself. I heard Bug talking to herself in her bedroom as she packed her last flip flop for Wyoming. At least, I thought...

BUG: Moose. Moose. Look at me.

MOOSE: [Squirrel!]

BUG: [grabbing Moose's face] Moose, look at me. Pay attention.

MOOSE: Chubba chubba. Why are you pinching my cheeks?

BUG: Now. You be good while I'm gone. I will..

MOOSE: [Squirrel!]

BUG: Moose! Stop looking out the window. Now look at me.

MOOSE: Ok. Ok.

BUG: I love you very much. You will miss me, but I will be back.

MOOSE: You are hurting my cheeks.

BUG: You be a good dog and don't get into trouble.

MOOSE: [Squirrel!]

BUG: I'm serious! Aw. I am going to miss you so much. You be a good boy.

MOOSE: Ok.Ok. I will eat your sandals while you are gone.

BUG: And you better not eat Mommy's shoes.


VandyJ said...

Maybe they will just chew a shoe to show they miss her.

Allenspark Lodge said...

Sounds like she's practicing for when SHE has kids...


GunDiva said...

It'll be quiet without Bug. Guess you'll have to start (continue) to channel Moose, much like Beel channels Ranger. Bet Moose and Ranger could have some interesting conversations.

Coffeypot said...

HOLY HELL... You are a dog whisper. How did you know what Moose was saying? You should take your act on the road.

The Queen said...

No Kid, No man.. cut loose and pppAAAARRRTTTTYYYYY! whooot whoooooooop...

put your shoes on the top shelf.. dogs chew shoes when they miss their kid

irony.. first word of my captcha.. married
second word.. has mange in it.. lol

Ms. A said...

Sure is going to be a different kind of quiet around there.

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

That's sweet. She's protective of your shoes. LOL. Sorry you and Bug will be away from each other, but I hope Moose treats you well.

Take care.

Rory Bore said...

I think this is exactly what a dog thinks when we talk to them. haha