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Friday, July 26, 2013

Does Fargo Bleed Blue?

I am not a vengeful person. I let things be. Except...now. Today is it. The day. The only day.

The grapevine is such a wonderful old way of communication. So this goes out to that one serial killer...out there....lurking.

If anyone sees this ring...I would like it back...so I can sell it and recoup some losses...
And...here's to ME! And here's the red dress I was not allowed to wear to the charity event or in public! Cheers!
There is your one shot at my porn, Coffey. Enjoy.
NOW...off to love life!


The Queen said...

Well if the serial killer wasn't such an ugly fucker, he pry wouldn't have been so jealous of you. Had he had one ounce of self respect he would have been honored to have a loving Loving on his arm and by his side.

Had the lying son of a bitch had decided to be a man instead of a worthless piece of lazy shit, he would not have had to steal from you.

Had the low life ghetto boy not lied about jobs, housing, savings and his general worth as a human being.. this post would not have been needed.

Had the lower than whale shit serial killer run to your side, like we all did when you were losing your baby, we would not hate is ass nearly as bad.

But when the only claim to fame you have in life is you once touched a football, well then you have to do the things he did.

I once touched a football, but then I grew up and decided to leave a mark on the world that left it in better shape than I found it. Unlike a serial killer, who only knows how to use and abuse.

I am so happy that you have realized your worth and left the dog turd in the dust.

Well Seasoned Fool said...


Joel said...

What Her Majesty said.

Blake said...

Well, the Queen pretty much tied that up with a bow and said it all.

Don't even know how to follow it up.

Anonymous said...

Have I ever told you that Queen is my HERO!!!!
Kudos to you!

I hope the serial killer gets one of his next victims to read this to him......it was PRICELESS!!

P.S........you know the piece of shit hocked it!!!!

Love always,
Sista from anotha mutha

The Queen said...

I don't wear the Royal beer tab crown for no reason. I have enough miles behind me that I can spot a dickweed a mile away and have no problem calling them out on it! This dickweed wouldn't make a pimple on a dog catchers ass!

Pretty sure he was shocked when he found out he was not hot shit on a silver platter, but the cold shits on a paper plate.

nuff said.

Allenspark Lodge said...

I'm gunna go out on a limb here and guess the The Queen ain't all that impressed with your ex to be...


Mad Jack said...

You know, I could think of a few places I'd like to take you where you could wear that red dress. You're lookin' good, Momma!

Tennessee Grammie said...

The Queen pegged it ~ long live the Queen!! P. S. When I get back to my normal weight, I want to borrow that red dress! LOL

Coffeypot said...

Sweety, that is not porn... that is just plane nice looking. You were his white trophy bitch and that was all. To me, you are an amazing and beautiful woman. But I am still waiting on the pron.