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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fargo Hath No Winners

Well, everyone did an epic fail on the questions. I thought you all knew me better. It's not like I have any secrets. Well, some did better than others. So...here we go.

1. Which concert did I actually pay to go see?

a. Nelly-worked this one...awesome
b. The Game-worked this one...sucked..he is a jerk
c. Reba-worked this one...awesome
d. The Moody Blues-paid for myself. Come on! I do have some taste. Best concert in my life!
e. Billy Currington-worked this one...awesome!

2. Which concert was my most dangerous?

a. Poison-not too bad. Poison members are all trolls.
b. Tech 9-crowd riot on police outside-beat and release night of baton action-knife pulled on cops-not a good night to be a bad guy
c. Ludacris-rowdy. Ludacris actually was very honorable person and respectful to cops. Surprise! Also refused to sign coat on teenager for fear mother would kill him and refused to sign boob on groupie...calling her disrespectful.
d. Charlie Daniels Band-went to jail for DUI-did not play in Casper, nor was he scheduled that night. He was passing through town. Oh...and somehow that one got dismissed. Figure that. Not my catch, but another officer's.
e. Rascal Flatts-uneventful

3. Am I currently dating anyone?

a. Are you on crack?
b. Hell to the no.
c. Really?
d. Is this a serious question
e. Does that include wine with myself on my porch at night?

4. How do I have such a crazy life?-Any one of these would suffice

a. I got a hold of some good crack.
b. I'm blessed that way.
c. It is what it is.
d. I was abducted by aliens.
e. Isn't everyone's life like this?

5. Favorite thing to do alone.

a. Can't tell you that, it's personal.
b. Go to movies.
c. Run
d. Read.
e. All of the above.

6. If you get all these questions right, you get...

a. nothing
b. a book
c. Fargo memorabilia....i.e. one of my badges
d. golf clap and a cyber high five
e. a date, the fruit

In other news...life keeps happening! Have to smile!

Babysitter called yesterday and stated my daughter told her she just wants her mom to be happy and find someone who loves her because I am the best mom ever. (Big awww isn't she cute sigh here) Babysitter told me she did not tell Bug this, but wanted me to know I should just stick to batteries. LMAO.

The Gold Beast is a parking lot ornament today. I am on foot. Is 14 miles too far to walk every day to work?


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
You just gotta that gold beast running again...
And definite Awwws to the BUG for her candor.
Stay safe out there.

Momma Fargo said...

Bob G. They towed it away. They apparently can't figure out why I didn't crash and how I got it into the parking lot...absolutely no brakes and no power steering. :)

Paxford said...

Curses... I miss reading my blog roll for 2 days and miss all the good stuff (and let me tell you - Golf claps are like gold here atm) :D


ps. Love the Babysisters candour - and Bug is the best :)

GunDiva said...

I can't get to my blogs to read for a few days and I miss EVERYTHING!

Hope The Gold Beast is up and running again soon. Otherwise, you'll be combining your running with the commute to work :)

Blake said...

You said getting the clap was the answer to the last one?

Momma Fargo said...

Pax...LOL. The babysitter is funny. Bug is a good kid. I'm pretty proud.


YOU.MISS.EVERYTHING. Because Fargo is so important. LMAO-NOT. You had a lot on your plate. No worries. You just missed THE CLAP as Blake puts it.