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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Here The Crowd Roar

Today was an early bird rise as I had an epic fail in the bedroom. Is that possible? Scary, huh? How could that be?

Advice to you...

Never...never...sleep naked (sorry TMI, Mom) with your bedroom door open. I usually shut it, but fell asleep very early last night and had another night of sound sleep. Until. 3:00-ish.AM. They don't call it the "witching hour" for nothing.

I shot out of bed as I felt a cold, wet... nose... poke my ass. Not only was I alarmed, I scared the intruder. It was my screams followed by a brown blur jumping back and wagging his tail. I'm sure he was proud of himself for succeeding in getting me out of bed.

My sound sleep had ignored Otis and Moose who were sitting at the outside door ready to pee. How long they sat there, I do not know, but Moose probably got impatient and came upstairs to get me. Since I did not respond (only assuming) to his sitting pretty, staring me down, and whining as he usually does, he must have decided to poke me in the ass. I thanked Jesus I was not facing the other way. ( I know, TMI, again. Sorry, Mom)

When I came downstairs, Otis was sitting by the door wagging his tail. I let them outside. Yes, naked. I didn't care. I don't know who saw me. Again, I didn't care. I still don't.

And so...I could not get back to sleep. This prompted me to work on your responses to my question about cops and behavior.

Well, apparently there are some curious and disgruntled ones out there. I have not been bombarded with so many emails and comments in one week for quite some time. I don't think an Internet porn site got as many hits as I did. Ok. That might be an exaggeration.

I have awakened your inner beast of cop frustration! Which is all good. I love free speech!

Since there were so many of you with similar instances, comments, and questions... I have combined some. Each topic will take up one post. Hopefully this wakes all you Zombie readers out there.

I do have to say I found several things surprisingly interesting and some I expected. Feel free to express your opinions in the comments. Mine are just from my point of view...so don't be a Fargo hater. I will try to give you a cop perspective.

You have kept your thoughts all to yourself all this time and finally, the truth comes out!

So...in no particular order...here we go..!

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