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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Blue Flame

I'm exhausted. Hope I answered everyone. If I forgot one...beat me or send me a message and I will get to it.

I wish we lived in a perfect world where things were better and agencies worked in harmony instead of trying to show who's dick is bigger. Girls don't do that. We just claw your eyes out.

Since I have moved, I have found out here that every agency is different and some of them do not have the ethical lines I had to keep. It disheartens me, really, and I am ashamed of some of the  law enforcement. I guess I lived in a tiny bubble where I worked and only thought the big cities had corruption. Not so.

Corruption does not run as rampant as people think...it just captures the news...because it is SOOOO bad. And not acceptable. There is a lot of good that the media does not show you. Only hero stuff, but not the every day good.

So...I suggest you get involved with supporting your local fire, police, EMS, and see how you can help bring out their best. If it means telling them they are an ass, or complaining, then so be it. If it means thanking them...then do it.

Was I perfect? No
Could I be a bitch sometimes? Yes.
Did I break the law? No
Did I break a traffic infraction? Yes
Did I dip the pen in the company ink? No
Did I turn in bad cop behavior? Yes, if I couldn't deal with it myself first.
Did I get complaints? Yes
Did I get sued? Yes...the citizens lost every one of the cases. Mostly got sued from anti-government hate groups, never for a legit problem with a legit citizen. Did I say that? It's actually true, right? They do want claim to succeed from the union, so therefore are they legit citizens?
Did I try to hold myself to a higher standard? Yes
Did I pride myself on my professional reputation? Absolutely.

And reputation is everything.  Except I think I blew that by showing you my boobs in a red dress. Oh, well.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Momma Fargo has boobs? Who knew.

Momma Fargo said...

Well Seasoned Fool,

I know. Because you were looking in my eyes. LMAO

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Refresh my memory...a RED dress?
Which post was THIS, and where can I find it?
ANd yes, I WILL look in your eyes (as my mind's eye roams elsewhere).

Hey, I'm not dead yet, and I do appreciate the nice work God does.

BTW, I think your call on how YOU conducted yourself when in LEO-mode was first-rate.
You done GOOD.

Roll safe out there.