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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Royal Reputation

The Queen has spoken and addressed the serial killer and the red dress. Curtsy to her! Here she goes with her snarky self again...

I think that ANY officer that can throw the cuffs on you and haul your ass off to jail for breaking the law, should be held to a much higher standard.

I believe the public is more apt to forgive a minor incident if they have general respect for the officer. Which means, if the officer suddenly yells at his neighbor and makes a general ass of himself (over the dog shitting in his yard for the 1000th time) and it hits the media.. we are going to be much more understanding if we respect that officer.

However, if that officer is one that acts like he or she is in charge of the world on and off duty. One who sees no gray area.. then the general public is pry going to return the favor when the outburst is caught on tape and hits You Tube.

Just my personal opinion.

Unless of course, the officer is Wheels.. then I forgive anything no matter what.. as long I get to meet him.. k?

Well, our department beat the higher standard thing in our head. Now a former cop, I still can't shake the importance of my reputation. I guess I don't like being held to a higher standard. I think it should be the same standard, and yes, moral, professional, and ethical. But to make cops stick to a pristine environment is damn near impossible, plus breeds problems. They should obey the law...and no, traffic thingys are INFRACTIONS, not violations of the law. Laws are misdemeanors and felonies. Cops are going to break traffic infractions. They are going to have neighbor problems. They are going to have every day ordinary problems. It's just that we are not forgiven for those. We are to be PERFECT.

It's not fair. It is what it is. I guess it isn't worth fighting over. It's just so hard to be perfect, unless you are me. LMAO

And Wheels? Yes, he is a little puppy dog. Unconditional love.

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