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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cops Under Fire

It is no secret that police continue to dominate domestic news at some point or the other. Mostly it's about corruption. Corruption is bad whether it is big or small. The Boogie Man Is My Friend is going to host a random discussion. Some are about corruption. Some are about random things...why? Because it's a random discussion. The questions posed to you are this:

1. Why do you think police become corrupted and how?

 Be thorough. Use your inner thoughts-don't go too far as to scare readers away, but get in there and dig around. Besides the obvious, what alarm bells go off when you hear corruption?

 Research. Phone a friend.

2. What is your favorite cop hero story?

Mine was rescuing a fireman. And if you are one of those smartasses out there...don't email me with, "Is there such a thing?" haha

Ok. Enough with the funny business and picking on the "other blue". In all seriousness, do you have one that touched your heart or one that you know personally. If not, what about a national story?

3. What do you think about the new police training on active shooters in schools, businesses, etc.?

To be brief, the training was to "run, hide, do as they say."

Now it has moved to train the public to "run, hide, fight."

I will add a little insight to this as well, but I want to hear what you think if you were tasked as being a hostage or potential target for an active shooting event, crisis, incident.  I also want you to think about what you would do as an individual in a moment of split second thinking.

4. What book are you reading now? Do you like it? Will you finish it? Do you read books? Why or why not?

I might suggest Orange Is The New Black. My friend suggested to me.

5.  Do you work out regularly? If so, what do you do? Why do you like it?

6. As a property owner, what do you think about city codes, ordinances, HOAs, or other regulations on your property? What is good and bad about covenants?

7. What police agency do you think is the most corrupt? And why?

8. How do police agencies battle corruption? What is the best checks and balances in place?

9. Overall, (the sum of the parts) do you have a favorable outlook on police? Or unfavorable? And why?

10. Open ended question. What question do you have that you want answered and discussed?

Email away or comment below! I am truly interested in what you think out there.


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Okay, you asked for it, so here goes...cinch that seatbelt tight.

1) With power comes responsibility.
Police HAVE power, but a few can't (or won't) handle that responsibility part - ergo they let the power run away and the corruption/abuse of the power that was GIVEN by we, the people takes center stage.

2) Hard to say...so many in cities across America every day...that are RARELY reported!

3) The "new" rules make as much sense as "duck and cover" did for a NUCLEAR BLAST!
Armed and trained people who can engage an active shooter and take him down BEFORE rampant carnage ensues is always preferred.

4) Working on several books (when I can get some QUIET time to hear myself read).
I prefer books to kindle...even IF I have to wearing "reading glasses"...lol. I like books simply becasue I was brought up to view them as places you take your mind to and learn from.

5) Yeah, I work out...out in the garden! Used to bike 20 miles several times a week, but I was younger then.
Now, I exercise "my right to be a durmudgeon" and LIFT a lot of cold beverages...does that count?

6) What covenants and regulations? Seriously, I am all for proper and fair regulations and/or covenants for property owners (keeps neighborhoods unified and nice)...as long as EVERYONE is held to the SAME accountability.
That's the truble where we live...we're about the ONLY ones that "play by the rules"...everyone else IGNORES them, and that's why city departments know me by my FIRST name.

7) That's a hard one, because the depth of corruption varies as well as the circummstances surrounding it.
I would say the "worst" agencies are ones that have the upper echelon brass being the most corrupt. And that's a trickle down problem.

9) I come from a police family back in Philly, so my bias is obvious and just. We NEED the police, now more than ever.
Still, what citizens have to understand is that the LEOs are there to protect and serve the COMMUNITY, and NOT individuals within that community.
YOU are still your FIRST, BEST defense in certain situations.

10) Got a lot of them, but I suppose I'd have to ask WHY the drive-by media is always looking for the bad things police may or may not do (alleged by dubious people daily) and why certain sub-cultures operate with a "hate the police" mentality.
I'll never live long enough to figure those out...

There 'ya go...my "novella"...LOL!

Have at it, Kiddo.

Roll safe out there.

Momma Fargo said...

Very interesting points, Bob G.! We will certainly bring attention to your opinions when more start rolling in and I will post all of it up in a collage. I, too, am starting to hit the Kindle. I know...hell just froze over. My friends can loan me books and it's free. They have free books. I'm cheap like that. Except when I work my street corner.

They call me the fireman.... said...

2. One of them - the cop in NY that bought the homeless guy boots. Or was it DC.

3. I like schools having armed people around. Well trained, with current recurring training.

4. Finished one about nuclear war today, on to your suggestion I think. www.kindlebuffet.com Free books and more free books.

5. I constantly fly off the handle and jump to conclusions.

6. You agreed to the HOA when you bought the place. Live with it. Codes, fair is the word.

7. The uppper bigby bridge police department in MN. in other words, who knows. Is an agency corrupt, or are the people corrupt?

9. Favorable.

10. What is the true meaning of life.

Momma Fargo said...

Hey, Mr. Fireman, you only answered select questions, which I find very strange because the fire people are always following the rules. It's the cops that mix it up. I would think you secretly want to be a cop.

As to your last question...the true meaning of life...is only defined by within...it is an ideology posed to each person. To get closer to my definition, one would have to ask yourself "What kind of mark do I want to leave on this earth?" So...later...I will give you my answer. Of course, being a fireman you might borrow the answer from someone else because all the smarty brains are cops and don't cheat.

Anonymous said...

1) Why do cops become corrupted? Seeing their superiors get away with bs. Losing their ideals when they arrest the same perp over and over again. Some because they can. Local news broke the story of two cops committing armed robbery, flashing their badges. One was even using his department issued firearm.

2) Favorite cop hero story? I'll go with the officer in Midwest City, Oklahoma. Capt. David Huff.

3) What do you think of "run, hide, fight?" Only plane thwarted on 9/11 was by people willing to fight. Evil must be met with force.

4) What books are you reading now? Not reading any books right now. I do love reading. It could be said I've a reading addiction. I've missed work from staying up to late to finish a book. I'm working on moderation.

5) Do you work out regularly? Used to run/jog every day. Knees don't like it as much anymore..use a recumbent bike now.

6) Ordinances, HOAs? I'm okay with city ordinances, but I refuse to buy property with a HOA. Too much petty BS IMHO.

7) What police agency do you think is the most corrupt and why?
a) BATF --> Fast and Furious. Any plumber who reloads can be charged with having bomb making materials.
b) Detroit PD --> Can you say Krugerrand?
c) FBI --> Benghazi (Come on..CNN can find witnesses.)

In general..the more political a policing agency, the more likely to be corrupted.

8. How do police agencies battle corruption? Sunshine. No appointed Chiefs.

9. Overall, do you have a favorable outlook on police? My local PD--> Favorable. Large Metro PD-->Neutral. Federal Agent--> Wary/Unfavorable. Why the distrust for larger forces? They have to answer to a politically driven director. Zimmerman: Case in point.

10. Open ended question? You've described the police as a para-military organization. The military is for killing people and breaking things. With whom are the police at war? In what ways is a warrior mindset inappropriate for a peace officer? Your story about Wheels looking for The Body after pulling over a jeep full of kids who set off a firework, is a mild example or what I'm talking about.


Momma Fargo said...

Very thoughtful answers, Yuri! Can't wait until Tuesday when we get to pour on the discussion!

They call me the fireman.... said...

I did not answer all the questions because I did not want to, but for you, here is 1 and 8.

Cops, like ANY other profession, have their bad apples. Even the Fire Department has them. (shhhhhh) Simple fact of life.

8. Openess. Complete and total, except when it interferes with a ongoing investigation, then you have a random group of civilians to review. (Cop appointed groups tend to lean towards the cops.

Me secretely want to be a cop? BTDT Got the T shirt. And some do say I am regressing, so maybe, if I go back in my childhood that much... LOL

Borrow the answers? Nah, plagarism is too easy.

Kat said...

And here you go. . .

1. Lack of oversight, greedy with power, ability to mess with people.

2. I heard one about a cop jumping into a cold river to save someone without hesitating.

3. Since I work in a school this one hits close to home. I've heard the new response of run, hiding and fighting. I think its better to do something than to hide in a corner. However, I know going up against someone with a pile of textbooks vs gun might not do much but at least its something. The local sheriff talked about arming our dean of students (also a cop) just in case of these situations. I would probably jump in the middle of it like I tend to with fights (which is not the smartest thing to do but that is how I react to those things)
4. I just finished a Dick Francis mystery, decent, about horse racing though. Not sure its my type of book though. I inhale books all the time. Not much else to do out in the middle of nowhere. Goodreads.com is good for new books.
5. No, I should.
6. I'm not a property owner..
7. Not sure..
8. Have checks and balances and have oversight committees and take complaints seriously but listen to both sides of the story.
9. I have a favorable/realistic outlook on cops. My dad was one for 30+ years. I have other relatives who are cops. I grew up in a neighborhood where cops and firefighters lived. I know how tough the job is and I also know that most cops have a strange sense of humor. I was taught to respect them and treat them well
10. Not sure.

Momma Fargo said...

They call me the fireman...
Thank you for being complete. LOL


Great discussion points. Will be combining all this tomorrow!