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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Dog Diaries

Fargo's Brilliant One is my cohost today without ever setting his hands on the wheel. That's right. I am in control of what he says. I'm a girl freak like that today. Well, that and it's my blog. I just hope I get it right from his emails and I don't screw that up today. Vera Wang help me to see!

I am in black, Yuri is in red. Why? Because black is slimming.

I sent Yuri this snipit from our dog convo:


This is his response:

The dog owner was being a jackass at the scene, so it doesn't surprise me that he tried to intimidate those that filmed his jackass-ery.
The only victims there are the Rottweiler and the officer that shot him.
Can you say the same about Jeff Fisher and his dog Ziggy?

No. From what I have here, I can't say the same. It made me sick to watch both of them, even when the above one I said...it happens. It was the reaction of the officer during the time and the dog was aggressive. You are right...two victims...Rottweiler and the officer. Ziggy was unnecessary and very sad. 


The above link references the Commerce City shooting. Below is the raw home video of that incident.  Charges were brought against the deputy in the Commerce City incident.

Unless there is an update, the charges did not hold water and were not executed. Under review from the prosecutor's office, they issued a statement saying there wasn't enough.


Well, first, the officers operational tactics sucks ballz. I mean, WTF? They looked like idiots not knowing what they are doing and bad officer safety. Plus...they were the aggressors. Totally could have handled that differently. Sometimes, I think officers that shoot too soon are scared and insecure. I really can't say anything nice about the video and that is really unfair to judge it as I was not there and I don't know the back story.  Still, I express my opinion. They looked like they didn't know what they were doing and they put the dog in a corner. Bastards.

The two incidents I've linked above are both in Adams County, Colorado.  It would be unfair to ask you to defend all officers everywhere.  And I'm not.  These two examples could indicate a problem with just that Sheriff's office.

What I am asking is this, do you see an increasing trend in officers shooting dogs?  I do see an increasing trend in the number of reports.

I think there is an increasing trend because of home video, witnesses, and media blitz on the subjects. Technology and people trying to get their press on. That's not talking about nails, btw, but THE MEDIA FAME. Plus animal stories piss people off and sell newspapers. In my neck of the woods...rarely did that ever happen. We almost always had a different humane approach to solving the problems. We shot a lot of deer and antelope from car accidents. Most of our officers rescued dogs all the time. Cats were unfriendly and ignored. Unless there was 200 of them in a house, then we called Metro Animal Control. I don't think officers are going out there and shooting any more animals than they did before. We are just making the stupid cops and the stupid pet owners famous by making YouTube videos with the magic of cell phone cameras.

Is this a trend from more people owning dogs?

No, it's technology.

Could it be from less responsible dog owners not training their pets? 

I dont' know. I think there are a lot of people out there that should NOT be pet owners. However, there are a lot that do a fine job. I love animals myself.

Is it from a change in police procedures/training/tactics?

Nope. Same shit different day. The change is in police officer thinking, attitude, and the new generation.

Has this always happened and we've never heard about it until recently? 

Yep. However, officers must take into account respect for other people's property and common sense.
I can't recall hearing about dog shootings until the late 90s.  I don't know if I just wasn't reading as much, or if the reporting of incidents changed, or if policing standards changed.

We shoot things. We have guns. Shooting animals is reserved for humane euthanizing when an animal needs to be put down as no other means. It is also reserved for an attack. An officer should take into consideration that they can be the aggressor and should use caution as to NOT push the dog into flight or fight mode. 

There are also warrants we execute. Most often we know about the animals ahead of the game and even in terrible drug busts where we ram the door, we have not killed their animals. Cops should not be careless or ruthless in these incidents. Shooting an animal because you are trigger happy, scared, insecure, or a sicko is a sign you need to get a new job. And therapy.  And things like that make me damn mad. Don't mess with my dog or my car. I am a redneck disguised as a lady. Is that considered drag?
I'd much rather see more endings like Officer Dan's (BaltimorePD)

Yes, me too. And don't send me any videos of animals getting killed by idiots or cops. I am having emotional PTSD issues. I don't want to be sad. ;)  On another note, are you coming out of hiding or are you still the Undercover Liberal? You know it is so fun to tease you. I'm sick like that. Plus, I have to admit, your intelligence, education, and knowledge is commendable. Where can I get some?

I can't wait for your comments or email! LOL


Anonymous said...

OK..no more dog videos. I'm getting the sads just thinking about them. As for the UnderCover Liberal..I think you've blown my cover. Hopefully my neighbors won't find out. I might not get invited over for Tea and Whist night.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

I live in Adams County, CO. The quality of the police? Depends on the leadership and the elected officials.
Thorton - ticket writing for revenue is priority one. Commerce City - least professional. Brighton - better than most. County - better than the jackwagon Sheriff on his third, and thankfully last, term in spite of him. Northglenn - meh.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
We recentkly had a situation here in Ft. Wayne...officer shot down a dog that was loose from his chain. He believed he was being attacked and shot the dog...dead.

I feel like you do...too soon to shoot when an ACTUAL attack is not fully established and also, when the officer(s) prompt an aggressive response from ANY pet.
It doesn't end well for anything with FOUR legs.

Unless a dog was lunging at my throat, I'd be willing to "discuss" things with the pooch.

Lots to think about, and lots of remedial training, to be sure.

Good Q&A
Roll safe out there.

Mad Jack said...

Here's what it's like in one particular Sheriff's department which I will not name.

Standard Operating Procedure, in blunt language:
You'll take an ass whipping before you pull that pistol. If you pull your gun, you best have a set of convincing bruises to back your story up. If you don't, just hand over your gun and your badge on your way home. You're done.

You shoot a dog, and you better be getting sewn up at the ER from a dog bite by the time I (Sheriff BadAss) hear about it. If not, or if you're getting one or two little stitches because you sprang a leak somehow, just hand over your gun and your badge on your way home. You're done.

If you want to file a resisting arrest charge, you better have a set of bruises and ripped up clothing to prove the criminal resisted. If not, don't even bother trying to file because the charges will get thrown out and you'll get an ass chewing AND you'll get six weeks as assistant school crossing guard. We'll see if you can manage some elementary age children for a while before you come back to the big people's job.

There was more and it went right along the same lines. Most police today wouldn't agree with the way this man ran his department, but they never had any problems with police brutality, dog shootings or destruction of property during a search.

Coffeypot said...

In the first video, I can see the cop shooting the dog. Christ, a pit bull charging me and my partner, regardless of what we were doing and why? I would have shot him, too. But the shooting of the dog once that had him on the pole and kept at bay, that coward needs and asswooping.

Anonymous said...

Robert Price (the officer in the second video) is scheduled to go on trial September 30th for one felony count of aggravated cruelty to an animal. He has plead not guilty. A conviction would end his career as a LEO in Colorado.

Question: Is the potential punishment justice, or an over-reaction by the DA to satisfy public outcry?

(Exposed as a Fake Liberal)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

A cop gives you a ticket. A peace officer gets you to slow down - be safe.

Ice Cold Vodka said...


Momma Fargo said...


Both, I believe. What he did on the video is one of those "shock the conscience" things that they are trying to wrap their heads around to fix...i.e. prosecution for justice purposes and to appease public favor. They will throw a person totally under the bus to save public face. Is it too much? The other charges they brought forth were dismissed because they were going overboard. This punishment fits the crime. Could they have been satisfied just by firing him? Yes, I think by him getting fired, they would have satisfied justice. This charge is to try to throw liability and the civil lawsuit toward the officer as a personal problem rather than a city problem. What they are going to have to decide is if the officer was acting while in the realm of his duties to put all the civil burden on him rather than their pocket books. I don't know if they are going to be successful in eliminating their share. For sure, he is certainly going to face some civil law problems as well.