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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Some interesting comments on Halloween and different perspectives.

Well Seasoned Fool sent me this...

I view Halloween as a chance to face our fears and to celebrate coming out of it alive.

Our church encourages the kids to dress up as their favorite saint.

I've suggested they go as St. John the Baptist (head on a platter) or St. George (Dragonslayer).  

Martyrdom offers many gory examples to pick from. :-)

This Halloween, I'll be escorting the younger ones around the neighborhood, the older ones will stay home and pass out the treats.  (Once you can drive, you can't trick or treat anymore is the rule at our house.)

For the adults, it's the annual meet your neighbor event since Suburbia can be so isolating.

And from the peanut gallery ( I love my peanuts) of comments....

 Let me just say, I embrace all those difference amongst us. My Halloween belief is much similar to all the responses combined, but most like Mad Jack's with a twist of Bill. I love the scary and I love horror films, anything scary but not cheeseball.

I was raised that All Hallow's Eve was a German/Irish Christian celebration before All Saint's Day, November 1. Since I am of German and Irish descent, it is probable that I will celebrate the Halloween festivities in style and over the top fashion. This holiday is commonly known as Halloween and many festivities and events including trick or treating are to be attended to gain the most of the fun factor. I think many people think Halloween is a secular American thingy.

I can tell you that my church that I attend now with Johnny Cash the Preacher, does NOT like Halloween and they are very vocal that the church celebrates this time as harvest time.

In fact, they are DEAD (pun intended) set against Halloween anything. No costumes, trick or treating, or pumpkin carving.

However, many kids talked about attending the Halloween Haunted Corn Maze in my town. When they did, they and their parents received shock and awe moments from some of the congregation.

Enter Fargo.

Not going to believe that way nor did my family did not raise me to believe in the Pagan's or Witchcraft way of Halloween as a celebration to raise the evil dead. Other people can, that's their choice.  My church can agree to disagree with me on this note as I told them...don't believe that way...just as I don't believe that alcohol is the devil (moderation is the key or occasional drink with meal )nor do I debate the "wine that was provided in the first supper was actually grape juice theory". Those things are crazy weird to me and I say it like that. And really? Who cares. I get long stares and big eyebrow lifts. It's all good. They still tell me I'm a blessing.   We will go with that.
So, embrace it however you like! I will be a Zombie this year wearing cowboy gear down to my spurs! That jingle you hear behind you is me. You better run! Mwahhhaaa!


Coffeypot said...

You look like you've been dating your girlfriend when she was on her period. Tell the church bible thumpers that.

Allenspark Lodge said...

There are an awful lot of folks that just flat worry too much.

Bunch 'a damn poop carrots.


gowestferalwoman said...

actually, what i remember from my german-polish catholic (actually austrian-belorussian, those dang border wars) background, is that hallow's eve is the night before All Saints day. This is when the dead is suppose to rise and try to convince you to join them - so the zombie cowgirl outfit is a nice touch...so anyways, the reason why we ALL (not just kids!the grownups too!) should dress up is to confuse the spirits, so they dont try to bring us back with them...then when all saints day (nov 1) shows up, we all get to pray for the saints to show up to us...so see, its a pretty gosh darn Godly holiday, you darn fundamentalists!! *shaking my polish church lady finger at them*

however, I will not be dressing up, as I have figured out that if im not dead yet, nobody wants me there with them...guess its peaceful there without us types in the afterlife...i will though be eating all the goods when no kids show up...(handing out candy is actually the only american obesity tradition, in the olden days it was more of an extortion effort, hence the greeting "trick or treat")...

Mad Jack said...

It got so busy one Halloween night that we left the front door open and put up a baby gate - a waist high partition, and groups would come every minute or so.

One single child was dressed as a red devil, which inspired me. So, in my best lecture hall voice:

Look, we have the devil himself at our door! Well shake hands, then. I've married your sister.

You could hear the fathers breaking up on the sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

You have the most stunning eyes.
Halloween should be a night of possibility. Believe in the stories and run around being silly (not to be read as drunk, or stupid). Be a kid again and embrace the wonder and magic. At my age I want that magic back, and if I can only get it one day a ear, so be it. .... and coming from a Mormon .... GET OVER IT oh ye of religious sticks up the ass! ;)

Bob G. said...

Momma fargo:
My God...she "Zombiefied" herself!

(that's OKAY...I feel and look kinda the same way most every MONDAY morning...LOL)

I much prefer your NORMAL eye color...goes better with the blonde hair.

Roll safe down there.