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Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Grill (Part IV)

Warrior Flight Team

After the services, Jim’s grandsons Patrick and Gabriel rode with me out to Manassas Municipal Airport where the Warrior Flight Team hosted the families for a late dinner at one of the pilot’s hangar.   At James Sizemore’s prior request, I had brought Paul’s Nimrod “party flight suit” and “go-to-hell” hat and changed into them at the hangar.  We got to meet and talk with the pilots, tour the airplanes and have a relaxing time visiting with the men and women who had so generously provided the fly-over to honor Majors Sizemore and Andre. 
Supper at the Grill

When we left the hangar, the Sizemore contingent decided we were ready for supper, so James and Becky chose a restaurant off those listed nearby on the GPS.  When we ordered at the counter, we were handed numbers and we went to the back of the room to put a couple of tables together.  The wall across from our tables was covered with military unit patches, and on the top row, 4th from the left was an old Air Commando patch I pointed out to the others.  There were stanchions on the table to put our numbers on so they could bring us our orders. As we put them up, mine was #25; James had #51; Patrick and Gabriel had #39 and Becky had #26.  Each of us had a number that corresponded with the military type-numbers of aircraft that had been in the fly-over!  I noticed it first as they were being put up and said “look at our numbers!”   We all just stared at each other with our mouths hanging open… then I started laughing and the others joined in. The odds of us getting those numbers are exponentially astronomical.  Jim, Howard, and Paul were up there slapping their knees and laughing their heads off; they had just really pulled a good one on us to let us know they were with us in spirit and having a great time!!  If I hadn’t been there to experience it, I never would have believed it.
Coming Home

These past few days have at times been bittersweet, but also blessed with love, support and comfort for all of us.  Paul is always with me and my heart is at peace.
 Thank you, Aunt Superwoman, for sharing with us your thoughts, feelings, and experiences during this historical journey to bring two fine American heroes home. I am very honored our family was a part of this honor and history. It feels good to have them home.

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Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

I'm just catching up here. It's hard to feel too sad when our heroes are honored with such beauty and dignity. Thanks to you and your aunt for sharing this story.