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Monday, November 4, 2013

The Asylum

I am very proud to introduce you to a very talented lady, Mrs. Mom. Let me first say this is the first of two posts. The second will come later. This lovely lady and I have never met but we are great friends. She is also great friends with my buddy GunDiva whom I miss very much. We all love sex and The Walking Dead, but not together or with each other. We talk about it all the time on Facebook because that is what girls do behind boys' backs. And Daryl is HAWT!
Mrs. Mom is also great friends with my favorite peeps, Bill and Juanita Martin of Allenspark Lodge and GunDiva is their daughter. See how this works. We are all related. Mrs. Mom, GunDiva, and I have plans to meet up in Savannah, Georgia by saving for the trip. We hope next year, but we will see how our lives go.
But this is a post about art and craft. She also does custom work. Ask her about it.
Brief intro...Mrs. Mom is married to Lt. Handful. See how we are all closely knit? We all love guns, dogs, horses, kids, ...yeah in that order. Just kidding! All of us love our family first and that includes each other.
Mrs. Mom has been there for me during my darkest hours of loneliness, not in a sexual way, but if I were gay she would be one of my wives. She was emailing me during my first divorce, my miscarriage I blogged about, my second divorce, my teenager problems, me being a bitch on my period,...blah, blah. You get it. She is a very caring and wonderful person. She also blogs with GunDiva and has her own personal site....here. She also is very artfully gifted.
Check out her interview with me and her amazing products. Let me just tell you her prices are very affordable and very high quality.
Give us a brief bio (clean version) LMAO
Married with 3 wild boys, life is filled with adventures with the dogs, cats and horses.
Wow. Three boys. Yes, your life is full of adventure and you tell great tales on your blog, Oh Horse Feathers. I included the link for the readers. Love your southern humor.
Favorite inspiration in life...(quote, person, event, attitude)

* Knowledge weighs nothing. Learn as much as you can.
* Pay it forward.

Great ones! I like the last the best.
Your work is not only a craft, it is an art. What got you started to market it as a business? I am including your business Facebook page link is here...https://www.facebook.com/TheAsylumCreations
This necklace is gorgeous! I want it!
My husband, for a period of time, ran a local gun range. One of his vendors was not overly reliable in producing quality Survival bracelets. He brought one home one evening, tossed it into my lap and said, "Can you learn how to do this, but better?" Challenge accepted! We began producing bracelets, which morphed into other items, such as rifle slings, dog collars, horse tack, jewelry, and gag gifts. 
What is your most popular product and why? Your custom man thong?
Woo hoo! Well, that was a special order. Hard to say what our most popular item is- bracelets for charity events and rifle slings make up the majority of our orders. In there for a close second would be puppy identification collars, which I make by the dozen for a Rottweiler breeder we know. Got to tell the puppies apart somehow when they are tiny and look so much alike!
I am so in love with your rifle slings and puppy collars!
Rifle sling-Liberty
 Rifle sling-Desert Tan
These are puppy collars you made for a breeder. I understand you make them for any size dog with custom work?

Yes. I do. I can make about anything custom. Your wish is mostly my command. LOL
Your items are very high quality art and have great design. How did you learn to make all the different varieties of products? These Arabian halters are fantastic! Look at those crystals!
I miss my Morgans...they would have looked styling in these! (Poop. Shit. Miss my horses and the country. )
I bet you do, Momma! These halters are very popular!
Sorry, I got distracted by bling bling. Tell me about how you learned these knots.
YouTube is my friend. I can watch a few videos from master craftsmen, such as T.I.A.T. (Tying It All Together), and put my own spin on knots as well. After you learn the basics, the only thing that can limit you is your imagination!
I know you have been involved in some charity fundraising with your artwork. Tell us about that and why it is important.
Through the years, there have been many people who have been there to help us out when we needed it most. By being able to help others with our fund raising items, we can pay that help forward. 
Anything you would like to add that I haven't asked you?

I totally suck at these! No, you didn't! I love your candid answers! Thanks, Mrs. Mom!
Thank you so much, Mrs. Mom, for putting up with my shenanigans and showcasing your wonderful talents! Just in time for Christmas, I might add! Check out Mrs. Mom's creations on her Facebook page and blog site. She is a doll!
And yes, us girls will continue to talk sex behind all your backs. Why? Because we are girls. We might talk about other things as well...and we might be OK with talking about Daryl and sex. But not Zombie sex.


Mrs Mom said...

Awww Momma Fargo! I love you too! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this!!

GunDiva said...

Zombie sex is disgusting, but all that other sex...well, it keeps us entertained :)

Angelwithatwist said...

ok I need a dog collar. My dogs are infamous for their ability to chew or break their collars. Maybe because I get big dogs.. ahem think Pit bulls and Bull Mastiff Big..

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Wow...this is a great post...so much to digest.
Love those rifle slings, too.
(suitable for shotguns too, I'd wager)

And while I don't think Daryl is "hot"...he IS a damn good shot...and great backup...long as you never get on his bad side, kapeesh?

Roll safe.

Mrs Mom said...

AngleWithATwist- Yep, I make them for large breed dogs like that. There are a few Pits and Pit crossed sporting collars, and also a 270# St. Bernard in FL that has her own collar and matching leash. She went after a man who was threatening her owner while on a walk, and he was able to hold her back with no problems. We can use any style of knot for the collars as well, as well as provide various styles of collar from the standard heavy adjustable buckle, to a limited slip collar for dogs that get very strong.

BobG- Yeppers, I have swivel quick disconnects for shotguns :) Single point, double, adjustable, you name it we got it. For an up close look, our slings will be on sale at the Eastman Gun Show 16/17 Nov in Savannah GA. :)