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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Haunting of the Harry Potter House

I've been having a series of problems with my electrical matters in my house. And a heater.

The second electrician showed up today. He was the one, from the same company, that came here when I purchased the house and took the lamp cord out of the wall in the kitchen that was left from 1900s or so...hot...mind you...in the wall....where I could burn down. That was a procedure of surgery.

So...John noticed I was watching The Dead Files and he came around the corner and told me he loved that show and Amy was "spooky." I said it was one of my faves. The conversation then moved on to ghost hunting shows and the paranormal.

I have never felt the Harry Potter house was haunted. It has a feeling of joy. At first, John looked at the breakers and could not find they had tripped this time. Which meant I was a liar pants. I had not even gone down there to look after the third time, I just called them. When the heater didn't work for the umpteenth time, I just assumed it tripped the breaker again. He said it was a bigger issue.

I also explained the chandelier issue and showed him the explosion of light bulbs from last night there and in the bathroom. While explaining the power surge and then the popping, he raised his eyebrows. The two are on different circuits. He asked if I lost power recently. I said, "no."

He looks like a clean Grizzly Adams with nice white teeth.

I pointed at him, he is much taller than me, and said, "And my house is not haunted. I am not bringing Amy and Steve to investigate." [Big cheesy grin]

Mady has been talking and walking in her sleep again. Mostly talking about her love for green beans. She hates green beans. It must be bothering her because she fell asleep on the bus two days ago and her friend McKensey told her she was talking about how she loved green beans. Strange.

Squirrel!! Be right back.

Sorry, I had an interruption. The town just drove by my house with a "GIANT VAC" on a dump truck. I had no idea I could rake my leaves into the street and they would vacuum fume them up. Nifty.

Any poltergeist, John laughed and said if I did, to call him and we could sell tickets. He said he would like to watch them work. I told him I would sell beer and popcorn as well.

When it was all said and done, the heater is now working and I have to watch it to make sure it won't trip anything. He said the next step might be rewiring some things and that is ugly expensive. Beat me.

I told him that was not in the budget. He said I could just turn it off if the heater caused a problem, but rewiring was serious and not to be messed with. Beat me. However, he left me his personal cell number to call him and update him with the thermostat issue and let him know in a couple days if that is working.

So...I am praying for a fix and no-no to the need for rewiring parts of the house. I'm off to watch more Dead Files, drink coffee like it's crack cocaine, and ponder my next life without so many issues. Even the great Mr. Fire Chief is raising his eyebrows at my naked streak of bad luck.


Ms. A said...

I would think the home inspection would have caught a wiring issue, but not necessarily a haunting/ghost issue.

Fire Chief said...

You and your squirrels

Old NFO said...

Sounds like it 'might' be an overload on the circuit on initial light off of the heater... And you can chase your tail to hell and gone trying to figure those out!

WL Emery said...

Old NFO is right about that one. Heaters, AC units and anything else that produces a spike when switched on will raise havoc with old wiring. The business about the lamp cord is scary - I'd be stalking the real estate agent, the housing inspector and the prior owners with the idea of convincing them to mend their ways.

While he's right about wiring not being a typical do-it-yourself job, there are labor intensive parts of rewiring a house that you can do yourself, so long as you follow directions with the same zeal you'd hope to instil in a brand new gun owner for the four rules of gun safety prior to his first ever range visit. You're pretty good at physical fitness and self-defense. Offer an electrician PT sessions for electrical work, with you switching from drill instructor to willing apprentice as the scenario demands. Just a thought, you understand.

As far as the house being haunted, it isn't likely. I've lived in haunted houses twice - email me if you want details or advice on coping with the supernatural.

Jim in AZ said...

Sounds like your electrical problem is a poor connection in a ground wire. I had a friend who had several things like a TV and microwave get fried. The electrician who came to check it out couldn't find anything wrong. So I plugged in a meter that showed voltage and we watched it fluctuate from 110 to 220! This was caused when the voltage could not find the ground, and it tried to use another hot wire as ground, so we had 220 volts on a wire meant for only 110. We repaired several bad connections on the ground wire, and that solved the problem!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
One thing that amazes me in the state of Indiana (not to be confused with the state of denial, although at times, they DO seem simliar) is the LACK of inspections whenever a house changes hands (and bodies).

I guess they only inspect them when they can make MONEY on it?

Anyway, some of the wiring might be easy (as long as you can use a pull-line), but ripping out plaster-lathe walls isn't for the meek in spirt (or short on-cash).

One thing I need to do is change out ALL the outlets from non-grounded to GROUNDED ones.
Got some done already...not hard at all.
It's when you see that old braided cloth wrapping on the wires that gets you sweating.
That stuff is OLD.
Better to swap it out with romex wiring.
And yes, doing that WILL costaplenty.

I attribute all our issues to the house being over some ancient burial ground...
Luckily, they like us.

You stay safe out there, Kiddo.