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Thursday, December 5, 2013

MiSue Time Traveler 2002-2013

I am so sad and broken hearted. Tonight I got a call that one of my horses, MiSue Time Traveler (Traveler) died at the River War Haus. It happened three weeks ago, but no one wanted to tell me. The vet thinks he had West Nile and tests are pending.

Knighthawk is being tested as well, but appears to be fine, just lonely. Now he is all that is left.  MiSue Knighthawk (the black horse), my Mounted Patrol and Search and Rescue Horse (retired), his brother, is also a grand horse and the best patrol horse I could have asked for. Someday, I will release the story of a grizzly hunt we were on with the Game and Fish and how he saved my life.

MiSue Time Traveler (chestnut) passed away at the age of 11. Above, he and Knighthawk (Smoke) were left to chow on grass while I retrieved the saddles for a ride the last summer I was in Wyoming. I didn't have to tie them as they didn't wander far from grass.

He was registered American Morgan Horse Association and bred in Montana by Dr. Don and Eileen Barnes near Seeley Lake. Even at a young age, he was noticed right away as a sweet soul, truly gentle, and kind. His brother was the working one and protector, Traveler was the "Curious George" type. I had him since he was two.

His training was a push and pull of sorts and we paired him with a trainer that was gentle but firm. I showed him for about two years, mostly staying the western states and often in Denver, Colorado at various Morgan shows.

I was proud to own the breed that was most widely used in the Calvary during the Civil War, an American horse. Good, solid mountain horses, Morgans are a fine breed useful for many things. Not only do they give everything to their rider and prove to be a good working and pleasure horse, but they are loyal to a good owner. Only a horse owner would understand that trade.

Above all else, Traveler was loved. I guess I gave him that.

Events like this makes me really regret not bringing them with me. Perhaps it wouldn't have mattered, but I think it would have. I found out the new owners didn't know horses needed annual shots, despite my references and list of people to call and what to do. They didn't mean any harm, they just didn't understand.

They are kind people and Traveler's new purpose was to be a horse for kids at a church camp. Selling them with the place broke my heart in two and was very difficult but at the time it made financial sense. It felt better they were going to be used and loved by children.

If only I could bring back Smoke now, I would be on the first plane. However, I can't. Sometimes things just suck but they are the way they are. I had snuck out for one last visit before parting to Indiana, and the new owners were very generous with me returning anytime for horse love.

Traveler was buried on the property at the River War Haus which was where he loved to run when I let them out of the small lot where they stayed while I was at work. He would pick up his tail and show off his true Morgan blood. He did well in all his halter classes when he was shown and it was fitting that he wanted to look pretty even in the pasture.

Rest In Peace, Traveler. You will be missed.

Tonight I have to tell Bug. Poop. Shit.


Allenspark Lodge said...

This breaks my heart. He was the same age as Washoe is now. You did all you could; circumstances just don't always cooperate. He was a beauty. GunDiva's horse, Estes, was half Morgan and a real mover; I loved her smooth 'trot'; definitely good work horses. Will be thinking of you guys tonight.
Bionic Cowgirl

Ms. A said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Tennessee Grammie said...

My heart breaks for you and Bug with this sad news. Traveler was a beauty and made me laugh when I fed the horses because he'd nudge my shoulder when I carried the food to the fence; if I wasn't fast enough with the next fork full, he'd snort at me. His spirit is free to run on the wind. Hugs ~~~

Coffeypot said...

I know you hurt. Just be gentile with Bug. Hopefully she will understand.

Mad Jack said...

I am very sorry for your loss. I was raised on a horse farm, and it just gets to be real hard sometimes.

Paxford said...

Sending many hugs your way


Jewells said...

Oh honey! =( I am so very sorry to hear this! My heart breaks for you. They are both beautiful, and I've always had a love for Morgans. Regardless of breed they are amazing creatures with a capacity to love and a depth of loyalty that most people will never understand.

Big hugs and love coming to you and Bug!!

Old NFO said...

Truly sorry for your loss... A good horse is truly a special animal.

GunDiva said...

Oh, Momma, my heart is broken for you. Wish I could make it better. Love and hugs. Maybe he and Estes can have a good run together.