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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pot Stirred the Cop Kettle

In other news...ammo is still running off the shelves.  A bucket of .22 long rifle ammunition=1400 rounds=$80.00. Beat me. The last time I bought a brick of .22 it was $14.99. Ok. That is dating the last time I purchased .22 ammo, because usually as a cop, we trade around.

On the forefront today...Yuri found a good topic of discussion as I thought he might. Let's see how you like it...

(1) Obviously the suspect was not searched properly
(2) Why did the police leave him unattended in a car? How far away were they? Where did they go?
It doesn't sound like they hear the shot, but discovered him shot when they returned. Hmmm...
(3)It was ruled a suicide, but are police departments held to some accountability or liability when these things happen?
(4)Wrongful death suit against an agency?
Some of the same concerns come up in the second one and apparently it appears the family has already made efforts to sue.
What are your opinions?
I can tell you as a cop, everyone misses something sometime. A gun? I never did, but I saw it happen to a fellow coworker. NOT cool. What's going on with our police officers? Are they getting complacent? Are they "too shy" to search those areas that make everyone uncomfortable (you know the G-spot...ie. the spot where bad guys put the gun...the GUN SPOT-the crotch) Are they too lazy to do a good search? What happens when police officers miss guns that aren't used for suicide, but to kill the transport officer or plan an escape from a patrol car?
The Boogie Man is open for discussion...


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Yeah, DHS already bought up several hundred MILLION rounds earlier this year (for we, the people, if we decide to take back OUR governemnt, no doubt...lol)

That .22 ammo price is RIDICULOUS (thankfully, I don't OWN a .22)
At least the .45ACP and 9mm is still "doable" for the time being (even if the "p-d" ammo is harder to come by).
And 12 gauge in ANY "flavor" is easy to come by and at GOOD prices.

Makes a good case for getting some reloading gear...lol.

That story...got more holes in it than a damn sieve (or a politician's "truth"...lol)

To "miss" a weapon?
That doesn't track, and I.A. better not ever find out there was a "seed gun" there...that will cause seven kinds of crap to fly.
Poor policing can ALWAYS cause problems, and is certainly NO excuse for laziness, no matter who is behind the shield.
To leave anyone UNattended in the cruiser is asking for trouble.

Good post, dear.

Stay safe out there.

CI-Roller Dude said...

Many years ago, when I was a rookie just starting out...I was asked to transport a 14 yr old drunk kid. An officer with a whole 5 yrs on had made the arrest and as a rookie, I was given the crap duties. (which was OK with me).
Before I put the kid in my car, I went to search him. The older cop said he'd already been searched. I still searched him ....and pulled a switch blade out of his sock.
After that, I'd always double check not only other cops searches, but my own. I trained new cops to "ASSUME" that everybody has a knife, gun or hand grenade.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Never been in law enforcement so have no meaningful comment.

as for .22 prices, what are the profit margins against larger calibers? Supply/demand means you produce what makes the most money first.

Old NFO said...

I'm wondering if they are afraid of being sued for 'inappropriate touching'...

Slamdunk said...

I saw that story and as you said: it happens.

Did you see the highway patrol officers in CA a few years ago that missed a clearly visible handgun on a female prisoner? A Mexican television station was videotaping officers that day and inadvertently caught it. One of the more unreal videos that I have seen.

As a young male officer, it was always in the back of my mind with female prisoners--balance privacy, with the threat of lawsuit and officer safety. We were restricted in who we searched females, and there was never enough female officers on the streets to help. I fortunately did not miss any weapons, but certainly found dope and para on a couple of occasions in the backseat.

Mad Jack said...

Ammo prices will drop once the current administration is out of the office. One thing to consider is that all that .22 ammo has to go somewhere, and if it isn't being shot up then it's being horded. Give it time, and .22 ammo will be cheap again.

As for the so-called suicide, it isn't. This is premeditated murder. Miss a gun in a search? Okay, it happens. Leave a prisoner unattended in the back of a unit? That's a real screw-up and whoever is responsible should get a first class public ass-chewing by someone who knows how to give one, then some kind of penalty duty. Assistant lollypop (school crossing) guard, maybe. Parents turn their backs for a second to do something else and junior gets into trouble.

But this? This is murder. Every single officer involved in this crime should be suspended until the guilty party has been discovered and arrested. Any officer maintaining the blue wall should be fired.

That's not what will happen, but it's what should happen.