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Thursday, January 30, 2014


This is not about gnus, although the title says so. It's about sounds like gnus. What have I been up to? This is a gnu, a fat one, like Jonah Hill fat, not John Goodman fat:
Photo credit: Wikipedia gnu
This is a fat gnu, not a phat gnu, although both actors are also phat. Here is a Kate Moss gnu:

Photo credit: traciemcbridewriter.wordpress.com
You can find Kate Moss, the gnu, at this wonderful and entertaining blog site which I enjoy: http://traciemcbridewriter.wordpress.com/2012/03/04/she-killed-herself-with-a-gnu/

Anynewsgnus, I have been reviewing, correcting, fixing, deleting passages to The Boogie Man Is My Friend. 
 It contains new artwork inside and out and flows somewhat better, but you know what? It is what it is and until someone says your book sucks ballz or if you fix this you can make millions...it is going to be left alone as a first book. Think of it as Kindergarten. Now I am grad-ee-ated to 2nd grade.

I revamped The Last Song of the Meadowlark's cover art and made it flow a little better inside:
So, I apologize to those that got the first editions, especially the BALLER edition of The Boogie Man Is My Friend. I'm learning. I am getting better. I have good help...and therapy.

I have been writing two more books to be released this year, the next in the Boogie Man series:
Much to your pleasure, I am contemplating ending the series with 4 books. Why? Because I am getting bored with myself. I am sure you are also. If you disagree, let me hear you roar, because I have endless fodder for books.

Later, I will release the sequel to The Last Song of the Meadowlark, Falling Prey to the Magpie:
So, it's pretty uneventful here at The Harry Potter house. Work is going swell. The house is not liking winter and we have had a couple issues like the wash machine line exploding in my house. I used my best impersonation of Elaine from Seinfeld attacking the water with class and sass to shut it off. My hairdo and wardrobe were destroyed along with some drywall and possibly the floor. I can fix it. Bug-o-rama is in full force. Teenagers. Details later.


GunDiva said...

Whew. You are damn busy, lady. I don't know how you do it.

Can't wait to read the new releases once they're available.

Allenspark Lodge said...

Directly beneath this comment is a picture of some good gnus.
(No gnus is good gnus)


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Hey, you ever manage to take a day off and drive up HERE to the "Fortress", I'll BUY one of those newbie editions straight away!!!
(just promise not to charge FULL RETAIL...lol)
And the coffee's ALWAYS FREE.

Good to see you're slogging along.
Indiana DOES have it's "weather".

We've had OUR issues up here too w/ Old Man Winter (never gonna act like that when I'm that age)

That busted line is an easy fix (unless it's an inlet valve on the washer..major surgery there).

Floors can be dried, drywall can be replaced, and checking hoses in Indiana becomes a YEARLY "chore".
Learn it.
Love it.
Live it.

Have a good weekend - you stay safe and warm down there, Kiddo.

Old NFO said...

Sounds like there is some good gnus coming... :-)