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Monday, February 10, 2014

Bandaid Bus

The Gold Beast is at the hospital. Prognosis...some repairs...again. The Bro is handling that. In the meantime, my family got me an awesome replacement...the exact car (basic model) I had as a detective. So I have a new g-ride. I named her Beazle. It fits. Beazle starts all the time, but really doesn't like the cold weather. In fact, this weekend when I went to work out at the gym, I came out to a fussy Beazle. The car did not want to start very well. I continued on by giving my friend a ride. When I started her up again, the same effect. Poop. Shit. I heard the train. They are abundant here. This one was surely from Folsom Prison, coming to pick me up.  In fact, all my life troubles seem to be a strait jacket on my goal setting. I am to the point that I think I have used all my golden tickets up. How many people do you know can touch a beautiful rose and it turns to poop? Yep. That's me. My friend Norma tells me, "but, Fargo, no matter how much shit you have, you come out smelling like a rose. "

I called my brother to get his advice and he gave me battery, starter, alternator and told me to go to a parts store and see if they could diagnose it for free.

My friend, BANANA, directed me to the nearest parts store as I don't know my way around town very well yet. I got there, shut Beazle off and told the dude inside my problem. He wheeled out a machine.

DUDE: Lady, you have the original 2005 Mega Formula AC Delco battery. Let's see what is does. Ok. Ok. It takes a full charge and and and and

ME: What?

DUDE: It falls flat on its face. You need a new battery. 100 bucks plus tax.

ME: Ok. Guess I need one.

DUDE: You can wait inside this will take me about 4 minutes.

So, I went inside like a good customer. I grumbled and mumbled and kicked imaginary stones around the waiting room. 100 bucks I didn't have. However, I had to get to work. No choice. Somehow I kept thinking I was on that Long Black Train...and all the bad things I have done in life are piling up on me despite forgiveness and my imperfections.

After paying my battery Long Black Train toll, I went out to start Beazle.

She fired right up! I could tell the difference even in my non-mechanic self. Beazle sounded better. I felt much more secure and confident I wasn't going to break down.

On the way home, my friend called me back to see how I was doing and I told her the verdict. I had a little sob sob sound starting in my voice, but I was relieved it wasn't something bigger and more expensive. BANANA told me she understands what it is like to be a single mom and not knowing anyone to call for help. She said some words that I needed to hear...

BANANA: Sometimes we struggle and there is no way around it. It is just a hurdle we will have to overcome. You are blessed just as I am blessed. It was just a battery. Easy fix. Sure it is 100 bucks you didn't have, but it could have been far worse. Take it and run.

She was right. I picked up Bug at her friend's house and I did so with a good attitude and forged forward. Later we went to church. I was greeted by all the friendly faces and I love my church people. They are much more Godly and just good down to earth elderly people. Well, most of them. There are about 6 under 60 year olds. Johnny Cash The Preacher just so happen to sing this song in Johnny Cash fashion in a Capella with his guitar at church and I am sure it was meant for me.

So...this is the latest published version. I'm pretty sure it sums me up.   It is a song sung by at Christian rally ( Go God! ) featuring Lynda Randle and the Gaithers co-written by Kris Kristofferson.
The history is really interesting. It was meant for the late Patsy Cline (one of my favorites), however, she died before she could record it.
Even Tupac has recorded the song? With Eminem? Well, it is a different song "One Day At A Time" (minus the "Sweet Jesus")...far from Jesus...
This weekend was very eventful. I busted out of prison, I got my taxes finished, I jumped off the long black train, I painted a little bit, and now I think I am in a better mindset.
I did this all without wine, but a lot of whining. I did it with Christina...


angel shrout said...

Girl I so feel ya. This weather has us on day 20 of no school. that is not counting weekends. We have had drains frozen, commodes stopped up and unable to move it because of aforementioned drains and let me add to that list my bathroom sink is now leaking from the drains.. sighs. I am finishing my nails, I did my hair last night and waxed the brow. I figure if I go crazy I am gonna look amazing when it happens.. hmmm I may need to link you to that Serita Jakes thing I watched this weekend...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

In the used car biz, I replaced every battery that was in any way questionable. Cables too. Solved a bunch of problems and made for much happier customers when their purchase didn't stop running before they made their first payment.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Ahh...the old "battery be dead" gig...been there done that enough times.
Glad you got a g-ride replacement...treat it like a "rook" and you'll do fine...ROFL!

Love those first two song vids, too.
But "Beazle"???

(Must be a former-LEO-transplanted-Wyomingian-female-thingy...lol)
Welcome to the Hoosierland, Kiddo.

Glad you're MOBILE once again, dear.

Roll safe (and keep that shiny side up) down there.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Glad you got the new(well new to you) g-ride running, but the name...? I guess if it sings....roll with it. It could have been much worse....like *knocking on wood* tranny and other things, that older cars have issues with.
We will keep you in our prayers.

Mrs Mom said...

I wub you Fargo. At least you don't have a bra and underbritches thief roaming around on top of everything else.

Old NFO said...

Hang in there Lady... You know you have friends out here...