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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Winter White

I love to laugh, but I have always been self-conscious of my smile. When I was young, my teeth were discolored from too much fluoride in the water. At least that is what my dentist in Minnesota told me and as I grew older, other dentists in Wyoming confirmed those same findings. I always wanted white teeth. It just has never been affordable. I mean, my parents couldn't afford to get me movie star teeth and back then dentist didn't put braces on kids willy nilly like they do now. And so I had to muscle through not being proud of my smile.

At least until now.

Have you ever tried those white strips? Many of my friends have and they rave about them. I tried them and they didn't work, made my teeth hurt, and tasted terrible. I gave up. I thought...nah, I don't want to be that miserable.

I have inquired in the past, with my dentists to see about "movie star" teeth...caps. Not a problem if you have a cool $12-16,000 laying around. Beat me. Once, when I had that much money, I even thought about it. Really hard. I just couldn't do it. They also had an LED treatment, but that was still $600.00. I scheduled my appointment, but I cancelled, thinking I could not just spend that on vanity. Weird, right? I know. I spend that on shoes. Three years have gone by since I had inquired about making my smile really feel good to share, instead of covering my mouth.

So, luckily, I was approached with a new product, Smile Brilliant!

I was skeptical until I saw the LED light in the package. Just like the dentist!

Now time to get gross. Here is what you see on my blog...no photo shopping...all natural. BUT-from a distance:
 OK, so normally on here you don't see me dressed in 1920s garb, feel privileged.
I might look more like this:
See...in all the shots, I am far away from the camera and not smiling real big.
Here I am in the hospital..fake smiling...far away. Don't panic. I'm not there anymore. It was an old pic.
Again, you might not realize what my teeth look like. AND-I BRUSH MY TEETH A LOT!
Let me scare the heebie jeebies out of you:
Before treatment.
This is one treatment later.
OK. First of all, I am not a professional photographer and lighting was never the same. I apologize for the bad images.  It really isn't that hard to tell how drastic the change was after 5 treatments of Smile Brilliant! Look! Here is the 5th treatment in daylight:
Winter chapped lips from being outside and running outside. Don't judge me. They are better. They are voluptuous today. Look at the difference. I have white teeth! I mean, what a improvement! I still could use some treatments, but what progress! What do you think? Cool, right?
Well, I have something better...if you want it now, you can go to the link above (click on Smile Brilliant!) and buy it. It's only $39.99. If you want to chance for a  giveaway...leave a comment below as to why you would want to win Smile Brilliant! and how important a white smile is to you. I will announce the lucky winner in a week! I was really pleased. It didn't taste yucky. It didn't hurt my gums or make my teeth sore. And...most of all...it works! I love this product!


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

All are good pics but the 1920's flapper girl pic seems to suit you well.

Old NFO said...

Great, glad to hear you found something that works!

Carrie Rambles said...

I love the flapper shot!
What is it with the teeth? I know some people with gorgeous ones that barely take care of them. I brush the snot out of mine and have even tried crest white strips (gag) but mine are gross and creepy too!

Glad it is working for you!

Jairo Chavez said...

It's nice what you've done to your teeth. And kudos for taking a time to give it special care. A lot of people do take stuff like this for granted, and sometimes even the most basic of dental care is neglected. But we won't have them around forever, unless we take care of them. Simple logic, but often overlooked. Keep it up, and hope you get the rest of the dental treatments!

Spring Branch Dental

Calandra Novak said...

Way to go, Momma Fargo! It may take a while for you to achieve that perfect smile, but at least you’re seeing great improvements in the process. How’s the treatment doing, by the way? I hope it’s doing its job perfectly. Here’s to being a step closer to the smile you’ve always wanted!

Calandra Novak @ Mullaloo Dental Centre

Sharon Woods said...
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Sharon Woods said...

Having some problems with our teeth can really bring out consciousness when we smile. However, I'm glad that you don't let those problems ruin your love to laugh and smile. Anyway, I'm glad that you found a product that works real well for you. I just hope that you're faring great, and that it has continued to do wonders for your teeth. Thanks for sharing that, Momma Fargo! All the best to you! :)

Sharon Woods @ Fall Spark Dentistry