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Friday, June 20, 2014

U Topia-less Bitch

Utopia. Never going to happen, right? It's just a mythical creature many write about and imagine. Too many "ones" in the world picture to be able to come to a perfect place. What is "ones" exactly, you might ask? It is pronounced "owns", not like the singular word of one with an "s". Inanuts hell it is all due to too many hormones (pronounced whore moans) and testosterones (pronounced test aus ter owns) in the mix. Maybe. It's as good as anyone else's long winded theory.

So we have concluded that we will never be at our "Utopic state" (yes, that is a coin phrase) and so we do what? Go to war? Again?

My friend, The Russian Bear , (Yuri) has put forth some FOOD for thought about Obama's latest decisions on Iraq. Harry Tunnell's, (Col., US Army) letter circa 2010 (linked) is currently posted on Michael Yon's site.  This letter was written almost four years ago.  I think events today are a result of the policies and leadership, or lack thereof, in foreign affairs.

We shook our impotent fists at these guys when they engaged in genocide in Syria, and scolded them not to cross that "red line".  Did our leadership really think they would take seriously a man who did not lift a finger to help his ambassador to Libya?

We failed the negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq that would have kept a stronger US presence.

If we, as a nation go to war, it should be to win.  Define the enemy, destroy the enemy.  Accept nothing but the enemy's unconditional surrender.  We have failed to do this in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and I do not expect the American people will want to continue fighting.  We've fought two wars in Iraq in the past twenty years.  "Do we get to win this time?" - John Rambo".

I encourage you to check out the letter. It is quite interesting, insightful, and chalk full of details. Browse around the net and come back. Answer Yuri's questions and have a shot at mine.  Here are my questions posed to all of you? Do you agree or disagree. 

Yes, I made this funny Biden meme all by myself

Now, my opinion? I can't make any rhyme nor reason out of our Commander in Chief's decisions lately on foreign policy. I think we get our noses into too many butts where we don't belong and don't get involved in the worthwhile causes. Why not just pull everyone out of the Embassy for the time being? Are their oil reserves worth it? What do they know that we don't know or don't get to  know? Do we help Iraq secretly under the table? Another Iran issue? Why won't foreign nations get the balls to announce to the world they are asking for our help and throw it out there? What do you think our country is in for? Another war?

We wait with baited breath for your discussion. Rock it!


Old NFO said...

BO doesn't HAVE a foreign policy, it's whatever the polls say, or if he needs to get something off the front pages... The OPSEC violations the last couple of days have my SO pissed I can't think straight.

Anonymous said...

A-Freakin Men! Its like the world has gone insane. Sort of like what would happen if we had retarded chimpanzees running everything..... ;)