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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cross Examination

My busy weekend and list of chores came to a screeching halt when I blew one of my tires right off the rim on my lawn mower. Then...enter the rain. I focused my attention to my home and started shampooing carpets, vacuuming pets, and washing down walls. I took a picture of Bug's room and posted it on Facebook as I entered it to clean it spotless for her arrival. I stared at it. It did not inspire me, so I left. Jimmy Hoffa is still in there.

My email box is full of joy. I haven't answered any of it, so I thought while it is sprinkling outside, I would get it tackled. So here goes. Many of you Boogie Man Facebook fans and blog readers have emailed or messaged me with questions. Remember...when you ask me, I let it fly. I really feel like someone is waterboarding me. Oh, wait, it is raining outside.

1) Do you review cold cases for police agencies? Do you review them for private individuals?

Answer: Yes, I do review them for police agencies. The individuals that ask me, sometimes. It depends. If I am given all the information that the police and the families have, I am more successful in reviewing something. If one or the other is not available due to my source, it won't result in a very efficient review and I hate partials. I haven't had a request in quite a while. I do love that kind of work.

2) What have you been doing with your free time?

Answer: I have a variety of things going on, but mostly my life has slowed down quite a bit. The strangest thing is, I find painting my house is my nemesis. I hate it. I loathe it. I know it has to be done. When I do it, it is really good therapy, great exercise, and I feel good after a day's work. I paint one can a month. I'm on a very tight budget. My neighbors hate me. Maybe I should post some results soon.

I run. I am trying to cut off a bunch of weight. I really want to do the ToughMudder that is coming to Indiana next year or any Mudder nearby.

Right now I am losing my best friend, Otis, and I really am beside myself. I don't like to leave him alone when I go to work. It sucks going through a loss, again, by myself. No support. It may be weird to some, but he was with me when I fell off cliffs in searches and he pulled me up the hill. He spooned with me in motels during search and rescue training. We rode in helicopters. It's the closest to skydiving I have come.

He loved on me when I was sad. He gives my daughter joy. He stayed with me through my bad marriages. He is by my side every day. He is the only man that has never disappointed me or left me except when he dies. He is just love.

I have another book I am reading for review, The Skeleton Crew. So far, I like it! Details later.

3) When are you going to publish another book?

Answer: Soon. It is going through the first edit. I don't know how I feel about it. I really enjoyed putting together The Rookies. This one has ups and downs and as much as I have written it over and over, it isn't funny to me any more. However, it is full of humor. I guess your reviews someday will tell me how I did. It's different. It's not like the other two, but has my style.

4) Do you miss police work? Will you ever go back?

Answer: I do miss it. I always will. Not enough that I have big regrets. I miss the times I was on top of my game. Investigations. Patrol from 2009-2011. I really do miss those greater than great moments, the confession, breaking a person down (mentally), and a victorious verdict.

Yeah, Queen, I miss driving fucking fast without a seatbelt, lights, and sirens, chewing my gum, listening to Eminem, having the sergeant on speaker phone, talking to my dispatcher and units on the radio, and putting on my pink lip gloss at the same time.  I miss that screeching slide stop, and exiting the Charger full of adrenaline and walking or running with confidence and command presence to a hot call.

I miss the old people greeting me with a smile or talking  to me at the gas stations. I even miss my crazy Mini Mart clerks and my area 2 nutty citizens.

I really miss a good fight, a funny call, and camaraderie with the blue suits.  Luckily for me, they did not abandon me. I have contacts all over the US in law enforcement both currently employed and retired. It's great. After two tours, I will never say never. Now realistically, probably not. I have 6 months before my certification for Wyoming expires. Then, I would have to start over. I don't think I want to do that. Now stop telling me or sending me information about openings near you.

5) What are your future plans?

Answer: I want to teach at a college level. I would like to teach cops as well on contract trainings. I want to get my Master's Degree. I want to mold young minds. I want to become physically fit enough and money willing, to run races or do trail runs, mudders in different places. Bug is my main concern right now and I want her to grow up to be a wonderful young  lady with a bright future. I think that plan is in action and going strong right now. I want to travel the world.

6) Will you live in The Harry Potter House forever? Is it your final destination.

Answer: Only if I die in it. My future is open, but I am cautious to leave everything again and start over somewhere else. It really is the only thing that scares me. Maybe because I am not financially sound right now and a lot is going on. I have a lot of personal things to take care of and many things on my plate to get done. I do believe I am destined to live in the country in solitary confinement, and this is a vacation or Cell Block F or something.

Yes, this is actually posted to the Harry Potter House-like screwed in the precious 120 plus year old siding. Note peeling paint, thus my project.

7) Do you miss Wyoming?

Answer: Every day. I think it was the only place I really felt connected to my dad. Sometimes my heart aches. Then I remember the wind and I am OK for just a minute. Then I miss it really bad again. I need to get back there and visit some friends. I really want to live in Dubois or Buffalo. It's just a dream.

8) What about love?

Answer: Yes, it was a song by Heart. Very popular in the day. Oh, you mean in connection to me? It scares me to death and I am not very good at it. I miss a companion and doing things with someone, someone to come home to, and great, wild sex. Well, you can have sex anytime  without love or without anyone except yourself (TMI). I have never been loved nicely or for real, nor have I had anyone pay attention to me the way my dad said it should happen. I have had a tendency to attract assholes,  psychopaths, or serial killers and for some reason respond to those types. The odds are against me. But maybe there is hope. That's all I have to say about that.

9) What do you think about all the police officers deaths of recent?

Answer: I think it sucks big monkey balls. It doesn't surprise me because of the way the world is churning right now, but it ANGERS me to no end. America is a wreck. I see her getting worse before she gets better.

10) Why did you really leave the police department in 2007?

Answer: It's complicated and it is not public information.

Well, time for more work around The Harry Potter House. There are more questions in my inbox, but I will save those for another day. Sorry to those of you who still have to wait.


Coffeypot said...

I have to admit, I miss your cop stories. You made me laugh, got me mad, and even put a tear in my eye (or it was dusty in here.)

I can only imagine your pain over Otis. I have lost dogs, too, and it hurts, but never one that was as close you Otis is to you.

I'm here if you need a shoulder or support or money or sex or...

Slamdunk said...

Great to hear from you MF, and sorry to hear about Otis.

I finished The Rookies a few weeks ago, and your post reminded me that I need to post a review. Enjoyed it immensely and hope you do get to write more books--you have talent.

It has been more than a decade away from policing for me and I still get asked "why don't you go back?" My answer is similar: "and start over again, now way!" The teaching route is awesome anyway. Getting paid to talk about policing everyday--I don't want them to know that I'd find a way to do it for free.

I always enjoy stopping by here and hope the house painting goes fast.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

+1 CP

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
A flat on a LAWN MOWER?
(city-boy confused on that one)

Wow...you nicely managed to answer damn near ALL the questions I was pondering to ask of you.
(well done, girl)

And YOU hate painting too?
Welcome to my world...lol.
(gotta get mine done this summer)
I was nodding along with YOUR answers, too.
We think a lot alike (and THAT is one scary premise for the state of Indiana)
Look forward to hearing from you (when time permits)

An excellent post, dear.

Roll safe out there.

Momma Fargo said...

Bob G. The lawn mower is a riding machine. Regular tires, not the hard plastic ones. LOL

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Maybe a patch kit (for bikes) and a hand pump would work as well as getting a spare then, right?
Roll safe.

ravenjanedoh said...

So sorry about Otis. Did the same thing earlier this year, and now another one is at that doorstep - I get it. {{hug}}

I'm doing the weight loss thing too, only on a mountain bike - so far so good. ToughMudder may be in my future too.

Wyoming: the husband's family has a cabin in Buffalo. One winter our windshield shattered because it was so cold. (Warm car, cold outside).. but it is a wild and beautiful place... I miss it too.

Love. Heart was better at it than I, apparently .. don't beat yourself up. Someday we'll find wonderful men. It may require a tornado and red sparkly shoes .. and he may have a thing for oil cans or flying monkeys ... but anything is possible.

Keep on keeping on hot Momma! Love yer guts!