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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hall Pass to CrazyTown

Maybe it is no secret that I enjoy old homes and I lived in one in Wyoming when I was a kid. Although as an adult, I lived in new homes I helped to build, I always had this longing for history and to restore an old home. Now I have that chance with The Harry Potter House. I think it is more pleasant on a beer budget to be able to appreciate every dime that goes into a place. Of course, with more money, I could do wonders. But then would it mean the same?

I will post some progress pics in the next two weeks.

A few shows that have inspired me are Rehab Addict with Nicole Curtis, Bronson Pinchot's show on HGTV-The Bronson Pinchot Project that is now over and Daryl Hall's new show Daryl's Restoration OverHall on DIY. I've always enjoyed Daryl Hall's music. It's timeless. And he restores old homes? Crazy.

It used to drive my ex crazy that I watched HGTV and DIY because I would come up with these projects I thought I could do myself. Some were successful, some were not. I still do it. I don't care. How else can you embrace power tools and manual labor if you don't just do it? I like to get dirty.

I don't know, I think owning a historic home is just your part of being a steward to history.

Speaking of history, my all time favorite song..."Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley, aka CeeLo Green, pairs up with Daryl Hall for a great duet. My badge number wasn't 96 for nothing...it was karma. Or something.

Enjoy! For more of Daryl's House where he pairs up with some greats...check out Youtube.com.

His show is on Saturdays if you are interested.

Think of me tinkering away with the Harry Potter House. Only with a lot less bank.

Harry Potter is under construction....again. Gotta get some things done before winter.

I am re-stuccoing the foundation this weekend for $10.00. It's going to be great!


VandyJ said...

It's always a money saver if you know how to do those home improvement projects yourself.
Looking forward to seeing the results of your labor!

Coffeypot said...

I do like CeLo, but still prefer Country... my main love is talk radio. You and Judy would get along well. She loves to have a hammer or saw in her hands.

Old NFO said...

Nice one! :-) And old homes (completed) are nice, restoring them not so much...

Slamdunk said...

Sounds like you have lots of dirty work to do MF. I am not has handy as I should be so project require lots of time and consultation. As such, our dream home is one that looks old but is really new. I know we are cheating.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Becoming a homeowner IS a challenge...no doubt about that.

And sometimes, you get caught with your drawers around your ankles when it comes to "fixes"...they find YOU rather than having YOU find THEM...lol
(but we didn't have to build a damn ARK...lol)

I miss all the shows that HGTV USED to have on...loved that Henry Harrison show "HELP AROUND THE HOUSE".

They lost more GOOD shows than they currently air.

Hang in there, Kiddo.

Roll safe