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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

BoxCar Willies

Day Three of the sickees. NOT a fan. Would not recommend it to anyone seeking something different. Stick with the ordinary. Word.

I finally took a shower. Isn't that gross?

I was pretty much a bedridden princess the entire time. All I did was sleep, drink tea and bullion. Yuck. I didn't like being stuck to only Internet entertainment or books. Oh, there was some Netflix and Amazon Prime usage for movies and series.

Not that I don't like those things.

It's just I wanted to go outside since it was so nice.

I'm all drugged up today. I feel pretty much like my head is in the clouds. Respiratory infections are not my friend with asthma. They kicketh my booty.

I'm going to brave work tomorrow.

I did read some news. I'm not too thrilled about them losing the Afghan military officers. Seriously? http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/09/22/search-for-3-afghan-army-officers-missing-from-cape-cod-base-continues/

And every serial killer's dream is this...http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/09/23/rutgers-student-believed-killed-by-new-jersey-first-fatal-bear-attack-in-150/

Yes, they are both Fox news. Why? Because I was there. I don't think any of the news outlets are fair and balanced anymore. They are all skewed one way or the other. What happened to investigative reporting? I know many of us are questioning this and wondering what in the world are we getting fed?

Answer: A lot of BS.

I was really bored for three days. Not much chatter amongst my friends. I'm sure I was a pest. Also many people were busy at work or weekend family events. My communication would have been a lot like dealing with a narcoleptic.

I slept a lot. Moose did not leave my side, only on rare squirrel watching occasions which is not like him. He was clingy. I did appreciate his snuggles. I'm sure he helped all the ailments diminish.

I think I am pumped up with steroids in my lungs now from Advair.


And you?

Week 5 of Marathon Training was what I call: Neutral Nellie or Debbie Downer week.

I had lost 2 pounds early on, but gained them back at the latter part of the week, and missed three days running due to the sickees. It doesn't make me happy. I feel like I am now a week behind and may have trouble going into this Week 6 training schedule. Three days in a row of no exercise. I can feel the muscles screaming..."Oh, we are fading....help us, help us.." Ok. It really isn't that creepy. But I know I lose if I don't keep this up.

My Zombie run was cancelled "due to unforeseen circumstances." I'm really pissed about it and they put me in another "normal" race in October. Maybe Rick and Daryl got to them before we did.

The Walking Dead is coming up soon. October 12th for you sickos out there who like survival tactics and going back to what is primitive with a scare.

Will they get out of the box car? Duh. They have a season to play out. It can't be all about eating them one by one.

But how will they do it? Trickery? Breaking out?

I guess time will tell.

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Ms. A said...

Hope you aren't on a fluoroquinolone!