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Monday, September 29, 2014


GOOOooooooODDDDDddd Monday morning to YOU!

I am full of energy today. I think it is because I finally feel myself getting over this sicky crapola and back to par.

Week 6: Marathon training...is a re-run of Week 5. My trainer and I already discussed this. So, I am set back a week. Oh to the well.

This weekend was productive in the most sense. I cleaned and reorganized my entire barn. I have the garage gym all ready for winter fun. All my tools are neat and tidy. I do have some fall gardening to do and some birdie haven maintenance to get underway.

The compost pile has been maintained and ready to rot over the polar vortex days to come.

Home projects are never done, however. I have many more before it gets too cold to work outside. I must hustle.

When I was a kid, I worked outside a lot. Even if I wasn't really working, I tried to fake it so my mother would not make me do inside chores. I still have that problem. I don't  like inside chores.

On an inside note...I am a boob tube baby. Always was fascinated with Hollywood. Same for books. It's the getaway and entertainment value. My dad was about PBS and news. I liked Mystery Dinner Theatre. But mostly while he watched television, I read a book or I was an ant on a trampoline begging him to change the channel.

I didn't like 60 Minutes when I was a kid until I became a junior high school student. My dad's favorite show. Back then it was a different world. I still like 60 Minutes, but it sure has a liberal twist. And I loved Andy Rooney. Who didn't? But did you see this Sunday's episode on Jack Ma? That was something fascinating. It will be interesting to see if he can escape the government's power and control over his billions.

Did you watch Madam Secretary? NO, not you, Coffeypot. You protester!

I happen to like it. Let me tell you what, tho...Hillary Clinton is no Tea Leoni. But there are similarities to be drawn. Everyone is saying the same, including you and me...is this a ploy to advance Hillary to 2016? Get her in the good light again?

Let me explain...in pictures...

                                                          Photo credit: CBS, Madam Secretary

I happen to like this version (photo above)  of Madam Secretary, Tea Leoni. It's sloppy chic. She looks like a detective. LOL. She has the same hair and attire I did as an FTO trainer in Quasi-Solo phase (also referred to as Quasi-Moto phase).

But then she had to have polish! So "entree the stylist"-is that a dish or an entrance? MWAHAHAH!

So they did their show magic...and eek, ack...it's a pretty version of the young Hillary? The parallels are eerie.

                   photo credit: CBS, Madam Secretary

Oh, BAM!

                                                                                                                                                                                      photo credit: Huffington post

OR SHAZAM!                      

                                                                                  photo credit: politico.com

Must I also point out Hillary's re-runs...the necklace, the suit. Hmmm. Is that even heard of? [smirk] I'm sure CBS won't make that same mistake with Tea. But what are they saying to us? Are they really trying to get us to buy off on Hilliary 2016, or are they showing us what America preferred Hillary to be like? Like....likable, for instance.

Did any of you read Unlimited Access?

I worked during the Clinton reign and let me tell you unless you are buddies with the Secret Service, they won't tell you SH*T about any president or vice president.

Yes, I have buddies. Yes, they all disliked the Clintons. Working for them on a daily basis was like grinding your teeth together constantly, but you had to do it because it was your sworn duty. That's dedication to your country right there.

photo credit: USA Today

photo credit: www.reuters.com

From my own experience? NOT a nice lady. Hillary HATES cops and is very disrespectful to them. Oh, unless the camera is alive and even sometimes then she doesn't give a sh*t whether or not her wrath comes out or discontent for military and police.

                                                                                                        photo  credit: Huffington post

After all, we-the cops, are not people. We certainly are not intelligent in her mind. We are a tool and uneducated, beneath her. Grrrr.

Ok, ok. Cool the jets. Back to the topic.

Madam Secretary makes notice of Benghazi and in fact, last night had an episode which is reminiscent of that fateful day. However, Tea Leoni saves the day. She never loses her cool. I'm worried it is a little predictable. But so far, I like it OK. She has two weeks, then I am all over The Walking Dead. And Tea Leoni is no Reddington and can't hold a candle to The Blacklist. But she has gumption, the right amount of sass, and is an intelligent Madam Secretary with "boots on the ground" experience being a spy for the CIA as is the President in the show.

She always has the right answers.

Well, duh, as someone told me...it's television.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

The presidential bar has been set so low, you need to be a snake and crawl under it. So, yeah, she is qualified.

Old NFO said...

Yep, 'setting up' Hillary... sigh... Haven't/won't watch it, I have better things to do. Congrats on getting stuff done! :-)

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I like your take on the Tea Leoni show...pretty good.
The manner you describe her character sounds a lot like YOU...and I mean that in a VERY GOOD way.
Actually, have you thought about being her stunt double?

And yes, the Secret service does NOT take kindly to The "Clin-tons" (sounds oriental...where's my chopsticks?)

My only beef about the SHOW is that like Old NFO said...set up for Hillary (we need HER like another alimentary orifice)

Keep being the go-getter that you are.
And you roll safe down there - enjoy the weather.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo,

Glad you are getting over the "Crud". You did a good comparison of "Madam Secretary A.K.A. "Hillery 2016". I still believe this is the establishment giving a boost for Hillery after abandoning her for "Hope and CHange". It will be interesting to see how the episodes play out. Yes I am waiting for the new season of "Walking Dead":)