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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tattle or Tale?

Work didn't happen. Well, it did, but without me. So I am home again.

I missed two job opportunities because of this. I am a little bitter.

And not to mention, bored out of my mind.

The Afghan soldiers were located trying to get into Canada. The second such incident. I wonder what is going on? They should have had a better plan. Is it a distraction, decoy operation? Or were they really that silly to think they would not be found? Was it just simple asylum? Why didn't they seek it in the United States? Perhaps we will get the answers the media will hand feed us through the information the government selects to be released.

Will it be the truth? I don't know.

Call me cynical, but I question everything anymore.


Ms. A said...

Feel better, woman!

Old NFO said...

Hope you get better quickly!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
S'ok to question everything...I look at it as a sign of maturity (I do it ALL the time).
You're not as much of a cynic as you think (that's MY job...lol)...you're more a REALIST.

Roll safe down there, dear.