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Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Quirk Key

My daughter has inherited my creative side.

She likes to paint, draw, create, and play around with Art.

Not the man-the expression of imagination.

I'm quite proud of her and I think it is a healthy outlet. We both have that quirk key.

I am constantly getting compliments on her outer beauty. I agree, she is a good looking kid...

But what is most beautiful about my daughter is the inside. Inside beauty...

I remember her as the most infectious, happy kid around who had to be social and giggle all the time. Her happiness was contagious in stores, with friends and family, with animals...anyone and anything. It was like watching miracles happen...a blessing.
When she was 2, she was racing around our Bates Creek home upstairs while I was putting away laundry. Pretty soon, I heard thump, thump, and continued noise. It was a sound we all know when we hear it...something tumbling down the stairs...or someone. I ran to the top of the stairs in fright and looked down at the bottom to see my child face first, her arms and legs spread eagle. When I reached the bottom, I turned her over and she looked straight up, lifeless.
ME: Honey, are you OK?
I had tears forming, getting ready to call 911. She opened her eyes, looking straight up.

BUG:  OH, shit, Mom.
She got up, ran, and giggled all the way through the 1st floor and disappeared and reappeared, laughing and giggling. I was relieved, but I had to check her over for injuries. Catching her was the problem.
Everyone said she got those terms from her mother and we were all amused she knew exactly when to place them in appropriate times. It was the last time she ever said that...at least where I heard it.  I still remember that day clearly as if it were yesterday. I had to capture it on film because it was so precious...each and every day. 
Life changes have taken away that pure innocence I longed to preserve. It's tough being a mother and watching your kiddo grow up when you want to keep them in a protected shell, yet able to cope as well.
We can only hope how we mold our children helps them grow into magnificent adults. It's something I have to be aware of every day of my life...how I influence my child. Am I a good leader? Do I set a good example? Am I teaching her the right things? Will she be strong? Will she have wisdom?
Life went too fast as a cop. I didn't have time to ponder these things, now they weigh heavily on my mind.


Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

LOL "Oh shit, Mom." I love it!

It's a special thing that you admire your daughter, and it's in part the reason why she is admirable. You and I have seen too many parents who don't care much for their kids - never mind promote their attributes. You're helping her soar.

She's adorable in that second photo. Thank goodness the "f" sound doesn't come easy to toddlers, huh?

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I believe this is a case of one "complimenting" the other.
(and not by just words or actions)
You both are cut from the same cloth, and that's good for BOTH of you.

Very nice post (and "Bug" is gonna be another heart-breaker)

Roll safe down there.