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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mishap At The Harry Potter House

Moose is hogging the bed. He comforts me.

Bug came up to me in attempts to scare the wits out of me. In instinct, I reacted. Nice strike to Bug's face. I sit in anticipation of tomorrow's visit from the Popo. She cried and then we laughed. I am not sure if I broke her nose.

I asked her what she learned. She cried. I said, "That your old slow mom still has super secret Ninja skills and you should not attempt to sneak up on her?"

She cry laughed, "yeah."

I feel so small. Is it possible to be the size of minutia?


Old NFO said...

Certain stimuli DO provoke certain reactions... My kids stand at the door and yell at me... Hopefully she learned her lesson!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I told Wifey early on that I don't Like to be SHAKEN AWAKE...that will invoke a similar reaction from me.

Some thing you NEVER grow out of (out of instinct and necessity).

Roll safe.

Tennessee Grammie said...

My son learned to NOT open my bedroom door at night WITHOUT KNOCKING, SAYING 'MOM' and WAITING FOR ME TO ANSWER when he ended up facing the wrong end of the barrel of a shotgun in the wee hours one night. Same goes for NOT sneaking up or jumping out at me. Bug is lucky she only got whacked in the face. Just sayin'