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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Hasty Team

I asked The Russian Bear to wager some discussion on some uprising topics and answer a handful of political and controversial questions. If you don't like controversy and politics...look away! 

I hate to think someone is not interested in their country or world events, but some peeps would rather share recipes and soccer stories. I'm OK with that, too. 

If you don't like politics, why not? Controversy and politics go together like peas and carrots. If you don't like politics, we have a variety of other topics on here. 

But TODAY...it's bringing the political goodness out of the bag. You know the drill...Yuri is in red, I am in blue. Fire away any comments, concerns, discussions, questions.

This was all inspired by Team Peanut Oil...

1. What do you think of the newest release about US Intelligence leaks. Are these people committing treason and espionage for money? Have they lost their minds? What is their angle?

I don't know if these leakers are whistle blowers or just useful idiots.  I'm not surprised to learn that our intelligence agencies spy on our allies or on U.S. Citizens.  The Patriot Act was in-acted with good intentions, and I am not surprised that it has been abused.  It would take a lot of integrity and character to not abuse the powers granted through the Patriot Act.

There needs to be an accounting.  If only there was a profession whose job it was to find out facts and report them to the public.

I tend to agree. What concerns me is why anyone would commit treason. I believe the payoff appeals to their greed side. Otherwise, what is the big hype about? I think, too, the ability to spy is powerful and I would not be surprised as to what extent our government goes to. They are accountable to no one. So on that note, are the whistle blowers necessary for a checks and balances? Is it treason? Is it making the US accountable by exposing their operations? I can't think any of it is good for our security.

2. What do you think of mixing Jimmy Carter and Dick Cheney together for foreign policy matters? Who would you like to see as a foreign policy advisor if you could choose anyone?

I can appreciate Jimmy Carter as a man of moral principle, but I disagree with his politics. Dick Cheney has the right ideas.  If we could use Dick's ideas with Jimmy's conscience, the result could have a middle of the road appeal that could garner broad based support.  Would the CIC listen?  No. He's a better foreign policy advisor than his foreign policy advisors. 

 I'd like John Bolton and Condoleezza Rice to be my advisors.  

I like Condoleezza Rice. Never was a fan of Jimmy only because I think he was a lukewarm president. Dick...well, I like the fact he isn't afraid and he is tough as nails and scared the beJesus out of our enemies. However, is because he is a terrible shot when hunting quail or is it because he is ruthless and not afraid of pissing someone off? Not sure he was always honest. I went to a wilderness first aid class with his niece. She was a doll of a person.  I think he is not favored among the public and would be shunned from ever entering political office again.

I don't know any others I would like or even put in the LIKE category. She about wraps it up for me. The question is, would Obama use anyone's advise? I think he just runs rogue.  

3. What is your take on Penetta? Is he a straight shooter? Is he going to be the next to resign?

Panetta is already out and hawking his new book.  I think he's straight enough to recognize what a disaster the lack of world leadership by the US has been.  I don't think he'll bring any answers though, he'll be looking to see what profits him best. A product of Clintonion pragmatism, if you will.

I think he is a sell out. I am sure he can realize a sinking ship when he is on it and is trying to distance himself and gain profit on his new ventures after this presidency. 

4. Is our government castle falling brick by brick? Economic forecasts?

The facade is still there, the interior is rotting.  The leadership may change and a new face put on it, but the entrenched bureaus still grow.  It's only a question of whether we go full speed, or three-quarters speed to collapse.  In terms of economic forecasts, it will get worse before it gets better.  (Lois Lerner and John Corzine are still free--no justice, no confidence in the market, no confidence in the impartiality of government.)

The joke is put everything into Goldman-Sachs, cause Goldman Sachs is the government, and they're the biggest too-big-to-fail concern going.

Our country is a mess. My question for the next presidency: You can't put lipstick on a pig. What now?

5. What do you foresee in 2016? Hillary? Mitt Romney? Who would be your presidential pick?

In 2016, Hillary is assumed to be the presumptive nominee on the Democratic ticket, same as 2008, and that didn't work out for her then and I don't think it will work out for her this time.  Not sure who will rise to the front, but if any of those tell-all books are accurate, Obama is not going to put his machine to work for her.

If I were to pick a Republican candidate, as a homeschooling Catholic, then it would be Santorum.  I also like Herman Cain, but he's damaged goods as well.  I foresee a nasty and divisive primary for the Republican ticket, and a huge battle for the soul of the Republican party.  I'm just gonna keep plugging for the most conservative candidate I can find and enforcement of Voter ID.

I think Hillary is getting groomed. I wish I could say it was a poodle do, but it is groomed as the Democrat nominee. Will they pick her in the end or is the Clinton reign finished? Who knows, but will they throw out the Femme FATAL (play on words intended) as their best progressive candidate and then pick an Elmer Fudd?  

The way the Democrats roar out their candidate hype and pick nominees reminds me of the joke we played as kids...want this candy bar-PSYCHE! In her case, it is funny. I'm OK with take backs.

You would think at their age, they would just retire in the Hampton's. 

The Queen of Darkness comes to mind as a character reference for Hillary, or Cruella De Vil. Wait! Snidley Whiplash! 

Doesn't she have a fake plastic smile? I actually don't think it is because of plastic surgery. I just think she has to force it. 

On a fashion note, she must have gotten a stylist at some point but she in 2013-14, she still tends to go back to her roots: frumpy and dumpy. OK. You can tell I just don't like the woman.

On the Republican ticket...I HAVE NO FLIPPIN' IDEA. Come on, get some good candidates out there! Maybe they should go pick a transient-one of those intelligent ones who just walked away from life- off the street, clean 'em up, and parade him or her as their fearless GOP leader. I would go for that. 

6. What do you think about Ferguson, Missouri? Are they holding out to announce the findings of the investigation because they are worried about a new set of rioting? Will Officer Wilson go into hiding? WITSEC? :)

From the factual details released (All entrance wounds on the front of the body: officer treated for facial injury),  it sounds like a justified shoot.  There is a lot of political pressure on this case.  My gut is that there will not be a criminal indictment of Wilson, but he'll have to start over some where else.  If Holder were not resigning, I'd expect a broad federal suit against the entire department for their "racist" policies that have violated citizens rights.  Pure political show.  

The mob in Ferguson doesn't seem concerned about actual justice, just a certain outcome that fits their worldview.

I think you are correct. The Ferguson department whether wrong or right in their handling of this crisis will be examples of policy for years to come.

I have no idea how Wilson may return to duty and/or have a normal life. Will he be plagued every where he goes? Maybe so and unjustly so if it is a justified shooting. I have a tendency to think it is going to come out in the wash as a justified shoot just because they are taking SOOOOOO long in giving an investigation conclusion. "Delaying the inevitable." 

The Ferguson mob are comprised of lost souls with no purpose but to spread hate and discontent for something the do not have any rational basis or merit. They have judged before all the facts are evident or evaluated. It has also created a Hollywood surge of distrust. Even some celebrities are showing up on site to protest. What boobs! 

Once again, in our "perfect little world" ALL the cops are bad now. It's like a never ending fight for fairness. Guilty until proven innocent. I might be a little sour on public opinion. 

Wow. Me mostly agreed. I didn't even play the devil's advocate. 


What do you think? Add your two cents in the comments below and we will get in the convo. 

Yuri, here are some more questions for you and commentors...

We armchair quarterback most topics, of course. 

What are some solutions to these issues or ideas you would impose on the forefront before political disaster (foreign policy, elections, Ferguson) takes over and all good common sense goes out the window? 


Coffeypot said...

First of all, I think Jimmy Carter should do what is best for the country and just die. A President who never met a dispot dictator he didn't like. Chaney was CIA and has the bones to prove it. Being afraid of him is a wise move, but I would trust him with our country, too. Hitlery is as toxic as Obama. The USofA cannot survive another like minded ruler (not president).

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The GOP is a dysfunctional bunch of Elmer Fudds. The Democrats, especially the left, are way ahead in organization. They will get hurt somewhat in the midterms, but will get their"person" elected in 2016. Who will be that person? Possible Elizabeth Warren.

Momma Fargo said...

Coffey...so against the peanut!! Jimmy is a softy. I agree America cannot survive another four years of this type of leadership nor copycats.

Momma Fargo said...

Oh...WSF...you might be onto something with Warren.

Momma Fargo said...

OH, we have a clock watcher. LOL. Yes, it is the two week mark. I will announce tomorrow. Bug drew out of a hat. No computer generated winner. This is entirely old skool...off the grid. I also have to have all the right answers to all these questions. Check in tomorrow for the wiener.