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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle

Photo Credit: Pinterest

It is raining here today. Ugh. I needed to mow the rest of my lawn. Lord Farquaad mowed my front lawn and I thanked him. What a sweet dude! He said, "I was hoping you wouldn't give me heck and I'm sorry if I made you mad, but I thought I might as well since I was on a roll! You shovel snow for me and do so much in the winter that I thought I could mow that grass." It warmed my heart.

Something new I experienced from living in the "big" city is the big sucker thing machine vehicle for leaves. You know, a person could be sucked up into that thing. It looks like a giant night crawler. It's crazy. I never had those in the country. Besides, in Wyoming, the wind just blew them away. Who raked?

                                             Photo Credit: Town of South Windsor, CT

Dialogue with Lutheran minister was wonderful...off to the worship service on Sunday where I will later talk about youth opportunities. Maybe it will redirect my yoot's attitude.

Yes, I must repair the barn windows before winter. I am in a rush now. I am going to make Bug help me. She will roll her eyes and be difficult to which I will respond with a proper brooming or something. Are all mothers viewed by teenage daughters to be witches?

It's just me. I know. I am an anomaly.


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Yeah, those leaf suckers remind me of where ALL our tax money goes...LOL.
(I posted some pics of them from years past)
At least they do a GOOD job.
(beware small pets that got loose)

Raining here, too...more leaves to rake.
(nah, get the blower back out...bwahahaha)
Barn window, huh?
Got any barn OWLS yet?
(love to see some pics if 'ya do)

Stay safe (and dry) down there.

The Queen said...

When PWT was a teen, I lived in my bedroom. I made her Daddy get her up, get her off to school.. before I came out. Then, at 4:30 when she returned, I returned to my bedroom. Teenage daughters hate their Mother's.. it's just the way it is..

However, the rainbow is, when they get out of their teens, you get to go back to the same loving close relationship you had before they became teens.

I suggest you just stock up on boxed wine and ride it out the best you can.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo,

From what I have heard, the Queen is accurate. It will get better.....in about 4 years?
Now imaging you in a witch costume......hmmmmmm...you could pull it off;)

Old NFO said...

Quick Freeze until about 25... just sayin...

Tennessee Grammie said...

It's the hormone power struggle all mothers encounter when our children are in their teens. When my son at age 13 realized he was taller than me, in his opinion my brain turned to Jello. Which was better than his best friend's mother who he claimed didn't have a brain. LOL

So keep the broom handy...