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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Well, I have investigated my coffee crisis and budgetary concerns. Angel made left a comment that 3 pounds was astonishing. Well, today, perhaps it has come to light why I go through so much.

I made coffee for the office in the office manager's absence. It is a morning ritual for her to have a pot fresh for all to enjoy.

Lucky thing about Democrats is that they frown on this type of behavior because it is derogatory for women to make coffee or provide coffee to male counterparts, so I don't have to worry about "being in my place" here. Sexist remarks or actions are a big "no, no" and cause them to scurry like rats. I have had an occasion to bring my boss a Starbucks coffee and each time I follow it up with, "And I not your errand girl. Don't tell me to get coffee again. Next thing you know..." Of course, he stops me there and we cause a ruckus in the office. I later have to tell them we are joking and making fun of the situation. The big boss used to laugh at us and we would all yuck it up. One of the ladies in the office told me I was turning back time and being unappreciative of those who sacrificed for women's rights. Another Democrat. I told her on the contrary, I very much appreciated and respected those efforts and it was because of them I could laugh and joke about it like Carol Burnett instead of feeling degraded and it being a requirement of "my place in the work field." Maybe I only make sense to myself. If my opinions or work was not respected, I probably would not joke about getting coffee for the boss.

The office manager (great lady and my friend) is very old fashioned and doesn't care and tells me she will make coffee because she wants to and the like. I like her attitude. She said on the other hand, if her boss asked me to get him coffee on a daily basis, she would tell him to pound sand. She also refuses to change a flat tire and calls a man. Go figure.

                                                                     Photo credit: Pinterest

Ok. I went off on a different tangent and I think I turned a complete circle.

Anythickcoffee (isn't coffee supposed to be thick?), apparently my coffee is like espresso and the troops were not impressed when their spoons stood up by themselves. Thus, I found my reason for going through so much coffee. The light bulb came on. It is because I use a lot. You mean to tell me you aren't supposed to fill the filter basket up all the way to the top for each pot? I can't help it. Once a cop, always a cop. Although, I seem to remember no one liked my coffee at the cop shop except Walsh (former chief) and that is because we both enjoy a good cup of rocket fuel. If the spoon didn't stand up, it wasn't strong enough. Keep brewing.

So, I have decided to save money and cut down on coffee. Now, do I need to keep making the same strength and just drink less cups, or cut back on the strength and make it last longer? Today, I am trying less cups, but still strong.

I have a headache.

Is this what a crackhead feels like when they are having a moment of clarity to get clean?


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Hey, I read you 5-by-5 there!
And yes, spoons ARE supposed to stand up in the coffee (when they're NOT melting away)...LOL.
"Yes, my name is Bob...and I'm a coffee-holic."
("hi, Bob")

But don't anyone DARE to steer me into some 10-point program to wean me off of the go-juice.

I make a jug for the week, and limit myself to one cup a day (that ain't easy, Kiddo, esp. at the price Juan Valdez is charging these days.)
My filter basket is 2/3 full, so I'm not that far behind you.

Cut back on the amount in the basket, and try to hold to one (good size) cup every morning.
(coffee ice cream is a nice sub later on...lol)

Still, free cups are available (at the "Fortress")...any time you want to come up and visit.

Roll safe down there, dear.

Coffeypot said...

Nobody remembers this, I guess because anyone my age is already dead or senile, but in the 50’s there was a comedy/variety show on the television called the Dennis Day Show. The concept was, Dennis would sing in his Irish tenor voice, have guest, but he also lived in an apartment building and the caretaker was Cliff Arquette (Charlie Weaver of Hollywood Squares). Charlie lived in the basement and would read letters from home that would split our sides. And he would offer Dennis some coffee. He would pour some into a cup and it would come out real slow like sludge. When Charlie had poured enough, he would get a knife and cut it off. Is that the ‘thick’ you were talking about?

Momma Fargo said...

Bob G...good advice! I appreciate a partner in crime.

Coffeypot....YES! It is!

Tennessee Grammie said...

Now y'all know why I take my own coffee when I visit MF. I like to read the newspaper through my coffee, and $80 for coffee lasts me all year... jes sayin' :)

Old NFO said...

LOL, it's called Caffeine jitters... :-) I just drink 10-15 'regular' cups a day.

lotta joy said...

I'll make coffee, pour coffee, pass cups of coffee around, but NEVER have I ever been TOLD to do it. That's when the throw-down would occur. I've found the best way to make thick coffee is to pour powder Cremora to the halfway point in my coffee cup. lol

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo,

Why do you think my blog has the name it does;) Coffee is the only vice I have left...I quit drinking many years ago...never smoked, never partaken of recreational pharmaceuticals...I can't chase strange...although I do think about it, so all I have left is "coffee" and I ain't giving that stuff up.