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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I'm a little cranky, but not because of the weather.

I have no idea why I am that way, but my forehead continues to frown. I must erase it. Magic wrinkle cream anyone? Perhaps it is because I must now go inside to run because outside is a little much right now for my asthma. When it gets back up to 30 or 40, I might venture outside again. Damn you, winter!

Well, after that long hibernation of a few days, and a blogcation, I am ready to start marking things off my list. I do have to say I am tired of waiting for Ferguson to explode. Get on with it, already. Second, I am really tired of uneducated gun haters and gun control freaks...off with you.

First...new items of business:

1) I want to know where all the bicycles went on The Walking Dead. You could really trick them out with knives welded to the spokes. Of course, if you had a wreck, it might be a little concerning.

2) The books I am going to post for review...all very different...all about law enforcement...all very good so far. I am not quite finished. I will post as I complete them. The first one I hope to have written up by Thursday.

3) Baby, it's cold outside.

Photo credit: Pinterest
Photocredit: Pinterest

4) I love the snow. Winter just feels magical until you freeze your ass off. I even miss the frozen face and eyebrows from working outside all day long. Ice, ice, baby!

5) Did you see Dancing with the Stars last night? My daughter makes me watch it under duress. I thoroughly enjoyed this number...whew! (fanning myself from the heat)

6) I am putting new sweeps on my doors and window seal around the basement windows. I have Justin Bieber and Scottie dog duct tape around a broken window in the mud room. Yep. No words. I should provide pics. It's stylin'. Hopefully this weekend when it warms up, I can seal that up a little better. I have not called for an estimate. It is an antique louver window. Beat me. Can the cheap shit break instead of the expensive?

7) The cold days will be great for Bug and I to finish painting a couple rooms in the house. All outdoor painting has ceased fire. 

New vocabulary from the near south:

1) Grandmawl-spelled g-r-a-n-d-m-a--The mother of one's father or mother, also known and Gma and not to be confused with grand mal seizures. 

2) rule or rewel-spelled r-u-r-a-l--countray...or far out of the city...where farms is.

Three horrific facts:

1) Today is not Friday.
2) Tomorrow is not Friday.
3) Even the day after tomorrow is not Friday.

Have a happy Tuesday!


Commchick said...

I just love the words you come up with...grumpalumpagus!!??? If you looked this word up in a dictionary, my boyfriend would say it has a picture of me in the mornings hahaha. I can be a grumpy pants before I have had my coffee, I will admit it. I can't wait to tell him about this word; I just know he will say it's me. Have a great day, and don't worry, Friday will sneak up on you before you know it.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Sounds like you've got yourself a "full shift" of stuff (and then some) going on.
1) guess MOPEDS are out of the question, too...(too much noise)
Bikes would be a good deal...a TRAIN would be even better (with all those empty tracks around)
3) TOO damn cold.
5) Like to see Alfonso & Whitney win (and I don't even watch the show)
6) new sweeps are a good start. Check the outlets, too. These often leak air. Stores sell insulation "kits" for them. They go behind the outlet covers.

Remember, ONE thing at a time, Kiddo.
None of that "all at once" crap...lol.

Roll safe (and stay warm) down there, dear.